4 Phthalo Green Alternatives For Painting!

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Although there are a large number of very popular green colors out there, there has been a spike in phthalo green recently that has actually led to supply issues with various paint brands. This has resulted in a large number of people reaching out and asking for advice on a phthalo green alternative to fill the gap in their paint collection.

Although it can be a pain to find an exact alternative to phthalo green, there are a number of suitable alternatives that you can use, especially if you are ok with adding a little black to them to darken them up. This can allow you to get a color that is very close to phthalo green for your arts and crafts sessions without the supply shortages causing you any problems.

The four suitable phthalo green alternatives that we have chosen for this article all have their own advantages and disadvantages over each other. We have added a table of contents below to make it easy for our readers to navigate the article with the alternative color options being arranged in descending order.

Winsor Green

Phthalo Green Top Left, Winsor Green Bottom Right.

First up we have winsor green and in our opinion the absolute best option for anyone who is looking to find a suitable alternative to phthalo green. This is due to the actual pigment chart for winsor green being almost identical to phthalo green with the name being rebranded to the Windsor and Newton naming conversations for their paint products.

Although this is quickly becoming common knowledge and people are rushing out to purchase winsor green causing a shortage in its supply too, you may be lucky and be able to find it in your local arts and crafts store. Due to the pigment charges for both phthalo green and Windsor green essentially being the same, we feel that it is the best option for our readers.

On the flip side of this, the disadvantage of this is that it is also becoming very hard to find due to so many people purchasing it. Most online retailers are currently out of stock for Windsor green now and we expect the same to happen to the local arts and crafts stores soon enough.


Phthalo Green Top Left, Viridian Bottom Right.

Although actual Viridian paint may not offer a great substitute for phthalo green, there are a number of hues of viridian that are very close. In our opinion, Viridian dark hue is going to be one of the best options for anyone looking for a phthalo green alternative right now due to it being so easy to find while also being cheap.

Most of the dark hued viridian colors are very close to phthalo green right out of the bottle making it very easy to one for one swap the paints as required. You can even go with a regular viridian paint if needed and add a touch of black to it to darken it up to the levels of phthalo green if needed.

With the various hues of viridian being very easy to find both online and in your local arts and crafts store, we definitely do feel that this will be one of the best options for the majority of our readers. It is cheap to buy and easy to find making it the ideal alternative too.

Chrome Green

Phthalo Green Top Left, Chrome Green Bottom Right.

Our next option is very similar to viridian covered above as regular chrome green can work as a substitute for phthalo green paint but it will need a touch of black adding to it to darken it up. Just like viridian though, chrome green is available in a number of different hues that tweak the color for you.

A great alternative to phthalo green is chrome green dark hue with it being almost as good of a one for one swap with the darker hues of viridian for phthalo green. They are rarer to find though and can often cost a little more unless you are purchasing them online so this is why we put chrome green below viridian.

If you do have chrome green available though and you are not able to find a source for phthalo green, winsor green or the dark veridian hues then the dark chrome green hues can be a great option right out of the tube. If you do for for regular chrome green then you will have to be ready to add a little bit of black paint though to get the most out of it.

Phthalo Green Mixed With Yellow

The final alternative for phthalo green that we have chosen to feature in our article is a little more complicated than the other available colors featured above. This is due to this option needing you to be able to mix two colors to get your phthalo green.

Thankfully, this is not as difficult as most people think and it is very easy to mix phthalo blue and something like primary yellow in a fifty-fifty ratio but most pale yellows will work well. This will tweak the blue to green and offer you a nice dark green.

You can play around with the ratios of the blue and yellow that you use if needed to tweak the color further. If the result is a little too light then you can always add a little black paint to it to darken it up to get it closer to what phthalo green looks like.


That brings our article going over our list of phthalo green alternatives to an end. We hope that you have found it helpful and that we have been able to help you find the perfect alternative for your needs. The majority of people will be able to find a suitable substitute for their phthalo green paint from the options covered above and get what they need with ease though.