The Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink On The Market!

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Although it is a less popular color when it comes to fountain pen inks, we have noticed more and more people reaching out for advice on the best turquoise fountain pen ink on the market recently. Although this popularity has taken us by surprise and seemingly came out of nowhere, we wanted to publish this article to try and help as away of our readers as possible.

Depending on the fountain pen type that you use, you will need either bottled ink or ink cartridges. We feel that Thornton's Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink is the best bottled turquoise fountain pen ink on the market and that Kaweco Turquoise Ink Cartridges are the best turquoise ink cartridge option on the market right now but we will cover them in more detail throughout the article.

Please also note that when it comes to ink cartridges for fountain pens, different brands will use their own cartridge system so not all cartridges will fit all pens. The majority of modern fountain pens that use a cartridge system will come with a guide on the best cartridge sizes to use with the pen though helping ensure that the cartridges you purchase will fit your fountain pen model.

The Best Bottled Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink!

There are a number of decent, bottled turquoise fountain pen inks on the market these days but we feel that Thornton's Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink is the best option currently available. Although it is deceptively cheap, this does not mean low quality and it is a great option for anyone who has a fountain pen that uses a piston filler or a cartridge converter.

The ink is slightly wet when writing but not wet enough to cause issues with bleeding or ghosting on most paper GSMs while offering a very smooth writing experience with most nib types. Although there is a small amount of scratch for extra-fine nibs, it really is minimal while the ink works flawlessly with everything else from a fine nib to a double-broad nib.

A common problem with some fountain pen inks is that they will release too much ink in a broad or double-broad nib and cause issues with your paper. The Thornton’s ink formula offers a nice middle ground to prevent this where their turquoise ink is wet enough to write smoothly but not so wet that it will have issues when used with a broad or double-broad nib.

The Best Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges!

There are not many decent turquoise ink cartridges on the market right now and we feel that the Kaweco Turquoise Ink Cartridges are going to be the best option for most of our readers. They offer a beautiful, brilliant turquoise color once the ink dries with minimal issues with their delivery system.

Although the cartridge itself has been optimised for the Kaweco fountain pen range, it will mount to some other fountain pen brands without issue but always check your user manual for compatibility confirmation. The cartridge is easy to mount to your fountain pen with it forming a solid seal with ease once in place to prevent leaking.

The ink formula is a little wetter than expected but offers a very smooth writing experience with minimal bleeding or ghosting with most nib sizes. If you are using a double-broad nib with a thin, sub-100 GSM paper then there is a high chance of ghosting with a potential for bleeding with this ink though so you will have to keep that in mind.

What To Look For In Turquoise Fountain Pen Ink?

Due to turquoise being a less popular color when it comes to fountain pen ink, very few ink manufacturers offer it as standard. On top of this, there are a number of low quality inks on the market that all seem to have been made in the same factory and then had different brand labels put on the ink bottles.

The consistency of your turquoise ink is one of the most important things that you should consider as some turquoise pigments can cause problems making the ink far too wet for use with most fountain pens. Thankfully, our recommended inks earlier in the article use higher quality pigments but this is definitely something to keep an eye out for.

On the flip side of this, more and more cheap inks are having way too much liquid in them causing them to run, bleed, and ghost too while also taking longer to dry. This tends to be with inks that are under the $5 price point where the lowest possible quality ingredients have been used and this is rare for anything over $5.

Can All Fountain Pens Use Turquoise Ink?

Although all fountain pens can use turquoise ink, it can be a pain to find a turquoise ink that will work well with your fountain pen, especially if you are using a cartridge based fountain pen. This is due to more and more modern fountain pens using a proprietary cartridge system so third-parties are unable to supply ink products for their pens.

If your fountain pen uses a piston filler, vacuum filler, or cartridge converter system then it is much easier to find a decent turquoise ink for your pen though. You can go with the majority of bottled ink types on the market and fill your fountain pen as you normally would without issue.

Although we have seen some people try to make their own fountain pen inks using pigments such as Turquoise mica powder, this can be hit and miss and we usually recommend against it. If you are using a cheap fountain pen then you can try it if you want but we would not recommend it for any expensive pens as it can be easy for the mica powder to blog the ink path in the pen.

Does Turquoise Ink Cause Any Problems?

Other than the standard risk of bleeding or ghosting that is present with most ink types, there are not many problems that a decent turquoise fountain pen ink is able to cause. The color is light enough that it will easily wash out of the pens ink path with a normal flush kit and not darker any new fountain pen ink colors used after it.

Depending on the color of the paper you are writing on and the lighting in the room, turquoise ink can be a little difficult to read though and this is the main reason that the color is no very popular. Black and dark blue fountain pen inks still dominate the market due to how easy they are to read in the vast majority of situations.

This is not specific to turquoise ink but if you are using a cartridge based fountain pen then you have to double check that the cartridge that you purchase will be able to fit in your fountain pen body correctly. There are countless stories of cartridges getting jammed or not fitting out there but the majority of people seem to use piston filler or cartridge converter based pens these days anyway.


That brings our article going over the best turquoise fountain pen ink to a close. Although there are some low quality ink products on the market in turquoise there are some gems in the rough with the two products featured in our article being the two that we feel will offer our readers the best possible performance. The best part is, both of the products are cheap when compared to the normal price of higher quality fountain pen inks too helping you get a bargain.