A Look At If Chalk Paint Is Washable!

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As the popularity of chalk paint continues to grow at an exponential rate due to it looking and feeling so unique when compared to the traditional types of paint, we have seen more and more questions from people about using chalk paint and getting the most out of it. We can definitely see why so many people reach out with questions when looking to use chalk paint too as it does have unique properties that change how you should be applying the paint and how you should be treating it.

We have noticed more and more people specifically reaching out to as if chalk paint is washable or not so we have decided to publish this dedicated article covering the subject. Our hope is that we will be able to help our readers avoid making common mistakes that many people make when they try to wash their chalk paint.

You have to keep in mind that the majority of chalk paint formulas on the market have no gloss in them at all and although there are some formulas with a very small amount of gloss, they are rare and no too popular. The lack of gloss means that the paint is not natively as tough or robust as a full gloss or semi gloss paint and has a direct result on how you should use chalk paint and when you should be using it.

Is Chalk Paint Washable?

Although you can wash chalk paint if needed, it is not technically classed as a washable paint due to it being so flakey and chalk like giving the paint its unique look and feel. If you do have to wash your chalk paint on a regular basis then you will notice signs of degradation and the chalk paint will probably start to fade and peel quickly.

Thankfully though, there are ways that you can increase how robust and tough your chalk paint is to help decrease the chances of your chalk paint having issues when you wash it. The quickest, easiest, and cheapest method for most people is to simply use a decent chalk paint feather than the cheapest possible option.

Although the better formulas usually start at around $5 more than the absolute cheapest chalk paint formulas, they really do offer considerably better performance in most cases. They have better ingredients as well as optimised ratios of these ingredients that improve the look of the chalk paint as well as how it will respond when washed.

How To Make Chalk Paint Washable!

You are able to make your chalk paint washable by going over your chalk paint with a chalk paint wax once your chalk paint has dried. The wax forms a protective barrier above your chalk paint and drastically reduces the chances of it having problems from being washed.

The majority of chalk paint wax products are very easy to apply helping to protect your chalk paint with minimal effort being required on your part. Simply follow the label on your chalk paint wax product for guidance on how to apply it for best results and do as instructed. We recommend that you always check the label of your specific wax product as different type of chalk paint wax need to be applied in slightly different ways for optimal protection when washing your chalk paint.

As most people will be trying to wash their chalk paint with water, our article going over if chalk paint comes off with water may be helpful. We have an additional article going over how to seal chalk paint for outdoor use too as more and more people are starting to use chalk paint for outdoor furniture too. Not only will correctly sealing your chalk paint for out door use help it last longer due to the elements not taking their toll on it but it also allows you to wash your chalk paint on outdoor furniture much easier too.

Is Chalk Paint Easy To Clean?

Due to the flakey, chalky nature of chalk paint, it is not easy to clean or wash without having a wax product applied over the chalk paint. This is why we usually don’t recommend that you use chalk paint for high trafficked areas of your home as it will not be able to washed often in most cases.

As we touched on earlier in the article, most of our readers without small children or pets should be fine when using a decent chalk paint as their paint should not need to be washed often. If you do have small children or pets and you expect that you will have to be washing your surfaces on a regular basis to keep them clean then we would highly recommend that you go with a full gloss or semi gloss paint instead.

Although these paint types don’t have the unique look and feel of chalk paint, they are considerably more washable and will allow you to keep them clean much easier without your chalk paint having problems. In some cases, even if you do apply a sealing wax above your chalk paint, a full gloss paint formula will still be more robust than it without the full gloss paint having a sealant on it either.

How Do You Clean Chalk Painted Furniture?

To clean chalk painted furniture, add a small amount of warm water with a tiny amount of soap to a cloth and gently dab the area of the chalk paint that needs to be cleaned. Although this will take more time than other cleaning methods, it has the highest change of being able to clean your chalk paint without causing adverse effects to it.

Keep in mind, the more layers of chalk paint that you add to a surface, the easier it is to clean and slightly more washable it becomes. Most modern chalk paint formulas recommend that you apply at least two coats of the paint to the surface anyway but some do recommend three or even four coats for optimal performance.

Depending on the issue with your chalk paint, we have actually seen some people go as far as just painting over the stain rather than trying to clean it. This can be a quick and easy way to get rid of some marks on your surfaces painted with chalk paint without having to actually wash it too.


That brings our article going over if chalk paint if washable or not to an end. Unfortunately, chalk paint is no where near as washable as other paint types and does have issues if you do wash your chalk paint too often. In most cases, we would recommend that you just go with a semi gloss or full gloss paint instead but if you are set on using chalk paint, try to use a wax sealing agent over the paint for when it does end up needing to be washed.