A Breakdown Of The Marker Pens Popular YouTube Artists Use!

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With more and more arts and crafts channels on YouTube becoming popular, we have noticed a huge number of people reaching out to ask what marker pens their favourite arts and crafts YouTubers use. Due to this, we have decided to publish this dedicated article going over the markers that channels such as ZHC, Vexx, Moriah Elizabeth, Andymation, and many more use for the art in their videos.

Although many of the featured YouTubers in our article do tend to stick to one single brand of marker pen for their art videos, some of them do use more than one brand where others seem to just use markers that they have available at the time of recording. As we work out way through the list, we will point this out where relevant to ensure that you have the best information available.

Due to featuring so many popular YouTubers in this article, we have added our table of contents below so our readers are able to quickly and easily navigate to the section of their favourite YouTuber. Simply click their section below and it will take you directly to their part of the article going over the marker pens that they use in their videos.

What Markers Does ZHC Use?

ZHC Crafts uses Posca paint marker pens for the vast majority of his arts and crafts videos where he customises products such as Apple Airpods, clothing, and various other gadgets. You can clearly see that it is the Posca pen range that he uses multiple times within his video when using a marker but he does use additional products at times such as spray paint and other items to get the effects that he wants.

Posca paint marker pens are a very popular choice and have seen exponential growth in their popularity over the last few years due to how well the perform. On top of this, more vendors have started to import them from Japan to North America and Europe making it much easier to buy them without having to break the bank.

There are a wide range of products within the Posca pen range now but if you are specifically looking for ZHC markers then he tends to stick to the following four nib sizes for the bulk of his artwork:-

Due to so many people reaching out and asking what markers does ZHC use in his videos while looking to get the best performance possible out of them to mimic the artwork that ZHC does, here are some of our other articles going over Posca paint marker pens. The tips, tricks, and art ideas in those articles should be able to help you get the most out of your Posca pens if you do choose to use them:-

What Markers Does Vexx Use?

Vexx tends to use with Posca paint marker pens or Copic markers for their YouTube videos depending on what they are actually doing. Both options are excellent for arts and crafts but the price tag of Copic markers does tend to put a larger number of people off as Posca pens are considerably cheaper than Copic markers.

That said though, Copic markers are considered to be the best of the best when it comes to marker pens and a huge number of people do use them as their go to marker of choice. If you are on a tight budget though then we would recommend that you just go with Posca paint marker pens to get similar results to what Vexx gets in their videos as they are much cheaper and perform very well.

With so many people reaching out to ask what markers Vexx uses in their YouTube videos and often being put off due to the price point of Copic markers, we quickly want to mention the No products found.. Although Vexx does not actually use the Touchfive range, they are considered by many to be the best budget-friendly alternative to the Copic marker range on the market right now. We go into much more detail on the Touchfive marker range in our article taking a look at if the Touchfive marker range or any good or not that may be helpful.

What Markers Does Draw So Cute Use?

Draw So Cute seems to be a huge fan of the No products found. as you can clearly see them being used in a number of their YouTube videos. As the majority of our readers will probably be aware, the Sharpie marker range is a great option due to their markers being so cheap and easy to source while offering great performance too.

This should put the Sharpie marker range well with in budget for all of our readers making them a great option if you are on a tight budget of a big fan of the Draw So Cute YouTube channel. With the Sharpie range being so established in North America and Europe, the majority of our readers should easily be able to get their full color range for cheap ensuring that you can use them for all of your arts and crafts.

Although Draw So Cute does use the Sharpie range, we often see a large number of people reaching out to ask for alternatives to the Sharpie range. If you would prefer to use an alternative then our article going over the seven best Sharpie alternatives may be worth checking out.

Please note that Draw So Cute does also do a large amount of digital art on their YouTube channel in addition to traditional art. If you are also considering trying your hand at the digital artwork that Draw So Cute shows on their YouTube channel then our following articles may be helpful for you:-

What Markers Does Kimmi The Clown Use?

Kimmi The Clown tends to prefer to use the Prismacolor marker range for the majority of their YouTube videos. Thankfully, the Prismacolor marker range is very budget friendly for the level of performance that they offer you making them a great option for all of our readers no matter your budget.

You only have to watch a few arts and crafts videos by Kimmi The Clown to see how well the Prismacolor marker range performs as well as just how versatile they are for general arts and crafts too. If you are just starting out on your arts and crafts journey or are a huge Kimmi The Clown fan then adding some Prismacolor markers to your collection can be a great addition to your stationery collection.

What Markers Does Drawing Wiff Waffles Use?

Drawing Wiff Waffles tends to use the Copic marker range in the majority of their YouTube arts and crafts videos but they have been seen to use some alternatives at times. It is not clear if the use of the alternative markers was a part of a paid promotion or due to sponsorship of the video though but due to how frequently Drawing Wiff Waffles uses the Copic marker range, they definitely do seem to be their markers of choice.

Again though, with so many people wanting to use the Drawing Wiff Waffles markers and the Copic marker range being so expensive, we would recommend that any of our readers who are on a budget check out the No products found.. That said though, the Touchfive marker range are getting harder to find in North America and Europe as they tend to sell out as soon as they come in stock due to their excellent performance relative to their price tags.

What Markers Does Moriah Elizabeth Use?

Moriah Elizabeth tends to use the Posca paint marker pen range for a large number of their arts and crafts YouTube videos. Although they have used other brands of markers for a small number of their videos, the frequency that Moriah Elizabeth uses the Posca paint marker pens in her videos definitely suggests that they are her primary choice.

As we touched on above, the Posca pen range are very budget-friendly considering just how well they perform as well as the versatility that you are able to get out of them. We know that most people do like to use the same products as their favorite YouTuber or influencer but if you are only able to add one marker set to your collection, we would recommend that it be a set of Posca pens.

As you can see from our article, a huge chunk of the featured arts and crafts YouTubers in our article use the Posca pen range in their videos so they are not just markers that Moriah Elizabeth uses for her videos. The Posca pen range also have an outstanding reputation amongst the general arts and crafts community too being a popular option for people who are not YouTubers or influencers in the space.

What Markers Does Andymation Use?

Andymation does seem to be a large fan of the Copic marker range as they are used heavily in the YouTube videos on the Andymation channel. As we have mentioned a few times earlier in the article, the Copic marker range are some of the best performing markers on the market right now but you do have to pay for the quality.

If you are not set on using the Andymation markers that you see in their videos, you can go with a more budget-friendly option such as the No products found. to get decent results comparable to the price tag of the markers. They are considerably cheaper than the Copic marker range and one of the most popular alternatives on the market at the time of writing.

What Markers Does Jazza Use?

Jazza is another Youtuber in the arts and crafts space who seems to prefer to use the Copic marker range with Copic pens often being seen in their YouTube videos. The Copic marker range are definitely one of the best, if not the best marker options out there but as we have mentioned, they are expensive and out of budget for a large number of our readers.

This is why we often recommend that our entry-level readers or anyone on a tight budget goes with a No products found. to help keep their costs down. If you have the budget available and are an intermediate or professional level artist then the official Copic marker range are definitely the best option for high-level artwork.

What Markers Does Marko Use?

Marko is a fan of using the Posca paint marker pen range for their YouTube videos with the Posca range being frequently used for their arts and crafts. As you have seen throughout our article, the Posca marker range is a very popular option amongst YouTubers and influencers within the arts and crafts space with a huge number of people using them as their marker of choice due to their low price and excellent performance.

What Markers Does Mei Yu Use?

Mei Yu tends to be unique in the space and either uses Crayola markers or ShinHan Brush Markers for a large chunk of her YouTube videos. She is the only featured YouTuber in the arts and crafts space on our list to use these options for her artwork but both options can be solid although Shinhan markers can be difficult to find in North America and Europe.

That said though, Meu Yu has confirmed in her videos multiple times that she does like to change things up when it comes to the marker pens that she uses for her arts and crafts. Due to this, if you are set on using Mei Yu markers for your artwork, you may find that she switches up her markers of choice in the future to a new product.

What Markers Does Appleminte Use?

Appleminte is another YouTube that tends to use multiple markers with Prismacolor markers and Posca pens being their main options for their videos. Both Prismacolor markers and Posca pen markers are budget-friendly so our readers should easily be able to add a set of either options or even both to their collection without having issues.

Appleminte has also started to use the Arteza fineliner range more recently in her YouTube videos but the use cases for fineliners and actual markers are slightly different. Depending on your needs for your arts and crafts though, adding a solid fineliner option to your collection can also be a good call.

What Markers Does Mr Doodle Use?

Unlike most other YouTubers who use an actual marker, Mr Doodle tends to use a Molotow dripstick in his arts and crafts videos on YouTube. Although this does have its advantages, a Molotow dripstick is not for everyone and we would imagine that the majority of our readers would be much better off going with one of the actual marker sets that the other featured YouTubers on our list use for their arts and crafts.

What Markers Does ADCArtAttack use

ADCArtAttack seems to prefer to use the Winsor and Newton ProMarkers in his videos on his YouTube channel due to the outstanding performance and color range available from them. Although we are huge fans of Winsor and Newton ProMarkers and feel that they are a solid option for any one specifically looking to use ADCArtAttack marker, we still feel that Posca pens can be a better option for many of our readers.

This will come down to exactly what you are trying to do with your arts and crafts sessions though and if you are working in a similar style to ADCArtAttack then the Winsor and Newton ProMarkers are probably a better option. If you are looking to broaden your horizons then the versatility of the Posca pen range does push them ever so slightly ahead in our opinion.

What Markers Does Gawx Use?

Gawx seems to use both Copic markers and Posca pens at around a fifty-fifty split depending on the task at hand. Both markers have their advantages and disadvantages over the other and as with many things in life, it will often come down to price for most of our readers making Posca pens the more ideal Gawx markers if you want to replicate their style.


That brings our article going over the marker pens that the most popular arts and crafts YouTubers use in their videos to an end. We know that people have their favourite influencers in the arts and crafts niche but blindly going with the exact same marker pens that your favourite influancer uses may not be the best option for your own goals so always keep that in mind.

That said though, a large number of people do like to replicate the art style of their favourite influencers and using the same markers as them can definitely help you do this. If this is your only goal then go with the same markers listed above for the relevant YouTuber but if you need more out of your stationary then go with something that offers a little more versatility.