How To Change Semi Gloss Paint To Eggshell!

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Eggshell paint is all the rage right now due to it reflecting such a small amount of light and helping to create a very relaxing and calming atmosphere. With so many people wanting to use eggshell paint in their home, we have noticed a spike in the questions that we see about the paint.

One of the more commonly seen questions is based around changing semi gloss paint to eggshell paint and we have noticed more and more people asking about it. Due to so many people asking about how they are able to transfer semi gloss into eggshell paint, we have decided to publish this article going over the process.

One point of note is that if you are using any old paint that you have previously used to paint a surface and then reapplied the lid, the end result may not be what you want due to the paint aging For the best possible performance you should always try to use new paint as the end result will be considerably better.

Can You Make Semi-Gloss Paint Less Shiny?

You are able to make semi gloss paint less shiny by mixing a semi gloss paint with either matte paint or flat paint prior to applying it to the required surface. A ratio of on part semi gloss to two or three parts matte or flat paint is usually idea.

Getting the colors of the paints correct prior to mixing them is also very important so it is often quicker, easier, and cheaper to just purchase some eggshell paint in the color that you want. This is usually our recommended path to take for most of our readers due to it being very beginner friendly and easy to do.

If you have already applied your semi gloss paint to the surface and want to make it less shiny then you are able to try and apply a matte clear coat layer. This can be hit and miss depending on the lighting in the room but it does tend to be one of the better options available to you once the paint has already been applied.

Changing Semi Gloss Paint To Eggshell!

You can change semi gloss paint to an eggshell finish by adding matte or flat paint to it in a ratio of one part semi gloss to two or three parts matte or flat paint. You then need to mix the paints together thoroughly to ensure that there will not be any streaks once dry.

The process is usually too complicated and costly for most people considering that you can easily get a tub of eggshell paint for cheaper than it will cost to turn semi gloss paint into eggshell paint. On top of this, it is much easier to choose your color by just purchasing the eggshell paint you want in the correct color rather than trying to color balance.

If you do want to try and turn a semi gloss into eggshell then you have to be sure that both your semi gloss paint and flat paint are fresh and the same color prior to mixing them. This can add additional problems due to flat paint only being available in a small number of colors when compared to semi gloss paint.

How Do You Reduce The Sheen Of Semi-Gloss Paint?

Mixing some matte paint with semi gloss paint prior to applying it will usually transform the finish close to what you would get from an eggshell paint and drastically reduce the sheen. If the semi gloss paint has already been applied to the surface then using a matte clear top coat is probably the best option.

The majority of matte paint product on the market are also only available in a limited number of colors similar to flat paint as explained above. If you are using a more unique color of semi gloss paint then this can be a problem and make color matching almost impossible.

If the semi gloss paint has already been applied to the surface and is dry then a matte clear coat is the best route to take. Don’t try to paint a matte or flat paint over the top of the semi gloss as it will usually fully replace the semi gloss and leave you with a matte or flat paint finish.

Is Eggshell Better Than Semi-Gloss?

Eggshell is currently more popular than semi gloss but neither is better than the other. Eggshell paint tends to be more calming and relaxing where as semi gloss paint tends to be more robust and durable making it ideal for areas with high traffic where the surfaces will need washing often.

If you do have pets or young children then eggshell paint may not be the best option for you. Although it tends to be in favour right now due to its look, it really is quiet weak when compared to semi gloss and will not take much punishment prior to peeling off the surface.

If you only have adults in your home with no pets then a decent quality eggshell paint or a self made alternative using semi gloss added to another paint finish can be a great option. A large number of people who work on computers for many hours each day tend to prefer eggshell paint due to it helping to relieve eye strain too.


That brings our article going over how you can change semi gloss paint to eggshell paint to a close. Although you are technically able to transform semi gloss paint into eggshell paint, the process does tend to be more hassle than it is worth unless you are a professional painter and decorator doing it at your clients request.

For the vast majority of people, simply going with a tub of eggshell and avoiding the process of mixing paints and color matching will be much easier. Although many people like the idea of being able to say that their home is painted with a unique color or in a finish they made themselves, the actual process of making the paint is much harder than they expected.