How To Seal Chalk Paint On Glass!

Although chalk paint has spiked in popularity for use in traditional home decor, it is becoming more and more popular for both arts and crafts and unique home decor use cases too. Due to using chalk paint in this way being very new at the time of writing this article, we are seeing a ton of questions based around these new use cases for chalk paint to try and help people get the best end result possible.

With people using chalk paint for both permanent and temporary artwork on windows as well as it being popular in arts and crafts for mason jars and other glass products, we have noticed people asking how to seal chalk paint on glass recently. With more and more people asking questions about sealing chalk paint on glass recently, we have decided to publish this article going over what we feel is the best method to seal your chalk paint artwork on all glass types.

Unlike sealing your chalk paint on some other surfaces, the majority of chalk paint formulas will easily bond to glass. This makes it much easier to actually seal it due to there being a much lower chance of the paint having problems with flaking or peeling. As we are covering a number of sup-topics within the article, we have a comparison table below to allow you to click a section and be instantly taken to it without having to waste time.

How To Seal Chalk Paint On Glass!

To seal your chalk paint on glass, be sure that your chalk paint is fully dry prior to applying your sealing product or you will end up having issues later in the process. We feel that a wax based sealing agent is the best option for use with chalk paint and most wax products are just applied with a brush keeping everything simple.

The cheaper, low quality wax sealants on the market are usually a total waste of time and can often cause more problems than they solve. Thankfully, a decent chalk paint wax is only a few dollars more but drastically improves the performance of the wax when used as a sealant. Most wax products will cure when used on glass fine but can take up to a month to fully cure and finish the sealing process.

You are able to help the wax seal your chalk paint by using a high quality chalk paint too as it will bond to the glass easier as well as dry quicker too. This makes the chalk paint a better base product for your wax to seal giving the wax a slightly easier job then it would have with a cheaper chalk paint.

Can You Use Chalk Paint On Glass Jars?

You can use chalk paint on glass jars with chalk paint on mason jars being a very popular option in the arts and crafts space being able to provide excellent results. Unless your glass jar is going got hold water or any other liquid once painted with the chalk paint, there is usually no need to apply a sealing agent to it.

If you are wanting to use your chalk paint as a base coat on your glass jar and then apply other paint or marker artwork on top of the base coat, it is a good idea to seal your chalk paint though. Once the wax has fully cured you are usually able to add additional layers of artwork onto the wax with minimal issues and in some cases, apply more wax over the second layer of art work to seal that too.

Keep in mind that if you don’t use wax to seal your chalk paint on your mason jars or other types of glass jars, it is highly likely that the chalk paint will have issues if water makes contact with it. Although chalk paint formulas are getting better and better when it comes to their water resistance levels, the nature of chalk paint with its unique look and texture needs a very specific formula that will always have issues with water if not sealed.

What To Do If Your Chalk Paint Is Not Sticking To Glass!

Cheap, low quality chalk paint formulas will often have issues sticking to glass correctly due to the low quality ingredients in them. You can usually spend around $5 more to get a better chalk paint formula or pickup some chalk paint primer to help your chalk paint stick to your glass with ease.

A high quality chalk paint not only sticks to glass better it it also holds it color better, tends not to yellow with time, and usually doesn’t flake or peel. The better chalk paint formulas usually tend to be a better base for wax to seal the paint to the glass once dry too making it a much better product in most cases.

In some cases, a chalk paint primer may be the best route to take as it essentially forms a base layer on your glass that you can then use to apply your chalk paint to the primer with ease. On top of that, wax sealants tend to perform better on some glass surfaces if the chalk paint (especially a cheap chalk paint) has been applied onto a primer rather than the actual glass.

Does Chalk Paint Come Off Glass?

Chalk paint can come off glass with ease and in many cases, it just takes some warm water with a little soap on a cloth provided the chalk paint is not sealed to the glass. If you have sealed the chalk paint to your glass then it will usually need a chemical product to help remove the sealer to help you remove your chalk paint.

Depending on what you are trying to do, you can sometimes use a scrubbing sponge to help lift the chalk paint off instead of using a cloth but in most cases, it won’t be required. Depending on how tough the scrubbing pad is, it may actually be able to damage your glass to and cause issues with you being able to use it again in the future.

Although we do not recommend that our readers try it as it can be very hit and miss and will sometimes crack your glass, some people do use boiling water to remove chalk paint from their glass. This can work very well if you have used a wax sealing agent on your chalk paint as it will soften the wax and make it much easier to remove.


That brings our article going over how to seal chalk paint on glass to an end. We hope that you have been able to understand how to actually seal your chalk paint to various types of glass and although there are multiple types of sealant that you can use, wax based products do tend to be the best option in the vast majority of cases. We also went over how you are able to remove chalk paint from glass too as many people will only want their artwork on their glass temporarily and people tend to struggle to get their chalk paint off glass when the time comes.

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