Is Noodler’s Ink Good – 15 Interesting Facts!

Our regular readers will be fully aware that we often recommend products from the Noodler's ink range to our readers on a regular basis due to their ink formula being one of the best while also being one of the cheapest on the market at the time of reading. Noodlers ink is constantly increasing their market share as more and more people try their products and switch over to only using the low-price, high-quality inks from the Noodlers range.

Although we are huge fans of inks such as Pelikan's Edelstein ink as well as Pilot's Iroshizuku ink, these do have a higher price tag associated with them that is largely due to their branding more than the actual performance of the ink. We often find that the Noodler’s ink range is able to offer you a writing experience that is just as smooth as any of these premium inks while often beating the color selection of the ink that they have available too.

As we recommend Noodler’s ink to so many of our readers, we have decided to publish this article going over why we feel that it is so good as well as why we recommend it so often. We have essentially collected all of the questions that we see asked on a regular basis about Noodler’s ink and decided to answer them all in this article. Due to us covering so many questions, we have also added our table of contents below so you are able to quickly and easily navigate to the question you need an answer too without having to skim the whole article too.

What Is Noodler’s Ink?

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Noodler’s ink is a brand who have positioned their product in the market to offer the best possible ink formula at the lowest possible prices. The do this by prioritizing the ink’s ingredients and production over everything else to help keep their costs as low as possible while their quality is through the roof relative to their competition at this price point in the market.

They do this by keeping their packaging and bottles as simple and straight forward as possible as you can see in the image above and although this may sound basic, it really does help to keep their costs down compared to the flashy bottles of some of the more expensive ink brands. Additionally, all of their ink comes in the same size bottle no matter what variant it is helping them to save even more by bulk buying the exact same bottle in huge volume for the best possible bulk discount that the pass right onto their customers.

Another area where Noodler’s have switches things up is by only using a very basic marketing campaign and allowing word of mouth to do their marketing for them. As we touched on above, sales of the various products in the Noodler’s ink range continue to increase with each passing year as their reputation just gets better and better making us think that they have done something right.

Is Noodler’s Ink Good?

In our opinion, Noodler’s ink is one of the best ink products on the market and they are able to easily compete with many of the higher price point ink products currently on the market while being considerably cheaper. The majority of people, us included tend to think of Pelikan's Edelstein ink as well as Pilot's Iroshizuku ink as the two go to ink formulas when it comes to fountain pen ink but the Noodler's ink range is quickly gaining a regulation and market share to rival them.

When it comes to premium inks, the main thing that matters is the quality of the ingredients as well as the refining process for the creation of the ink. Once you get to a certain level of quality, the inks usually deliver a very similar writing experience to each other so the two main factors that come into play for most people is the price of the ink and color range that is available with the Noodler’s range dominating in both areas at the time of writing.

Does Noodler’s Ink Bleed, Ghost Or Feather?

Noodler’s ink can bleed, ghost, and feather when used with your fountain pen but this is often due to the paper that you are writing on rather than the actual ink formula or your fountain pen. A large number of people tend to write on low-quality paper to try and save money but this can cause a number of problems but thankfully, you can quickly and easily fix this. The majority of the time, simply switching over to using a high GSM paper can fix this due to the paper being thicker and helping to prevent issues with ghosting and bleeding.

Thankfully, the price tag of high GSM paper has fallen over the years so it is often only a dollar or two more than regular paper. Due to the quality of high GSM paper being higher than low quality paper, your writing experience will usually improve and the potential of feathering will also reduce too. This is why many people new to writing with a fountain pen can use the exact same ink and pen but not have problems when writing on different types of paper.

Is Noodler’s Ink Wet Or Dry?

Noodler’s ink is a wet writing ink that offers you one of the smoothest possible writing experiences of modern fountain pen inks without the high price tag. This helps to keep the levels of scratch from your fountain pen nib to a minimum when writing while also keeping your writing as clear and easy to read as possible.

Please note though, your nib size will also come into play when it comes to the overall writing experience for your fountain pen with broader nibs tending to release more ink resulting in a wetter writing experience. With the majority of people tending to use the fine and medium nib sizes with their fountain pens, we would say that Noodler’s ink is definatley on the wetter side but not as wet as Pelikan's Edelstein ink helping to keep the bleed and ghosting potential to a minimum.

Is Noodler’s Ink Waterproof?

The standard Noodler's eel ink is waterproof as well as the majority of the other ink formulas that they have within their range. That said though, Noodler’s have started to introduce some speciallist ink formulas to their range that have very specific formulas that may not be waterproof. Always double check the actual ink formula that you go with from the Noodlers range but their more popular formulas are all fully waterproof at the time of writing.

Is Noodler’s Ink Permanent?

The majority of the ink formulas in the Noodler’s range are all permanent and will stand the test of time without having any issues with your ink fading or blotting. Although this is often not a core selling point for the Noodler’s range of fountain pen inks, it is usually a good bonus feature for any ink formula with the majority of our readers probably wanting a permanent ink over a non-permanent ink.

Is Noodler’s Ink Archival?

The majority of Noodler’s ink formulas are of archival quality and will be able to last you for decades if you store your work correctly. A large number of people often confuse the terms permanent ink and archival ink but depending on the regulations in your country an ink can legally be be marketed as permanent if your ink can last three years without fading. An archival quality ink usually has to be able to last for decades to be legally marketed as archival quality so there is a vast difference.

Is Noodler’s Ink Lightfast?

Although the Noodler’s ink formulas are not specifically designed to be lightfast, their Noodler’s Blackerase Ink formula can perform very well when it comes to holding up in UV light or gallery condition lighting without fading. If you know for a fact that you do need a lightfast quality ink then choosing to go with something like Dr. Ph. Martin's Ocean Fountain Pen Ink will almost always be a better option than Noodlers.

Is Noodler’s Ink Quick Dry?

Although most of the Noodler’s ink range does tend to dry fast, if you are left handed and need a specific quick dry ink then their Noodler's Bernanke Blue formula is probably going to be your best option. It dried extremely quickly and can help prevent you from accidentally smearing or smudging your writing if you are left-handed and drag your hand while writing.

Is Noodler’s Ink Toxic?

Noodler’s ink is not toxic in the sense that they contain an ingredient that will make you nauseous if their ink is accidentally injected or gets on your skin. That said though, all fountain pen inks do have a low toxicity level to them due to the nature of the product but this tends to be so low that it will not cause any problems for humans. The toxicity levels of the Noodler’s ink range is also low enough not to cause any issues if you do have to write on very thin paper where some stronger ink formulas can end up causing the paper to break apart.

How Long Does Noodler’s Ink Last?

A single bottle of Noodler’s ink will usually last you around three months with regular usage on a medium nibbed fountain pen. Depending on how frequently you write with your fountain pen as well as how long you write with it for during your writing sessions, this may be shorter or longer but the majority of people should get around three months out of a single bottle.

A bottle of Noodler’s ink can last a surprisingly long time once opened without going bad provided that you store it in a cool area that it out of direct sunlight with the cap secured onto the bottle. That vast majority of people who we see saying that their Noodler’s ink went bad actually caused the issue themselves by leaving the top off their ink bottle or by leaving their ink in direct sunlight for an extended period of time when not in use.

Does Noodler’s Ink Go Bad?

Although Noodler’s ink can go bad, this is often due to bacteria getting into your bottle of ink and causing you issues or due to the liquid in the ink formula drying out. This is almost always due to user error when it comes to how you store the ink when not in use rather than the actual ink formula underperforming. We know that we say this time and time again but store your inks in a cool, dry place that is not in direct sunlight and you won’t have any issues.

Can You Use Noodler’s Ink For A Dip Pen?

Although some people do use Noodler’s inks with a dip pen, we tend not to recommend it as their formulas have been specifically designed for use with fountain pens, not dip pens. This can lead to various issues when used with a dip pen and although some dip pens will work fine and without issue, some dip pens will definitely end up have problems. If you are using a dip pen just use a high-quality dip pen ink as they tend to be around the same price as Noodler’s ink anyway but offer a higher level of performance.

Can You Use Noodler’s Ink In Any Fountain Pen?

In our opinion, you can use Noodler’s ink with any fountain pen that uses a piston filler or cartridge convertor system without issue. We know that this is a little controversial but this tends to be due to due to the marketing campaigns of the major fountain pen brands trying to convince people to only use their branded fountain pen ink with their pen range for “optimal performance”.

They always forget to tell their users that any premium, refined fountain pen ink will offer a very similar writing experience to their own ink formulas. This means that you are able to use Pelikan's Edelstein ink, Pilot's Iroshizuku ink, and Noodler's ink with pretty much any model of fountain pen with solid results.

Is Noodler’s Ink Bad For Pens?

Although a small number of people do report a bad experience when using Noodler’s ink with their fountain pen, this is definitely the minority with the vast majority of people having an excellent experience when using the ink. This is obvious to see when you look at the reputation of the Noodler’s ink range on social media and on fountain pen-related forums as well as how rapidly the sales of their ink is growing.


That brings our article going over the the more commonly asked questions that we see about Noodler’s ink to a close. We hope that we have been able to answer your question in our article and help you understand the Noodler’s ink range better and see why we recommend it to our readers so frequently. Not only is it a high-quality ink but it is also very budget-friendly when compared to the other high performance fountain pen inks on the market right now.

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