The Marker Pens That Chip Foose Prefers To Use!

With Chip Foose being the star of Overhaulin’ on Velocity where he draws, designs and overhauls a range of different automobiles, it is not surprising that more and more people have been reaching out to ask for the markers that Chip Foose uses. Due to so many people reaching out to ask this as well as more and more people asking with each month that passes, we have decided to publish a dedicated article going over the marker pens and pencils that Chip uses on the show.

Now, please keep in mind that Chip has been seen to use other marker pens and pencils at times but the majority of the time he does use Chartpak markers as his marker of choice and Prismacolor pencils as his pencil of choice. Although Prismacolor pencils are a pretty obvious choice, the Chartpak markers were unexpected and are definitely a less common marker.

We will be taking a more in-depth look at both of these as well as why we feel Chip may choose to use the less popular Chartpak markers for his drawings below. Thankfully, both of these options are relatively budget-friendly unless you are an entry-level artist or on a very tight budget so most Chip Foose fans should be able to pick up the same stationery he uses if they wish to have similar results in their own artwork.

What Markers Does Chip Foose Use?

Chip Foose prefers to use Chartpak markers when drawing or designing cars. The use of Chartpak markers is somewhat of a surprise though as they are not as popular as the marker pens that other professional artists and designers choose to use for their own artwork.

In all honesty, we were actually expecting him to use Posca markers, Copic markers or Prismacolor markers due to their popularity and excellent performance. That said though, as you can see from Chip’s artwork, the Chartpak markers offer him outstanding performance for his art style.

Although we are unable to confirm this, we suspect that Chip may choose to use Charpak markers as they are made in the USA whereas Posca and Copic are both manufactured outside of the USA. Although Prismacolor are also made in the USA, chip may just prefer to use the Charpak marker as he does prefer to use Prismacolor for his pencil brand of choice.

What Pencils Does Chip Foose Use?

Chip Foose tends to use Prismacolor pencils for his artwork and he has also confirmed that they are his preferred pencil of choice via Twitter when asked by a fan. This one should come as no surprise due to Prismacolor pencils being one of the best options available when it comes to professional-level pencils.

The Prismacolor pencil range has managed to rightfully earn themselves one of the best reputations going out of all of the premium pencil brands on the market too. As we touched on in our article going over the pencils that popular arts and crafts YouTubers prefer to use, the Prismacolor brand has been unstoppable over the last two to three years with many popular artists and influencers in the space using them.

With Prismacolor also being a brand made in the USA, it also sticks to our theory that Chip does like to try and support American companies when possible too although this is just our own theory. If you are looking to pick up some professional-level art pencils then we would highly recommend the Prismacolor range anyway no matter what country you live in as they are available globally.


That brings our article going over the marker pens and pencils that Chip Foose prefers to use for his artwork to a close. If you are a big fan of Chip then either option should be budget friendly enough for a larger number of our readers to pick up and add to their stationary collection without having to break the bank too.

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