11 Frequently Asked Montblanc Fountain Pen Questions Answered!

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With Montblanc pens being the only true remaining luxary pen brand in the world, owning a Montblanc is something that a huge number of penthusiasts and fountain pen collects work towards as their ultimate goal for their collection. The huge price tag, excellent build quality, super smooth nib, and outstanding writing performance that the Montblanc range offer their users always draws a large number of questions so we have decided to publish this article.

Our hope is that we will be able to help as many of our readers as possible by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about the Montblanc fountain pen range that we see. We have a wide range of questions for the article with some of them being a little random in all honesty but we have answered them all.

Due to answering such a wide range of questions in this article, we have added out table of contents below as it makes it much easier for our readers to navigate to specific questions that they care about. We know that the majority of people won’t care about all of the questions on our list so using the table of contents allows you to get directly to the question that you do care about without having to waste your time.

What Is The Most Expensive Montblanc Pen On The Market?

When it comes to the Montblanc range of pens, the Montblanc 149 John Harrison Limited Edition is probably their most expensive fountain pen that is in wide circulation at the time of writing. It tends to retail at around $20,000 depending on the vendor but you can sometimes find it for as low as $17,000.

There are a few other limited edition Montblanc fountain pens that are even rarer and come with an even higher price tag but these are hard to find and are usually only sold directly to fountain pen collectors. Due to this, the most expensive Montblanc fountain pen on the market for the majority of people will be the regular Montblanc 149.

What Is The Cheapest Montblanc Pen On The Market?

Due to Montblanc being a luxary pen brand that only provide the very best for their customers while charging them a heft premium to have the Montblanc branding, we often see people asking for the cheapest Montblanc pen on the market. With Montblanc, even their cheapest pen is still the same price as the flagship model or an intermediate model for some other pen brands.

At the time of writing, the Montblanc Pix is probably the cheapest Montblanc pen on the market and it tends to retail between $175 and $200 depending on the vendor. Please keep in mind that the Montblanc Pix is a ballpoint pen, not a fountain pen and their cheapest fountain pen is probably going to be something from the Montblanc platinum range.

Although both pens are classed as entry-level models by Montblanc standards, they are both excellent options that provide the user with a super smooth writing experience. Their build quality is everything that you would expect from a Montblanc pen but at a much lower price tag than their other pen models.

What Is The Difference Between Montblanc Rollerball And Ballpoint Pens?

The main difference between a Montblanc rollerball and a Montblanc ballpoint pen is their ink. The rollerball uses a water-based ink that tends to a little more vibrant and sharper where as the ballpoint uses an oil-based ink that is more deliberate while also being a little lighter.

As there are multiple rollerball and ballpoint pen models within the Montblanc range there are a number of specific differences between the different models. This can range from materials to design to functionality but most of the additional differences are intended from the Montblanc designers where as the ink differences between a rollerball and a ballpoint are inherent due to their pen types.

Can You Put A Montblanc Rollerball Refill In A Montblanc Ballpoint Pen?

This is another very common question that we see from people across all brands of pen but no, the Montblanc ballpoint refill and the Montblanc rollerball refill are not interchangeable with each other. Please don’t try to switch out a rollerball refill for a ballpoint pen refill or visa versa as it may damage your pen barrel and with the price tag of the Montblanc range, this is the last thing that you want.

Are The Montblanc Pens On Amazon Real?

We see this question asked often and with good reason and unfortunately, there is no direct yes or no answer as Amazon allow third-party merchants to sign up and list their products on the platform. This means that there may be some counterfeit Montblanc pens on the platform for sale without Amazon knowing it making it difficult to find the originals.

That said though, you are able to purchase your Montblanc pens on Amazon from the listing with a large number of positive reviews from the community. Any listing on Amazon that does have a large number of positive reviews is likely to be selling real Montblanc and either be the official Montblanc Amazon account or one of their registered partners for a stationary store.

Who Uses Montblanc Pens?

Although Montblanc pens are very expensive, a huge number of people use them as their go-to pen of choice. This ranges from penthusiasts who enjoy the writing experience that Montblanc pens offer all the way up to billionaires who will only use the very best. A number of celebrities also use the Montblanc range too and Montblanc pens can often be used as retirement gifts too.

That said though, many people do tend to think that if you are rich, then you will only use a Montblanc pen but this is not the case. A number of notable celebrities seem to prefer much cheaper pens as covered in our article on the pen that Bill Gates uses where he seems to prefer to use an entry-level price point Uni-ball Deluxe rather than a luxury pen brand.

What Does Pix Mean On Montblanc Pens?

The Pix mark that some Montblanc product have is one of their early attempts at preventing their products from being counterfeited and although additional more high-tech methods have been added over the years, some Montblanc models do still have the Pix system along with other protections too. We go into this in more detail in our article on how to tell if your Montblanc pen is real that may be helpful to you if you are curious if your Montblanc is real or fake.

Does Costco Sell Montblanc Pens?

We have seen reports that Costco have now started to sell Montblanc pens and as you would expect, similar to the Amazon question above, a large number of people have been reaching out to ask if the Montblanc pens that Costco sell are real or not. With the higher than average price tag of the Montblanc range of pens, we definitely understand why people are curious.

Due to the size of the Costco brand, we would highly suspect that they are sourcing their Montblanc pens directly from Montblanc themselves or one of their registered partners. This means that it is extremely likely that the Montblanc pens that Costco are selling are real ad unlike Amazon, the products that Costco sell have to go directly through their supply chain.

Are Montblanc Pens Real Gold?

There are a large number of variables that come into play here as parts of certain Montblanc fountain pens are real gold such as their nib where the barrel is made from their precious resin. Some of the limited edition Montblanc runs for some of their models tend to use a gold trim on the pen with some also having parts of the cap and barrel made of gold too.

Due to this, we would always recommend that our readers check the spec sheet for the particular Montblanc pen that you are wanting to purchase. Each pens spec sheet will offer a full breakdown of what the pen is made of as well as the carat rating of the nib of the pen too.

Are Montblanc Pens Plastic?

With Montblanc being a luxary pen brand they tend to prefer using their precious resin over a plastic based barrel or cap and for good reason. Although plastic is a popular option, it does have its downsides as it tends to be weaker than a resin based pen dropping it points against the competition.

A resin-based pen offers users the advantages of a plastic-based pen in the sense that it is as lightweight as possible to prevent fatigue build-up but also as tough and robust as possible to take all the bumps and knocks coming it’s way over the years. This is why luxary pen brands almost always use resin for their caps and barrels, especially on their higher price point models.

What Is Montblancs Precious Resin?

Resin is an artificially created plastic like substance that is created by using a number of ingredients from plants rather than the chemicals that are used to create plastic. There are a number of grades of resin but precious resin is just a marketing term for the highest quality resin available with the best possible scratch resistant properties to protect your pen.

Although Montblanc use it as standard for their pen range, a number of other pen companies also use it for some of their more expensive pens with Parker pens describing precious resin as “comparing precious resin to regular plastic is like comparing crystal glass to window glass”. The level of quality control on the production of precious resin ensures that it has a higher consistency as well as better craftsmanship too.


That brings our article going over eleven of the most frequently asked Montblanc questions that we see to an end. We hope that we have helped to answer your question about your Montblanc pen and as you can see from our article above, we have a dedicated article for some of the questions that goes into a whole lot more detail than the short form answer in this article to help our readers further.