The Ultimate Triple Thick Vs Mod Podge Comparison!

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Although low quality sealants used to dominate the market, the branded, higher quality sealants really are seeing a surge in their prices due to their prices not being as high as they once were as well as they considerably better performance. This has resulted in a number of different questions being asked from the community on how you should be using the various sealing agents on the market as well as some of their popular alternative products.

As we see so many people asking for a dedicated Triple Thick vs Mod Podge comparison article, we have decided to publish this to try and help our readers decide on the product that is best for their needs. Now, to be clear before we go any further, both Triple Thick and Mod Podge are excellent products that offer a ton of value with both definitely having their place in the market.

Due to this, there is no one size fits all answer with one product being better than the other. You have to take in your own needs and goals and then go with the option that suits you best. We will go over the advantages of each as we work our way through our article in the attempt to help our readers understand when they should be choosing Triple Thick or Mod Podge.

Is Mod Podge Or Triple Thick Better?

For general arts and crafts use we would usually recommend that our readers choose to go with Mod Podge due to the sheer versatility that it offers you. There are few products in the arts and crafts space that have a price as low as Mod Podge while being suitable for so many uses.

For home décor Triple Thick takes the lead with ease and offers much better sealant protection for the majority of use cases outside of arts and crafts. If you are looking for something for furniture or timber in your yard, garden or home then Triple Thick does tend to be the obvious option.

There is some cross over between the two when used as a sealant for activities such as rock painting and the like as you are able to use both products to great effect. If you are looking for a sealing agent for something like that and already have either Mod Podge or Triple Thick in your collection, just go with the one you already have to save you having to purchase a new product.

Whats The Difference Between Mod Podge And Triple Thick?

The main difference between Mod Podge and Triple Thick is that Mod Podge is simply a PVA glue formula that has around one fifth of its formula as a sealing agent. Triple Thick on the other hand has been primarily designed from the very start to be nothing but a sealing agent offering better performance in some situations.

Just because Triple Thick has been designed for use as a sealing agent from the start does not mean that it is the best option in all cases though. When it comes to use with paper, card, craft wood, or non-washable fabrics, both Mod Podge and Triple Thick perform at a very similar level.

If you do need to seal something with a diamond clear coat that will either be subject to large amounts of wear and tear from people or exposed to the elements outdoors then Triple Thick pushes ahead. If you are in the arts and crafts space then the additional functionality of the PVA glue side of Mod Podge starts to score it points over Triple Thick.

The Advantages Of Mod Podge!

The price tag and versatility of Mod Podge help score it some major points over Triple Thick, especially for beginners or anyone on a budget. Although you are able to use your Mod Podge as a sealing agent, it really shines as an arts and crafts glue and can easily out perform the competing PVA glue alternatives on the market.

If you are in the arts and crafts space then going with Mod Podge will probably be the ideal option for you as it can allow you to do so much with a single product. When it comes to using it with paper and card then it definitely does beat how Triple Thick can perform but this is not something that Triple Thick was ever designed for.

When it comes to sealing your artwork, Mod Podge can perform surprisingly well but you need to be sure to use thin coats when applying it. Too much people apply far too much Mod Podge when using it as a sealing agent and it really detracts from the end result. You can always add additional thin layers if needed but it is much harder to remove it if you initially apply a single thick layer.

The Advantages Of Triple Thick!

Although Triple Thick falls behind what Mod Podge has to offer at the entry level stage for general arts and crafts, Triple Thick dominates when it comes to anything that needs an actual sealant that can take a ton of punishment. As we touched on above, anything that will be exposed to wind, rain, UV light, or general wear and tear should have something like Triple Thick protecting it.

The majority of home décor tasks that will need a sealant will also do better with something like Triple Thick rather than Mod Podge too. The diamond clear coat of dried Triple Thick can add a nice matte or gloss finish depending on the specific formula of Triple Thick that you choose to use,

Unlike Mod Podge that needs to be applied in very thin coats for optimal performance, the formula for Triple Thick also allows you to use thicker coats still drying very clear helping to save time during the application phase. If you are a beginner and have never applied a sealant before then this can work to your advantage as Triple Thick is easier to apply.

Can You Use Mod Podge Instead Of Triple Thick?

Although there is some cross over with the use cases for Mod Podge and Triple Thick, the majority of the main Triple Thick use cases should be done with Triple Thick or a dedicated sealing product. The protection that Triple Thick offers just can’t be beaten by a product that was designed with being used as a sealing agent as a secondary use case.

Although Mod Podge does have a solid place in the market and is rightfully a very popular option for what it does, the cross over area with Triple Thick is more of a coincidence rather than a specific area of competition for both products. Although people have tried to use alternatives such as Mod Podge or other PVA glue formulas that have sealant in them in place of a dedicated sealant, the results are usually poor.

Although you don’t have to specifically go with a product like Triple Thick, you should always be using a dedicated sealing agent for jobs that require one. You also have to factor in that many of the products like Mod Podge will yellow quickly with UV light exposure too where as a product like Triple Thick will usually stay clear even in direct sun light.


That brings our Triple Thick vs Mod Podge comparison to an end. Our regular readers will already know that we are huge fans of Mod Podge and usually recommend it in the vast majority of comparison as it really does dominate. The only area where Mod Podge really can really lose out is when put up against a dedicated sealing agent for the specific task of being used as a sealant.