The Ultimate Peacock Blue Vs Teal Comparison!

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Blues and greens are making somewhat of a comeback for general arts and crafts and we have noticed more and more people reaching out for advice on how to get the most out of the various different color options. That said though, we have noticed a spike in people asking for a direct peacock blue vs teal color comparison with both being very similar and very popular.

With so many people asking about peacock blue and teal as well as the two colors being so similar and often leading to confusion amongst the arts and crafts community, we have decided to publish this article. Our goal is to help our readers better understand the main differences between the two colors as well as help you choose the best option for your needs.

Please keep in mind that there are a wide range of teal hues available on the market that range all across the blue and green spectrum. For this article, we are going to be sticking to actual teal rather than paying much attention to the various hues available to try and keep things as simple as possible. Our teal vs blue comparison article goes into this a little more for anyone who is more interested in the various hues of teal.

Peacock Blue Vs Teal Comparison

Peacock Blue Top Left, Teal Bottom Right.

Although peacock blue and teal are very similar, peacock blue is ever so slightly darker than teal. Although the difference is very subtle the does slightly change the versatility of the two colors and the colors that you are able to effectively mix them with.

More and more people are starting to choose peacock blue paint as it is much more consistent in its color allowing you to get a better idea of what to expect from the paint in the tube or tub. This allows you to plan your arts and crafts better from the start without having to worry about inconsistent performance from the color.

That said though, provided you stick with the same teal blue paint from the same brand you should get consistent performance. The problem comes from people using different brands and hues of teal and then being surprised when it is hard to get them to match up when dry.

The Peacock Blue Color!

Peacock blue does tend to be the rarer option of the two featured colors but it is available in both acrylic and oil paint. Unlike some of the other rare greens and blues, peacock blue is usually around the same price as a tube of teal paint too removing any potential issues between the two colors with budget.

When it comes to supply, many local arts and crafts stores do tend to stock the color but it is usually easier to order your peacock blue paint online as it tends to be easier to find. Your local arts and crafts store can probably order it in for you if they don’t carry it as standard but they may require you to purchase multiple tubes of the paint to order it in increasing your costs.

The darker nature of peacock green over teal does tweak its versatility and slightly restrict the colors that you are able to effectively use it with but this does tend to be minimal. If you are a beginner then it should not matter to you and any of our readers who are more experienced with painting should be able to mix the paint as required to get just as much versatility out of it as they could with regular teal.

The Teal Color!

As we touched on earlier, there are a ton of different hues and shades of teal but we are only going to be looking at normal teal blue paint. It tends to be ever so slightly lighter than peacock blue but some brands do have a slightly lighter or slightly darker color to each other and still label it as “teal”.

With teal being lighter than peacock blue, you do usually get slightly more versatility from it if you want to mix it with other colors. Depending on your needs, this may be an essential factor of going with teal instead of peacock blue but this will depend on your specific situation.

With teal being the most popular color between green and blue on the color spectrum, you can easily find it both online and at your local arts and crafts store. Some people do prefer to make their own teal paint at home though as it offers more control over the color you end up with and it is easier than most people initially think.

What Is The Difference Between Peacock Blue And Teal?

The main difference in the color of peacock blue and teal is that peacock blue is slightly darker than teal. Although there are some dark teal hues that are darker than peacock blue, the majority of teal paint is slightly lighter.

The slightly darker color of a peacock blue paint can make it more useful to tint other colors with a slight hint of teal but this use case is rare. The majority of people will want to be able to actually blend colors to make a new color rather than add a slight tint to a color.

Another difference is the availability of both colors with peacock blue being considerably harder to find than teal in local arts and crafts stores. Although you can easily find both options online, some people do prefer to use their local arts and crafts store.

Should You Use Peacock Blue Or Teal?

In reality, peacock blue and teal are close enough for most people to use either option without issue. Although peacock blue is slightly darker than teal, it is only by a very small margin and even when you see the two colors side by side, most people can’t see the difference.

Although your own preferences and goals for your piece of art will come into play on if you should use peacock blue or teal, most people will opt to use a teal blue paint due to it being much easier to find in many cases. Although some brands do charge more for their peacock blue, the majority of them do usually retail their peacock blue at a very similar price to most other tubes of paint.

The various teal hues also open up what you can use teal for, especially if you know for a fact that you will be wanting to mix your teal paint with other colors to create new colors. A light teal hue can drastically increase the versatility of your paint collection and let you get much more bang for your buck.


That brings our article peacock blue vs teal comparison article to a close. We hope that we have been able to help you decide if you want to use peacock blue or teal for your artwork or arts and crafts. Both are close enough to be used interchangeably for most beginners but more experienced painters may want to go for one over the other depending on their needs.