Is Puffy Paint Washable And How To Wash It Quickly!

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Although it is not as popular as some for the other paint types that we see people reaching out for guidance with, there has been a recent spike in the number of people using puffy paint and asking questions about it. One of the more frequent questions that we have noticed being asked time and time again is based around if puffy paint washable or not.

Due to seeing so many people asking if puffy paint is easy to wash off or not as well as it being a common way to keep children entertained with a hight chance of mess, we have decided to publish this article. Our hope is that we will be able to help our readers better understand puppy paint and the various ways that you are able to wash it off various surfaces.

As we see a number of different variations about puffy paint being washable, we have added a table of contents below going over some of the more common questions that we see. You can click any of the questions about the various surfaces we see people asking about to be taken directly to that section of our article if you wish to see how you can wash puffy paint off that particular surface.

Is Puffy Paint Washable?

Both commercially available puffy paint and homemade puffy paint with a shaving foam base are washable and easy to wash off most surfaces with ease. There is usually no need for a special detergent to wash puffy paint off and warm soapy water will often do the trick.

A decent puffy paint will have been designed to be as easy to wash off various surfaces as possible due to the brands who produce puffy paint knowing that it is usually used to help keep your children entertained. There are some low-quality puffy paints on the market that use cheap dyes that can be harder to wash off though so keep that in mind.

If you have made your own puffy paint using a shaving foam base then they do tend to be very easy to wash off but it will depend on the dye or pigment that you have used to add color. Always check the label of the product that you are planning to use for your homemade puffy paint to make sure that it is easy to wash off quickly.

How To Wash Dried Puffy Paint Off Skin!

You can usually wash most brands of puffy paint off your skin with ease using nothing more than warm water with soap mixed in with it. Simply add a little warm water and soap on a cloth or sponge and rub it over the area of skin with the dried puffy paint on it to wash it off.

Keep in mind that if you are using a low quality puffy paint product or a homemade puffy paint that uses a strong dye or pigment then it will be harder to wash off. This is why we always recommend that you use a decent puffy paint product for your arts and crafts sessions to ensure that it is washable and easy to remove.

If you are using a low quality puffy paint or a homemade puffy paint that is difficult to wash off then you can use stronger detergents to wash the paint off your paint when dry. This does still tend to be much easier to wash off than many other paint products though and this is one of the main reasons that puffy paint is such a great choice if you need something to keep your children busy throughout the day.

Can You Wash Puffy Paint Off Furniture?

The majority of types of puffy paint will easily wash off most types of furniture surfaces with just a small amount of soap added to some warm water on a cloth of a sponge. You can often even wash it off many surfaces with just warm water on a cloth in many situations.

You will have to keep in mind that some types of furniture do have a rough or uneven surface making it harder to remove dry paint from it. This is where you will usually have to use soap or stronger detergents to wash the puffy paint off your furniture quickly.

For the majority of furniture types, especially those with a smooth surface, you should easily be able to quickly wash any dry puffy paint off it. Depending on the type of furniture, it may cause some minor issues with varnish or other coatings but this tends to only occur if you leave the puffy paint on the furniture for more than a day.

Does Dry Puffy Paint Come Out Of Clothes?

Puffy paint will come out of most types of clothes with ease but it can leave stains on some colors depending on the dyes and pigments used in the paint. This can be common with some materials in some puffy paint types so try to avoid getting the paint on your clothes or children’s cloths as best as possible.

As we have mentioned earlier in the article, the majority of the decent puffy paint product on the market will not have these issues so always be sure to go with a reputable brand. They take the time to ensure that their pigments in their puffy paint are easily washable and that they should not cause any issues with your clothes.

It is almost always the cheaper, lower quality ones that end up causing issues and leaving stains in your clothes. Considering that the decent puffy paint products are usually less than $5 more than the cheaper lower quality ones, it is definitely worth paying the additional cost to ensure that the paint is as easy as possible to wash out of your clothes without leaving a stain.


That brings our article going over if puffy paint is washable or not to a close. We hope that we have been able to help you wash the puffy paint off any surfaces that it ends up on during your arts and crafts sessions. Keep in mind that puffy paint is always easier to wash off all surfaces when it is still wet, after it is dry it is a little harder but can still often be washed off using nothing more than warm water with a little soap on it on a cloth.