The Best Pen For Ugly Handwriting On The Market!

Unfortunately, a large number of people feel that their hand writing is ugly and of poor quality and although some peoples handwriting is actually better than they think it is, there are definitely people out there that could use a little help to improve their handwriting. Although the best way to improve your handwriting will almost always to be put the hours in to practise and get out of the bad habits you have picked up over the years, very few people actually have the time for this.

As you would expect, we have noticed a number of people reaching out and asking for advice on the best pen for ugly handwriting to try and ensure that they have the best tools possible to improve their handwriting. Thankfully, there is no need to break the bank and pay over the odds for an expensive, speciallist pen as a large number of people report that simply switching from a ballpoint or rollerball pen to using a fountain pen has helped drastically improve their hand writing.

Now, there are a large number of low quality entry-level fountain pens on the market right now but one of the best ones is without a doubt the Lamy Safari and a number of people have taken to using the Safari specifically to help improve their ugly handwriting. Thankfully, the pen can usually be picked up for between $10 and $25 depending on the vendor and the specific variant of the Safari that you want so it is well worth trying out as it has the proven ability to help improve your handwriting without you having to spend a ton of cash.

What Is The Best Pen For Bad Handwriting

As we touched on above though guys, please keep in mind that although the Lamy Safari or any other decent entry-level fountain pen may help to improve your handwriting, it is not a magic bullet so practise will help improve your results even further. Thankfully though, the Safari blows its competition out of the water and has a number of features that help to make it the ideal choice for the entry-level price bracket.

The Pens Nib

If you are looking to make your handwriting prettier then the nib of the pen plays a surprisingly important roll and something as simple as switching from a broad nib size to a medium or fine nib can help. This is due to the wider font of the broad or double-broad nibs putting more emphasis on your handwriting, the smaller font sizes provided by the medium and fine sizes reduce this effect and can be a quick win for improving your handwriting.

Although the nib on the Lamy Safari is made from stainless steel as you would expect at this price point in the market, the actual design of the Lamy nibs can help to offer a smooth writing experience too. Again, if your primary goal is to improve your handwriting then this can help as it adds the slightest amount of flex to your writing that mimics the natural movement of your hand as you write.

If you are used to using a rigid nib on a ballpoint or rollerball pen then this can detract from your writing experience and make your handwriting look worse than it actually is making it harder to read. Even the slightest flex on your nib is able to help make small improvements and all of the smaller improvements result in huge changes.

Thankfully, the Lamy Safari is available with a nib size of extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad with all nib sizes having a slight level of flex to them. You are able to compound these two suggestions and opt for an extra-fine or fine nib size on the pen as the finner nibs tend to have a little more flex than the medium or broad nibs.

The Lamy Safari does tend to be a wet writer no matter what nib size you get and this can help make your handwriting pretty ever further. A wetter writing nib tends to offer a smoother writing experience with little to no scratch meaning that your pens nib will glide over the paper with ease.

On the flipside of this though, wetter writing nibs can have some issues with feathering, ghosting, and bleeding when writing but you are able to easily overcome this by writing on high GSM paper. The higher the GSM rating the smoother and thicker the paper helping to make your writing experience even smoother with the additional thickness preventing the nib from ghosting or bleeding through the paper during use.

The Barrel Of The Pen

As you would probably expect from an entry-level fountain pen, the barrel of the Lamy Safari is made from plastic to help keep costs as low as possible. Lamy have used a high-quality plastic in their pen to ensure that it is as light as possible while also trying to keep it as tough as possible so it is able to take bumps and knocks without breaking.

The lightweight of the plastic is able to help improve your handwriting for those longer writing sessions as it will prevent a build up of fatigue in your hand. This can help ensure that you always have maximum control over the nib of the pen when writing without your hand cramping up detracting from your writing experience and making your handwriting look poor.

The Cap of The Pen

The cap of the pen is made from the same lightweight plastic as the barrel helping to offer you the advantage of the pen not being back weighted when posted too. This offers the Lamy Safari an advantage over a number of other entry-level fountain pens that have heavier caps.

Back weighting due to a heavy cap can be a pain and will do you no favors when it comes to trying to improve your handwriting so always ensure that the cap of your fountain pen of choice is as light as possible. Although this may sound like such a small and insignificant thing, back weighting is a common reason that a fountain pen will fail to build up a solid user base amongst penthusiasts due to it usually making both your handwriting and writing experience worse.

Lamy Safari Writing Samples

The video below offers you some writing samples of the Lamy Safari and helps to give you an idea of the level of writing experience that you can expect from the pen. Please keep in mind that the video below is to try and showcase the smooth writing experience of the pen rather than clean, pretty handwriting as we all have our own unique hand writing strokes that come into play.


That brings our article going over what why we feel the Lamy Safari is the best pen for ugly handwriting currently available on the market. Although there are definitely higher price point fountain pens on the market that may be able to offer you similar benefits, we see no reason to folk out for an expensive pen when you are able to use the Lamy Safari as a test drive to check the potential results and improvements that it offers to your hand writing.

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