The Best Pen For Hypermobility And Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome!

As many as 1 in 5000 people have hypermobility issues or wider variants of ehlers-danlos syndrome with many of those people having issues with their fingers hyperextending when writing due to the condition. As you would expect, the majority of pens currently on the market are not suitable for people with either hypermobility or ehlers-danlos syndrome so we see some people reaching out and asking for the best pen for these conditions.

Although there are a number of pens that have a larger grip on their barrel, when it specifically comes to the best pen for hypermobility or ehlers-danlos syndrome, the Pilot Dr. Grip has to take the top spot and by a large margin as Pilot have done an excellent job in both the design and production of the pen. That said though, Egg Pen-Pencil Grips are becoming increasingly popular as a way to add your own grips to the barrels of your favorite pens.

As the Pilot Dr. Grip is only available in a small number of pen types and colors, many people opt to go with the Egg Pen-Pencil Grips and then apply them to different types of pens and markers as required. Optin to go with the egg grips rather than a specific pen really does open a number of doors for anyone with hypermobility as it allows you to adapt any pen to your needs.

We will be taking a more in-depth look at both options below in the hope that we are able to help you decide on the best option for your needs moving forward. We are confident that either option will offer a great improvement to your writing situation though but feel that the egg grips just open up more doors with more pen and marker types.

The Best Pen For Hypermobility And Ehlers-Danlos SyndromeOn The Market!

As we touched on above, in our opinion, the Pilot Dr. Grip is the undisputed king of pens when it comes to hypermobility as its ergonomic grip and lightweight barrel ensure that you have the best writing experience possible. Coming from Pilot, one of the best pen brands in the world, you can rest assured that the pen offers you the best possible performance at the lowest possible price tag with it only being a few dollars more than most other pens without the additional grip and lightweight build.

Online forums and social media groups for people with hypermobility and ehlers-danlos syndrome usually have the Pilot Dr. Grip as their default pen recommendation for anyone with it having a great reputation amongst the community. One advantage that the pen does have over some of the competing pens on the market that have been recommended for use for people with hypermobility is its soft cushioned grip.

Although some other pens from competing brands may have a larger grip, they the lack of cushioning on them can end up causing its own problems, especially for those longer writing sessions. The cushioned grip on the Pilot Dr. Grip really does help to prevent this and along with the balanced design of the barrel, it allows you to write for longer periods of time without fatigue.

The Best Pen Grippers For Hypermobility And Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome On The Market!

As we mentioned back at the start of the article, more and more people with either hypermobility or ehlers-danlos syndrome are starting to switch over to using Egg Pen-Pencil Grips to help them improve their writing. They are extremely quick and easy to use as you simply push your pen or pencil through the hold in them to add your own, custom grip to the barrel of the pen and then your grip is improved to help improve your writing.

The main advantage of using ergonomic grips is that you are able to use them with any pen, pencil or market that you want. Although the Pilot Dr. Grip is an excellent pen for anyone with hypermobility, it does have its limitations and is only available in a small number of ink colors. If you are shopping for your child who has hypermobility then we would highly recommend that you opt for the egg grips as you can use them with markers and pencils to help them color in as well as any number of other tasks.

Egg grips are also extremely lightweight so they do not detract from your writing or coloring experience too while offering you a large cushioned grip area at the same time. This coupled with the low price tag for Egg Pen-Pencil Grips has made them a very popular option with many people stocking up on them to apply one grip to each of their child’s coloring marker pens.

Does Hypermobility Affect Handwriting?

Unfortunately, both hypermobility and wider forms of ehlers-danlos syndrome can have a detrimental effect on handwriting and this is why so many people reach out for assistance on the best pen or pen grip to use to improve the situation. Thankfully, the situation is much better than it was even five years ago with more and more pen brands releasing specialist, ergonomic pens that can help with a number of situations that include hypermobility.


That brings our article on the best pens for hypermobility and ehlers-danlos syndrome to a close and we hope that we have been helpful. Although there are a number of decent pen options on the market these days that offer a ergonomic grip to help with hypermobility, the Pilot Dr. Grip is head and shoulders above the rest in our opinion and should definitely be your primary option.

As we have covered in the article above, Egg Pen-Pencil Grips have also seen a huge surge in popularity with people who have hypermobility too and are growing more and more popular with each month that passes. Depending on your specific situation, opting to use some egg grips could be the better option for you to help improve your handwriting if you suffer from hypermobility.

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