The Best Pens For Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journals!

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When it comes to bullet journaling, the Leuchtturm1917 is without a doubt one of, if not the most popular journal option on the market right now. Its low price point, great build quality, and different paper styles ensure that no matter how you want to run your bullet journal, you are able to use a Leuchtturm1917 and get the job done.

Due to its exponentially increasing popularity with sales of the Leuchtturm1917 consistently increasing with each passing month, we often see a number of people reaching out with questions about how to get the most out of their journal. After initially settling on the type of journal you want to use to log your experiences, the second most important aspect of keeping a bullet journal is the type of pen or pens that you choose to use.

This is why so many people who use the Leuchtturm1917 are constantly reaching out to members of the bullet journaling community to specifically ask for advice on the type of pens that they should be using amongst their other key leuchtturm1917 accessories. Although there are a number of different options depending on exactly what you are wanting to get done and how you want to set your Leuchtturm1917 out for journalling, we feel that the options below should meet the needs of the majority of our readers.

We feel that the above options should easily be able to cover the vast majority of the journaling needs of our readers and ensure that they are able to complete the majority of tasks and designs that they want in their Leuchtturm1917s. If you are more of a minimalist bullet journaller then we are confident in recommending the Pilot G2 as your only pen option as it offers super-smooth writing and is very budget-friendly.

The Best Pen For Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journals!

One of the very few issues with the Leuchtturm1917 is that Leuchtturm use a lower grams per square meter rating for the paper that make up the internal pages of their journals and planners meaning that some pens can have issues with ghosting and bleed during use. This is almost always going to be worse when using an alcohol based ink with your pen but depending on the nib size, some water based inks can also cause issues for you too.

Thankfully though, the Pilot G2 has no bleed issues when used as your pen of choice with the Leuchtturm1917 and rarley has any ghosting issues too with regular writing. Please take note that the Pilot G2 can have some minor issues with ghosting if you let the pen rest in one area or have to go over an area multiple times but this will be the same for any pen. Outside of those specific situations, the G2 is an excellent pen and is one of the few options of pens that don’t bleed through Leuchtturm pages that are not scratchy and offer smooth writing.

If you have not purchased your Leuchtturm1917 yet then you may want to consider the Hobonichi Techo as your journal or planner of choice as it has a higher grams per square meter rating for the paper used for its internal pages. This opens up the selection of pens available for you when bullet journaling that will not bleed, ghost or smudge when compared to the pens available for the Leuchtturm1917 that offer the same.

We will not be taking a more in-depth look at the Pilot G2 and its various features and benefits that it offers you. In each section we will be going over why we feel it would make an excellent pen option for writing in your Leuchtturm1917 and why we have decided to recommend it to our readers of choice. Keep in mind that all four of the recommendations above are all solid options but each usually have their own speciallist tasks for bullet journaling where as the Pilot G2 is more of a general writing pen so the majority of our readers will be looking for recommendations on this than pens to make your bullet journal spreads look good.

The Pilot G2 Nib

Considering that the G2 is an entry-level, budget-friendly gel pen, its nib is actually high quality and offers solid performance. The pen is available in four different point sizes as laid out below to ensure that you are able to get a line width to meet your needs for your journalling in your Leuchtturm1917.

The gel supply system for the nib is perfect and ensures that there is no skipping on a pen with a full ink cartridge even when writing fast without breaks. Skipping can be a problem with some similar price point pens from competing brands so this does help to score the Pilot G2 some points over some of its competition.

One minor drawback of the Pilot G2 is that there is a very small ink blot on downstrokes but this really is minimal and is common with pens at this price point in the market. If you are writing quickly or writing in cursive then this may not even be noticeable but we did want to point it out to our readers as we know some people are perfectionists when it comes to their bullet journals.

If you are a perfectionist and do want to avoid the chance of having an inkblot on your downstrokes when writing in your Leuchtturm1917 then something like the Cross Edge range of gel pens may be worth looking into but they usually do retail at $30 to $40 per pen or more depending on the retailer for such a small change in performance. Due to a Pilot G2 usually being around $3 per pen or even cheaper if you order a six, twelve, or twenty-four pack of G2’s, we would recommend that our readers just stick with the small ink blot that most people are unlikely to notice and save some money.

The Pilot G2 Ink

In our opinion, the main advantage that the Pilot G2 has over the competing pens available at this price point when it comes to writing in a Leuchtturm1917 is its ink. As we have mentioned above, leuchtturm1917 ghosting can be an issue due to the thinner paper that leuchtturm use in their products but it is very rare that you will have any issues with ghosting or bleeding when using a G2 in your Leuchtturm1917 for regular writing.

On top of this, the ink in the Pilot G2 has a sub-two second dry time meaning that it drastically reduces the chances of accidentally smearing of your work when writing. If you are left-handed then this makes the G2 ideal for you as its fast-drying ink will minimize the chances of you accidentally smudging your writing in your Leuchtturm1917, even if you are writing fast.

Although the standard Pilot G2 is a very cheap pen, the G2 ink refills are readily available, cheap, and easy to fit in your pen but due to the price of a standard G2, most people simply purchase a new pen once their ink runs out. That said though, the Pilot G2 Limited is a metal version of the standard G2 that many people opt to purchase after trying out the standard G2 for a long term writing option. If you do decide to go with the G2 Limited then knowing that refills are cheap and easy to source in the west adds some peace of mind to your purchase.

Although we usually recommend the G2 to our readers for general writing in their Leuchtturm1917, the pen is available in Colour Packs with twenty seven total ink colours available. This means that you are able to use the Pilot G2 to work on your bullet journal spreads for your Leuchtturm1917 if you wish and add colour and detail at will without having to add multiple pen types to your stationary collection.

As you would expect for a pen at this price point in the market, the ink in the Pilot G2 is not waterproof and even calling it water-resistant could be a stretch. Thankfully though, the majority of our readers will not require a waterproof pen for their Leuchtturm1917 as the chances of it getting wet should be minimal.

The Barrel Of The Pilot G2

Just like many of the other entry level pens on the market, the Pilot G2 is available with multiple barrel styles as covered below.

The Pilot G2 standard is the cheapest option with a plastic barrel, a rubber grip, and a plastic clip to keep the costs as low as possible and is the pen that we would recommend to the majority of people looking for a general use pen for the Leuchtturm1917. That said though, if you are a big fan of the G2 then the Pilot G2 Limited has the same writing performance as a standard G2 but has a metal barrel and has been designed for long term use so can be worth considering.

Although the clip on the Pilot G2 standard is made from plastic, it is surpassingly effective and offers just enough flex to ensure you can secure your pen where required without having to worry about its clip breaking. The rubber grip for the pen is tapered to offer a more secure hold while also increasing comfort levels when writing with the pen for those longer journaling sessions too.

Unlike some of the entry-level pen options, the Pilot G2 comes with a great clicking mechanism with a very strong spring meaning that it is very unlikely that you will accidentally expose the pen if you store it in your bag and end up with ink all over everything else in your bag. With many people who bullet journal in the Leuchtturm1917 also being students, this can help you use your Pilot G2 collection for your school or college work too without having to worry about ink issues in your bag.

Dimensions For The Pilot G2

Although the Pilot G2 Mini is slightly smaller than the rest of the Pilot G2 range, the G2 is a standard pen with standard dimensions. Due to being a clicker pen, there is no cap for the G2 so it has a length of 14.5cm and a width of 1.6cm at its widest on the rubber grip, and 1cm at its narrowest. Due to having standard dimensions, the Pilot G2 is very easy to store in regular cases or stationary storage solutions without any special requirements or precautions needed.


If you are looking at the Leuchtturm1917 as either your bullet journal or planner of choice and are on the hunt for an excellent, budget-friendly, smooth writing pen with zero bleed and minimal ghosting then the Pilot G2 is probably the pen for you. Even if you are looking for a set of gel pens for your bullet journal spreads, the Pilot G2 Colour Packs can be an excellent solution due to having a wide range of colors and offering maximum detail due to the smaller nibs.