How Long Do Frixion Pens Last!

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The Frixion pen range has exploded in popularity over the last few years and cemented its position in the market as one of the more popular pens for a number of common tasks. The Frixion range is a very popular option for general writing, creative writing, bullet journaling, drawing, and a number of other general tasks.

Due to more and more people choosing to add a pen from the Frixion range to their collection, we have noticed more and more questions being asked about the range. We know that we have already covered a few of the questions on our blog but one that we have seen asked time and time again is how long do Frixion pens last.

With so many people asking how long they can expect their Frixion pen to last we decided to publish this dedicated article to try and help as many of our readers who may use a pen from the Frixion range as possible. We have seen this asked for the standard Pilot Frixion as well as the Frixion Fineliner and although exact estimations of how long they will last are slightly different, the same variables come into play for both that we will cover below.

How Long Do Frixion Pens Last

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As you may be able to guess, a standard Pilot Frixion can last you anywhere from a number of days to a number of months depending on what you are going to be doing with the pen. For their price tag, they do have a larger than average maximum ink supply but on the flipside of this, they also use a slightly higher amount of ink during use when compared to their competition so it all balances out.

For an average person, for example, someone who is a full time student and using their Frixion pen for their school or college notes as well as personal activities suck as writing in their bullet journal in their free time, we would expect a single Frixion pen to last them around a month. You can usually add a week to either side of this to account for the differences in use throughout that time but this is about average for a normal user.

We would also like to point out that a large number of our readers will not be using their pen as frequently or as often meaning that your Frixion pen may be able to last you for months if you only use it for an hour or so each day. This is why it is such a pain to answer questions like these as it really does change from person to person due to there being so many variables that come into play.

What Nib Size Pilot Frixion Pen Lasts The Longest?

With the Frixion pen range being so popular, we have seen different people reaching out with questions about what nib size will last them the longest. At the time of writing, the Frixion nib range is as follows:-

Although it may sound simple to the more experienced penthusiast, we have a large number of readers who are not very experienced with pens so we just want to quickly go over the nib sizes and ink usage. The larger the nib size of a pen, the more ink that is transfered to the paper to provided you with the larger font size and thus, the faster the pens ink supply will run dry.

Although the 0.7mm Frixion is currently the most popular option on the market, its larger nib size also transfers more ink to the paper meaning that it will not last you as long as the other nib sizes for the same amount of use. Now, there is a trade off as although the 0.38mm Frixion will last you the longest, the extra-fine nib size is not for everyone as it is very thin.

This is why we feel that the 0.5mm Frixion is probably the best option for most of our readers. As it has a smaller nib size than the 0.7mm, it does not use as much ink helping the pen last you longer but it is also wider than the 0.38mm meaning its font size is acceptable for most people. If you are wanting the best of both worlds then the 0.5mm Frixion is well worth the try and it should easily be able to meet the needs of many of our readers.

How long Does The Eraser On The Pilot Frixion Last?

Another common variant of the question about how long a Frixion pen will last is specific to the actual eraser that comes with the pen to allow you to erase the ink. This is due to a surprising amount of the competing erasable pen ink products on the market coming with a very low quality eraser that will spoil in a short period of time.

Thankfully though, this is not the case with the Frixion range and their erasable pen ink uses a different technology to many of their competitors. Rather than actually trying to erase the ink by removing it from the paper, they use a heat based technology so the eraser on the pen is only used to warm the ink up via the friction when rubbing against it to erase it.

Due to this, the eraser on the pens tends to last you longer than the initial ink supply and will often last you through a number of Frixion ink refills too. There really is no need to worry about the quality of the erase on the Frixion range as most people will move onto their next Frixion pen before the eraser gives out.

How To Make Your Frixion Pen Last Longer!

There are a number of things that you are able to use to your advantage to help your Frixion pen actually last longer than it would normally and we would highly recommend that you try to get into the habit of utilizing them to your advantage. Although some of you may be thinking that these are simple, basic steps, they have been shown to work time and time again with a wide range of pen types to help increase their usable lifespan.

The first one is to sheath the pen via the clicker to retract the nib into the barrel of the pen when not in use. We know that many people will think that this is basic and that they do it anyway but it is very common for people to leave the nib on their Frixion pen exposed leading to the ink drying up faster and reducing how long the pen will actually last for you.

The second step is to try and get into the habit of storing your Frixion pens out of direct sunlight. Their ink is a water-based thermo gel ink and being left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time will reduce their lifespan and how long you are able to use them for. This is due to the water in their ink evaporating and drying the pens out sooner but this can often be avoided by keeping your pens out of sunlight when not in use.

The third is to try and store your pens vertical with their nibs down when not in use. This will keep the gel ink in contact with the writing mechanism inside of your Frixion pen to help prevent it from skipping when you try to use it. In addition to this though, if you store the pen with its nib up an air gap can form between the ink and the writing mechanism making it a pain to use right away.

Many people make this mistake when using a gel pen and often end up throwing the Frixion pen out thinking that the ink inside of its ink cylinder has dried up when in actual fact it is fine, the air gap is just stopping the ink from reaching the writing mechanism. An easy fix for this is to put your pen back into your storage and store it nib down for a few days as the air will often work its way up through the ink cylinder and let the pen work again normally extending how long it will last you.


That brings our article going over how long a frixion pen will last to an end and we hope that you have found it helpful. Both the Pilot Frixion and the Frixion Fineliner range can last you for months depending on how often you will be using the pen as well as what you will be using it for. As we have touched on in our article though, there are a few things that you can do to try and insure that your pen will last you as long as possible.