5 Of The Best Quinacridone Violet Substitutes!

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Although it has always been a rarer color, quinacridone violet has seen a recent spike in its popularity while also being hard to find and if you can find the paint it tends to be a little more expensive due to pigment supply issues. Although you can still get Quinacridone Violet paint online, it is hard to find in local arts and crafts stores so we have noticed more and more people asking for a quinacridone violet substitute.

Thankfully, there are a number of suitable colors that you are able to use as a quinacridone violet Substitute that tend to be more common. On top of this, there are also a number of suitable colors that you are able to use as an alternative for quinacridone violet If you mix another color with them.

Due to so many people reaching out for advice on other colors that they are able to use in place of quinacridone violet, we have decided to publish this article to try and help as many of our readers as possible. We have some quick and easy one for one swaps while others will need you to add other colors to them to get the color you want.

Quinacridone Violet Vs Quinacridone Magenta

Quinacridone Violet Top Left, Quinacridone Magenta Bottom Right.

When it comes to quinacridone violet, you have to realise that the majority of people tend to use Daniel Smith Quinacridone Violet paint rather than something like Liquitex Quinacridone Violet blue. The two are very different to each other with what most people consider to be quinacridone violet having a heavy maroon/magenta hue to it as shown in the top left of the color sample above.

This is why one of the best substitutes for quinacridone violet Is actually Quinacridone Magenta paint as you can see in the color sample above. Although you may want to add a purple or violet to the magenta to tweak it ever so slightly but in a large number of use cases, you can just switch over to quinacridone magenta.

Keep in mind that a regular magenta is usually too strong to work as an alternative to quinacridone violet so you do specifically need to use quinacridone magenta. The main issue with using quinacridone magenta is that it is rarer than quinacridone violet so not many of our readers will carry it in their paint collection anyway.

Quinacridone Violet Vs Violet

Quinacridone Violet Top Left, Violet Bottom Right.

We see people thinking that a normal violet paint will work as a substitute for quinacridone violet but as you can see from the color sample above, they are very different to each other. Liquitex Quinacridone Violet blue is much closer to a normal violet due to its blue hue rather than actual quinacridone violet.

Although we have seen some people be able to take their regular violet paint, add a little magenta or burgundy to it to get it close to quinacridone violet, it is usually too much effort. On top of this, it can be a paint to get the colors to match up closely too often resulting in a color that is not as close to quinacridone violet as most people would like.

If you only option is to try and used a regular violet paint then we would highly recommend that you try to find the funds to pick up a tube of Quinacridone Violet paint as it tends to be the best option. Although there are supply issues to to a lack of pigment at the time of writing, this should only be temporary and the supply and prices of quinacridone violet should return to normal in the near future.

Quinacridone Violet Vs Manganese Violet

Quinacridone Violet Top Left, Manganese Violet Bottom Right.

Although the difference between quinacridone violet and Manganese Violet paint is obvious in the color sample above, you are actually able to use it as an alternative to quinacridone violet By adding a little dark red. The two tend to go together well with the end result usually being very close to quinacridone violet.

Manganese violet does tend to be a popular paint in Europe but is rarer in North America so this one will depend on where you are living. If you do already have a tube of manganese violet in your paint collection as well as a deep red, you should easily be able to darken it up to the level of quinacridone violet with ease.

Due to the light nature of manganese violet, it tends to go very well with a number of other colors when mixed too. In our opinion, it is one of the better violets colors on the market for versatility due to just how well it is able to be mixed in so many situations.

Quinacridone Violet Vs Diox Violet

Quinacridone Violet Top Left, Diox Violet Bottom Right.

We constantly see people recommending that people try to use Diox Violet paint as a substitute for quinacridone violet but as you can see from the color sample above, they two colors are very different to each other. The various types of diox violet usually have a hue of being darker or lighter shades of purple but none have the hint of magenta or dark red in them like quinacridone violet.

With diox violet being a very popular color with many of our readers likely already having it in their paint collections, there is a good chance that you may be able to add a little dark red to it to bring it close to quinacridone violet. This is probably going to be the most probably option for the majority of our readers who are unable to find a tube of quinacridone violet In their local areas due to so many people having it.

The dark color of diox violet doesn’t tend to hold the mixing process back either with most dark reds being able to easily overwhelm it to deliver a nice red looking color similar to quinacridone violet. If you are a beginner though, mixing paints can be a paint so it may take you a few tries to get it right.

Quinacridone Violet Vs Cobalt Violet Hue

Quinacridone Violet Top Left, Quinacridone Violet Bottom Right.

Although the color sample above does not do a good job of showing just how close a good Cobalt Violet Red Hue can actually be to a quinacridone violet, a nice dark red hue on cobalt violet can be a one for one swap with quinacridone violet. The only issue with the color is that it is rarely used and very hard to find in arts and crafts stores with the red hue.

This is why we have left it until last as it can be a pain to find cobalt violet red hue even though it is one of the best alternatives for quinacridone violet. If you already have it in your collection though, you can essentially use it in place of quinacridone violet without needing to add any additional colors to it.

Depending on the pigments used for the hue on cobalt violet, its price can be higher than a normal tube of paint but some of the pigment graphs used for the color are cheap and usually around the same price as a regular tube of paint. Until you do a little digging around, it will be hard to know for sure so our advice is to just start looking and see what you are able to find.


That brings our article going over our list of quinacridone violet substitutes to a close. Although some of our recommended quinacridone violet alternatives do need another color to be added to them to get them to look similar to quinacridone violet, we do have a number that are good one for one swaps.

The main issue is that finding the colors that are valid one for one swaps can be a paint in local arts and crafts stores. Although they may be able to order the color in for you, they may need you to order more than one tube to make it worth their effort in purchasing a whole box of the paints. This is why so many people turn to online retailers for their quinacridone violet alternatives due to them usually being easier to find.