12 Commonly Asked Rocketbook Questions Answered!

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The popularity of Rocketbooks has exploded in recent years due to the Rocketbook range being able to serve as a traditional notebook or a bullet journal while also offering its erasable functionality too. With an excellent social media advertising campaign as well as a wide range of influencers in the bullet journal space sharing their experience with Rocketbooks, it is not surprising that their sales have skyrocketed and continue to climb with each passing month.

Due to the Rocketbook range becoming so popular in such a short amount of time, we have noticed more and more people reaching out and asking a wide range of questions to ensure that they are getting the most out of their Rocketbook. Due to this, we have decided to publish this dedicated article where we will be going over as many of the commonly asked questions about Rocketbooks as possible.

Our hope is that we are going to be able to help any of our readers who are thinking of making the switch from a traditional notebook or bullet journal to using a Rocketbook. As we are covering a wide range of questions in our article, we have also added a table of contents below so you can click each section to quickly and easily be taken to the question you need an answer to without having to waste your time.

Does The Rocketbook Need A Special Pen?

Although people do use a range of pens with their Rocketbook, it is highly recommended that you stick to only using the Pilot Frixion pen, the Frixion Fineliner or the Frixion Highlighter with your Rocketbook for optimal performance. The whole Frixion range has been tried and tested with the Rocketbook range to ensure that they both work together seamlessly without issue.

Although there are a number of other erasable pen sets currently on the market, some of them can have issues with not erasing correctly when needed. Depending on the price point that you purchase your erasable pens, they may not erase at all either making it a pain so we always recommend the official Frixion range to our readers if you do want to take advantage of the erasable functionality of the Rocketbook.

Do Rocketbook Pens Run Out Of Ink?

If you stick to the Pilot Frixion pens that come with your Rocketbook notepad and are recommended for use with them then yes, they do end up running out of ink. Thankfully though, Pilot Frixion Refills are very cheap compared to some of the refills for compeating pens on the market ensuring that you should be able to quickly and easily resupply your stationery without having to break the bank.

Please note that the a single refill can actually last you a surprising amount of time too depending on how often you use your pen as well as how long you use it for with each session too. This means that you may not actually have to refill your pen as often as you initially think, especially if you are only using it for general writing in your Rocketbook rather than for coloring on bullet journal style spreads.

Can You Use Highlighter On Rocketbook?

You are able to use both Frixion Highlighters as well as Frixion Fineliners with your Rocketbook without issue. Both work very well and have been tried and tested by both the community as well as the Rocketbook team to ensure that you will not run into issues when using either of them.

Although you can technically use other highlighter pens on your Roketbook, we would not recommend them for the same reasons that we mentioned earlier in the article. Other highlighters may be marked as removable or erasable but when it comes time to actually erase them, they may not actually erase due to the Rocketbook system so always stick to Frixion.

Can You Use Any Pen On A Rocketbook?

You can use any pen that you want with your Rocketbook but you have to keep in mind that some pens definitely offer better performance than others. As we have touched on above, the Pilot Frixion pen range is what we recommend that our readers use and the Rocketbook team also use them as their official recommendation for their users too.

The Pilot Frixion range has an excellent reputation amongst the Rocketbook community as well as the wider stationary community due to their excellent performance, versatility, low price tag, and ease of use. We are confident that the Frixion range will offer what you need to meet your goals for your Rocketbook without you having to use any other pens on your Rocketbook when writing or drawing.

How Many Times Can You Erase A Rocketbook?

You are able to erase your Rocketbook with the included cloth as many times as required but a full microwave based erase can only be done a number of times depending on the specific type of Rocketbook that you have. For example, the Rocketbook Wave can only be erased via the microwave five times and although you may be able to erase the whole notebook in the microwave more than that, it is not recommended.

Please also keep in mind that different Rocketbook models do have difference procedures to erase them via the microwave so always double check the correct method for your specific Rocketbook model prior to erasing. If you are looking to erase your Rocketbook with the included cloth then you are able to just rub on the ink to apply friction and warm it up to erase it as normal.

How Do You Get Sharpie Off Of A Rocketbook?

Although we have seen reports of people being able to erase Sharpie ink from their Rocketbook via rubbing alcohol, hand sanitiser, nail polish remover, and bleach on a cotton swab, we feel that prevention is better than cure and just sticking to a Frixion pen is a better option. That said though, if you have already used a Sharpie on your Rocketbook then we would recommend that you try either of the above methods but none are guarenteed to remove the Sharpie from your pages.

Is A Rocketbook Worth It?

We constantly see people reaching out and asking if the Rocketbook range is worth adding to your collection of stationary or not but only you are able to decide. In our opinion and judging by their solid sales growth and excellent reputation amongst the community, they are an excellent notebook that can be used for a wide range of tasks.

Their erasable technology just increases the use cases for your Rocketbook too as well as helps to keep your costs down as rather than just buying a new notebook, you can erase your Rocketbook if needed and back everything up digitally via the Rocketbook app. As we move more and more towards a smartphone based society, this feature alone can be a huge selling point for the Rocketbook range.

What Is Rocketbook Paper Made Of?

The pages of the Rocketbook are made from high-quality BPA poly-free plastic that is highly robust as well as cheap to produce and this is how Rocketbook are able to offer you their notebooks for a lower price than some of the competing companies who offer similar notebooks. BPA poly-free plastic is a type seven plastic and is commonly used in consumer products all around the world.

Is Rocketbook Environmentally Friendly?

The vast majority of countries in North America and Europe will allow you to recycle your Rocketbook via their system without issue. As we just mentioned, the pages of your Rocketbook are made from BPA poly-free plastic, the binder is made from PVC, and the cover is made from High-Density Polyethylene that are all accepted by local councils for Recycling.

We know that come locations will log the plastics that they allow you to recycle via their corresponding numbers so if your local council uses the number based system then the Rocketbook is as follows. Its pages are number seven plastic, its binder is a number three plastic, and its cover is a number two plastic. This should ensure that no matter the system your local recycling plant uses, you should be able to check that they will accept your Rocketbook but the majority of places do by default.

Is Rocketbook Waterproof?

The Rocketbook pages are waterproof and are able to resist any potential damage from water that other notebooks from competing brands may succumb to. This can offer the Rocketbook advantages over some of the traditional notebooks and bullet journals on the market these days without a huge hike in price too.

As the Pilot Frixion pen that is recommended for use with the Rocketbook has water resistant ink, you can rest assured that your work in your Rocketbook should stand the test of time when it comes to water exposure. The pages of the Rocketbook also prevent you from having any issues with ghosting, feathering or bleeding due to water exposure too.

Does Rocketbook Scan Color?

The Rocketbook app is able to scan color but keep in mind that you may have to manually enable the color option in Settings -> Scan Color. Some of the older versions of the app had the setting turned off by default as the older apps did have issues with lighter colors and replicating them correctly but this has since been fixed. If you are looking to scan color from your Rocketbook then please be sure to make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of the app.

What Is The QR Code For On Rocketbook?

The QR code on your Rocketbook is for your app to help detect how and where to store your photographs of your Rocketbook pages. Although the QR code is not essential depending on how you set your digital Rocketbook up, it does tend to be handy when it comes to scanning your pages with your phone as fast as possible.


That brings our article going over the more commonly asked questions we see about the Rocketbook to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you and that you have found the answer to your question in our article. As we have touched on above, we feel that the Rocketbook is an excellent little notebook that is well worth the money as you can use it over and over again getting a ton of value out of it.