How To Get Paint Out Of Hair Easily!

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There is nothing worse than accidentally getting paint in your hair during an arts and crafts session or while doing some home decor. Some paint formulas can be an absolute paint to remove from your hair too so we are not surprised that we see so many people reaching out and asking how to get paint out of hair as fast as possible without damaging the hair.

Some hair types are more sensitive than others too making the problem even worse and with so much bad advice being out there, we have decided to publish this dedicated article going over how you are able to safely get paint out of your hair. We will be covering a number of different methods that you are able to get different paint types out of your hair quickly later in the article but keep in mind, some paint types do need products that are not necessarily good for your hair to get the paint out.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, this is just the way things are and it is unavoidable as some paint formulas that have been designed for specific tasks have ingredients in them to ensure that the paint will last for as long as possible when applied to the surface. When you accidentally get these paint types in your hair it can be a paint to remove it and as with most things, prevention is better than cure so using a hair cap when painting is a much cheaper and easier option in most cases.

How To Get Paint Out Of Hair!

Many paint types can be quickly, easily, and safely removed from hair with a high quality shampoo and a very fine comb but it may take a few washes to get the paint out fully. Other paint types may need a strong detergent or a unique removal method to get the paint out of your hair safely with some requiring a large amount of work to avoid you having to cut your hair.

Thankfully, the majority of the more popular methods to remove paint from human hair only involve items and products that most people will already have in their home. This helps to keep the costs as low as possible as you usually only need a very small amount of these products to help you get the paint out of your hair.

That said though, although you may only require a small amount of a chemical based product to help you remove the paint from your hair, some paint types do require a large amount of time of your combing or massaging the effected hair. Although this can seem like a large amount of work, the methods below have a high success rate and can remove the need to have your hair cut while having a minimal effect on the long term health of your hair if any.

How To Get Paint Out Of Blonde Hair!

Blonde hair is without a doubt the hardest hair color to remove paint from due to the paint pigment often staining the hair. Thankfully, most paint types can be removed by washing your hair with a good shampoo and then running a very fine comb through it each night for around a week. Although this is not the quickest method, it is the safest method for the long term health of blonde hair.

For this method to work, you really should be using a high quality shampoo too as it will help with the health of your hair during the process while also helping to break the bonds of many paint formulas. The cheaper, low quality shampoo products on the market can often do little to nothing when it comes to removing paint and especially their pigments from blonde hair making the process useless so always use a high quality shampoo.

We usually recommend that you use a fine tooth lice comb if possible too for the brushing procedure. Although you are not using the comb to remove lice from your hair, the fine teeth on a lice comb are ideal for picking up the fine pigment particles that some types of paint contain helping to make the process easier. In some extreme cases, you may actually have to use a Dawn Dishwashing Soap locally on the area of your hair that has the paint in it and brush it too.

How To Get Acrylic Paint Out Of Hair!

Acrylic paint is one of the easiest paint types to safely remove from your hair and a few washes with a high quality shampoo will often be enough due to most acrylic paint formulas having weak bonds. If you have been using an artist grade acrylic paint then the bonds in the paint are usually stronger as well as having better pigments so you may have to use a dishwashing soap too.

As we touched on earlier in the article, you really should be using a high quality shampoo for optimal performance when trying to remove acrylic paint from your hair as quickly as possible. Due to the weak bonds in most acrylic paint formulas, there is no need for a fine tooth comb as the normal washing process will be enough to remove the paint with minimal damage to your hair.

If you have been using an artist grade acrylic paint then something like Dawn Dishwashing Soap can be used to great effect at getting rid of the paint from your hair as fast as possible. Just keep in mind that a suitable shampoo and conditioner should be used after to try and reduce the chances of the detergent damaging your hair once the paint is removed.

How To Get Oil Paint Out Of Hair!

The easiest way to get oil paint out of your hair, especially dried oil paint is to add olive oil to the area with the oil paint and then gently massage the hair to get the oil paint to come away. Some types of oil paint can do better with a peanut butter instead of olive oil though but most modern oil paint formulas should respond to having olive oil massaged into them.

There are a number of different types of olive oil on the market so we would always recommend that you use a decent olive oil where and when possible. The oils and chemicals in a pure olive oil product tend to be much higher and make it much easier for the oil to be able to remove the oil paint in your hair.

When it comes to peanut butter it gets even more confusing due to so many peanut butter products on the market having sugar and various other additives put into it. The easiest thing to do is to try and find a natural peanut butter, ideally a one that has not set fully and actually has the liquid oils settling on top of the actual butter due to it being in a much purer form.

How To Get Spray Paint Out Of Hair!

Modern spray paint formulas are usually easy to get out of human hair but you have to know if your spray paint is oil based or water based. If it is a water based spray paint then a shampoo should be able to wash it out of your hair with some rubbing on the effected area while the hair has the shampoo on it. If the spray paint is oil based then trying olive oil instead of shampoo will probably get you better results.

The majority of the modern spray paint products on the market will clearly state if they are water based or oil based right on the front of the cannister too. Some of the stronger water based or acrylic spray paint formulas may need you to use something like Dawn Dishwashing Soap on it rather than just shampoo though, especially if it is a dark color spray paint and you have light coloured hair.

If the spray paint is an oil based formula then the sooner you are able to get a decent olive oil massaged into the area of the hair with the paint the better. Once the oil based spray paint dries into your hair it does become harder to remove but thankfully, most oil based spray paints will take between 8 and 24 hours to dry usually giving you plenty of time to get some olive oil on it to help you remove it.

How To Get Gloss Paint Out Of Hair!

There is no real quick and easy way to remove gloss paint from human hair and the best method is usually to lather your hair up with shampoo when wet and leave the shampoo in for a good 15 to 30 minutes. Then you wash the shampoo out and run a fine tooth comb through the area of your hair that has the gloss paint in it.

Due to gloss paint formulas being more robust than many other types of paint, this can be a long and hard process but with persistence, you are able to get the gloss paint out of your hair without having the need to cut your hair. A decent shampoo may help make this process easier but there really aren’t any guarantees due to gloss paint being very tough, especially once dry.

Just like some other paint types, a fine tooth lice comb is usually the best option when it comes to actually running a comb through your hair to help remove the paint. The teeth on the lice combs tend to be so fine that it can break down a surprising amount of the gloss paint and get it out of your hair with minimal effort required on your part.

How To Get Latex Paint Out Of Hair!

Most modern latex paint formulas will wash out of your hair with warm water and some shampoo due to latex paint usually having weak bonds. If the paint has dried into your hair then the warm water may be able to re-hydrate it making it even easier to remove in many cases, sometimes without the need for shampoo.

With latex paints being water based, soaking your hair in some warm water can really work wonders and we would highly recommend you giving it a try before anything else. Once your hair has soaked in warm water, you will often be able to just massage the area of your hair that has the latex paint in it and remove the paint with ease.

There are some more robust latex paint formulas on the market though, usually ones designed for outdoor use that can be a pain to remove from your hair. You can wash your hair with a shampoo product each night for a week or so but using something like Dawn Dishwashing Soap is usually the best route to take for a single wash with some of the soap on the area of your hair with the latex paint.

How To Get Dry Paint Out Of Hair!

Dry paint is often much harder to get out of your hair but many water based paints can easily be rehydrated by soaking your hair in warm water for around 30 minutes. Once the paint has been rehydrated, you can often massage the area of your hair with the dry paint to remove it with minimal additional effort being required.

You can make this process even easier by using a quality shampoo on the area of your hair with the dry paint in it. Keep in mind though that shampoo only tends to help you weaken the bonds of water based paints and can do little to nothing to help you remove any dry oils based paint from your hair.

This is where a decent olive oil comes in as the oils and chemicals in a natural olive oil can weaken the bonds of dry oil paint in your hair to help you remove it quickly. Although mayonnaise can help in some cases, it does have to be the full fat mayonnaise as you need the fatty oils to work with the oil paint. A reduced fat mayonnaise tends not to help remove dry oil paint from your hair at all and offers minimal benefits if any.

How To Get Enamel Paint Out Of Hair!

Most enamel paint formulas can be removed from human hair by applying some olive oil to your hair while your hair is dry and then massaging the olive oil into the enamel paint in your hair. You will usually find that after ten to fifteen minutes, large amounts of the enamel paint will start to work its way out of your hair.

Although this may sound like it takes a long amount of time, once the initial breakdown of the enamel paint bonds has been completed, it will rapidly start to come out of your hair. As with most types of paint and human hair, a darker color paint and a lighter color hair can present some problems but this trick should be enough for most people.

Although we have noticed a number of people reaching out to ask about various other methods of getting enamel paint to of your hair, the only other one we would recommend is to soak your hair in warm water with shampoo in it and then massage it. This method tends not to be as effective as using olive oil though but it can still work and help you get the enamel paint out of your hair quicker than you would otherwise be able to do so.

How To Get Primer Paint Out Of Hair!

Paint primers have a totally different formula than paint so you usually have to use a strong dishwasher soap to remove them from your hair. If the primer has been able to dry into your hair then the process usually becomes considerably harder and it will take more time to remove it from your hair, even with a strong dishwashing soap.

Please keep in mind that the paint primer does have a saturation point with the dishwasher soap so simply soaking your hair in the soap for an extended period of time won’t help get the primer our of your hair any quicker but does risk damaging your hair. Once you have applied a small amount of the soap to the area of your hair that has the primer in it, start to run your hair between your fingers to help remove the primer.

Some people just decide to cut their hair if they get large amounts of primer in it due to it being so difficult to remove for most people. A trip to your local hair salon may be able to help if they have specialist products though so always check this before resorting to actually cutting your hair.


That brings our article going over how to get paint out of your hair to an end. Due to there being so many different types of paint on the market we had to cover a number of different methods to ensure that we were able to offer our readers the best advice possible. Each of the paint types does usually have a permanent variant of the paint on the market too and if it is a permanent variant of the paint that you have in your hair then the process will take longer to remove it.