12 Pilot G2 Refill Compatible Pen Brands!

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The versatility and low price point of the Pilot G2 refill has made it an extremely popular option to refill a whole range of rollerball pens from a huge range of different brands. Due to this, we have noticed more and more people reaching out to ask for advice on the various Pilot G2 refill compatible pens currently available on the market.

Due to seeing so many people reaching out for advice on the various pen models that are able to use the Pilot G2 refill, we have decided to publish our own dedicated article going over the more commonly used models. We hope that this article will be able to help a number of our readers who are looking to save some money on their refills by going with the G2 refill rather than the official refill for their pen model.

In addition to this, there are a number of pen models that you are able to use the G2 refill with as is where as some of them may need you to slightly modify the refill cartridge prior to use. Although the vast majority of pen models on our list will be fine with the standard refill right out of the box, a few do need you to slightly modify it, usually by cutting a small portion off the end of the pen but we will point this out as we work through our article.

What Pens Use Pilot G2 Refills?

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Please also note that this is not intended as an extensive list of all Pilot G2 refill compatible pens currently on the market. It is simply a list of the various pen models out there that can be used with the G2 and there is no doubt in our mind that we have forgotten to add some other models that will work fine. Also, due to the same model of pen sometimes having different variants on the market, some variants of the exact same pen model may fit the Pilot G2 refill where others may not but we will point this out when applicable below.

Aurora Pens

Although Aurora pens are no where near as popular as some of the other brands in our list, the Aurora Ipsilon Rollerball is one of the more popular models from their range and the Pilot G2 refill will seamlessly fit the pen. The G2 refill is a very popular option with the pen due to it often being around half the price of the official Aurora refill while also being available in a wide range of different colors.


Although the majority of the Bexley range is based around high-quality fountain pens that stick to the classic 1930’s fountain pen design, they do have a number of rollerballs in their range that can be refilled using the Pilot G2 refills. At the time of writing, it can be used with all of the capped rollerball pens in their range without needing any modifications to the refill prior to fitting it.

Caran D’ache

Although less common in North America than in Europe, the Caran D’ache rollerball range does have a steadily growing user base with a small number of their rollerball pens such as the Lemans working well with the Pilot G2 refill. That said, the official Caran D’ache refills for their pens is around the same price as the G2 refill anyway kind of defeating the purpose of going with another brands refill so most people tend to just stick with the official Caran D’ache refill for their pens.


Another less popular but high-quality pen brand that you are able to use the Pilot G2 refill with is the Conklin range. Although the refill will work with the majority of the capped rollerball pens in their current lineup, there are one or two stubby models that are too short for the G2 refill even if modified. If you are using a standard length rollerball pen from their range though, the G2 refill should work fine in the pen.


Although their popularity has dropped off over the last decade or so, Faber-Castell are still a popular pen brand with decent sales each year. They have a number of rollerball pens in their range such as the Faber-Castell Ondoro that will work with the Pilot G2 refill right out of the box without issue. As with most of the pens in our list though, the Ondoro is available in a number of different variants so be sure that you are using the capped rollerball variant of the pen for use with the Pilot G2 refill.


Lamy are one of the most popular pen brands in the world with an absolutely massive global user base that is growing at a rapid pace due to various Lamy pen models dominating both the entry-level and intermediate-level price points for various pen types. Although the Pilot G2 refill is commonly used as a cheap alternative to the official Lamy refill options, you do have to modify the refill prior to putting it inside of your pen.

Thankfully, we already have an article going over how you are able to modify it for use with Lamy m66 pens as well as how you can modify it for use with Lamy m22 pens. If you are on a tight budget then this can be a solid option to help keep your costs down but due to the amount of additional effort required to modify the Pilot G2 refill to work with Lamy pens, most people do just stick with the official Lamy refills.


Although Montblanc are rightfully considered to be the premium luxary pen brand in the world, you are able to modify the Pilot G2 refill slightly to work with a number of their rollerball pen models. Due to the official Monthblanc refills being so expensive for what you actually get for your money, this is a very popular option and often worth doing due to the sheer costs of their official refills.


Another pen brand that had unfortunately faded in popularity but still sees strong sales is Monteverde and although they do have a range of different pens in their range, the majority of their capped rollerball pens work perfectly with the Pilot G2 refill due to the official Monteverde G52 Refill being of almost identical design and dimensions of the Pilot G2 refill.


Although Rotring currently dominates the mechanical pencil market and constantly see excellent sales with each passing year securing their top spot, they also have a range of less popular rollerball pens too. Around half of the rollerball pen models in the current Rotring lineup will work with the Pilot G2 refill so be sure to specifically check the model of your Rotring and its compatibility with the G2 refill.


We have lost count of the number of people who instantly discount the Visconti range of rollerball pens presuming that the luxary pen brand will have a proprietary refill for their range of rollerball pens. Thankfully, this is not the case and although the Pilot G2 refill does not work with every rollerball in their range, it does work with the majority of their capped rollerball pens helping you save some money on your refills as the official Visconti refills can really add up and put a dent in your bank balance.


The Waterford pen range is less popular then the majority of other options on our list but they do have a very small yet dedicated customer base. The majority of the Waterford capped rollerball pens will work with the Pilot G2 refill but you do usually have to click around two inches from the rear of the refill to get it to fit in the pen barrel. This can put people off as this cuts right into the gel ink in the refill and can result in leaks.


The Waterman pen range is another very popular option for a number of people all around the world and probably the main rollerball pen range outside of the official Pilot G2 range that uses the Pilot G2 refill on a regular basis as it can save you a decent chunk of change. The Carene, Charleston, Expert, Hemisphere, and Phileas capped rollerball pens from the Waterman range tend to take the G2 refill directly without the need to modify the refill prior to mounting it.


That brings our article going over our list of Pilot g2 refill compatible pens and we hope that you have found it helpful. We know that a number of the pens featured in our list above have expensive refills so switching them out for the much cheaper Pilot G2 refill can end up saving you a surpassing amount of money with minimal effort required on your part.