6 Popular Raw Sienna Color Combinations Put Head To Head!

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Although earthy colors have been popular for years, they are starting to see a spike in popularity with more and more people using them for more than just backgrounds and undertones. Due to this, we have noticed more and more people asking questions, specifically about raw sienna on how they are able to use the color with a number of different other color options.

Due to this, we have decided to publish this article going over the six most commonly requested raw sienna color combinations to try and help our readers understand how they are able to get more out of this popular earth color. As we go through each of the color combinations below, we will share a sample with raw sienna and the requested color so you are able to see how they perform as a stand alone, how they compliment each other, and how they may look when mixed or blended togeather.

Keep in mind, raw sienna can be mixed with a huge range of different colors to great effect but we will only be focusing on other earthy colors in this article. In addition to this, we also see people asking for advice when on a tight budget on if they should add raw sienna to their paint collection or one of the other colors too so we will be offering paint specific advice throughout the article too.

Raw Sienna Vs Burnt Sienna

Raw Sienna Top Left – Burnt Sienna Bottom Right

Both raw and burnt sienna come from the exact same minerals with raw sienna being a lighter shade of orange but once heated to the correct temperature to become burnt sienna it becomes a richer, darker shade of orange that can catch the eye. Both raw and burnt sienna are very popular options for a huge range of arts and crafts offering a large amount of versatility when used as a stand alone, when mixed together, and when mixed with other colors.

We see a larger number of people specifically asking for a raw sienna vs burnt sienna comparison due to them both being very popular earthy colors. As you can see from our sample above, the Burnt Sienna does definitely have a richer orange to it with the difference being each to see and not as subtle as some other color combinations.

Due to this, as well as the wide range of versatility that both of these paints offer, many artists will add both options to their collection. That said though, if you are on a tight budget and are only able to add one to your collection then we would recommend that you go with the raw sienna. Its lighter color makes it easier to mix with a wider range of colors and it tends to be easy to mix raw sienna with other colors to get something close to burnt sienna with minimal effort being required on your part.

Raw Sienna Color Code – #d68a59

Burnt Sienna Color Code – #E97451

Raw Sienna Vs Yellow Ochre

Raw Sienna Top Left – Yellow Ochre Bottom Right

Yellow ochre is another one of the main six earthy colors used on a regular basis by artists but as the name suggests, it is more of a yellow than an orange like raw sienna. Due to this, they both tend to be held in an artists paint collection as they do cover a different use in your collection with both also adding a huge amount of versatility when mixed with other colors.

Our sample above shows how both yellow ochre and raw sienna are able to be used as a stand alone color or mixed together but yellow ochre tends to offer just as much versatility as raw sienna when mixed with other colors too. This is why both options are very popular and why we usually recommend that even if you are on a tight budget, you try to carry both paint options in your collection as it opens up what you are able to do with your artwork.

Although we already have an article going over how you are able to make your own yellow ochre paint, the process tends to be long and expensive so we usually just recommend that our readers purchase a decent commercial Yellow Ochre paint product. Not only is going with a commercial paint cheaper and easier but it almost always offers a better end result on your paint or canvas too until you become more experienced with making your own paints and pigments.

Raw Sienna Color Code – #d68a59

Yellow Ochre Color Code – #cb9d06

Raw Sienna Vs Raw Umber

Raw Sienna Top Left – Raw Umber Bottom Right

Raw umber moves away from the orange shades of raw sienna into the brown shades with it being another very popular earthy color for arts and crafts. As you can see from the sample above, the difference between the two colors is obvious with both performing well alone, mixed together, and mixed with other colors too.

Just like a few of the other colors on our list, Raw Umber fills a different use case in an artist’s color range so the majority of people will tend to carry both raw sienna and raw umber. Both paint colors are extremely useful due to their versatility when mixed with other colors and although both are earthy colors, we would recommend our readers to try to add both to their collection even if they are on a budget.

Raw Sienna Color Code – #d68a59

Raw Umber Color Code – #826644

Raw Sienna Vs Burnt Umber

Raw Sienna Top Left – Burnt Umber Bottom Right

Burnt umber is simply raw umber that has been calcinated via heat to bring out the more intense brown colors in it offering an eye-catching shade of dark brown. Just like the slightly lighter raw umber, it can go very well with raw sienna while also working well as a stand-alone but can sometimes struggle to mix well with lighter colors.

Although some people do add raw sienna, raw umber, and burnt umber to their paint collection, many people will only add raw sienna and one of the umbers to help keep costs low due to both umbers serving a very similar role to each other while raw sienna fits its own role. Although we would recommend that our readers do carry raw sienna in their color collection, if you are on a budget we would recommend that you go with Raw Umber alongside raw sienna rather than burnt umber.

This is due to raw umber having a wider range of colors that it can mix well with to ensure that you get the best possible results out of your artwork. Although Burnt Umber is a powerful color, it tends not to be as versatile as raw umber so if you are on a budget, we always recommend that you prioritize versatility to get as much out of your collection as possible.

Raw Sienna Color Code – #d68a59

Burnt Umber Color Code – #8a3324

Raw Sienna Vs Sepia

Raw Sienna Top Left – Sepia Bottom Right

Sepia is another dark brown color that tends to be on the duller and deeper side than some of the other dark browns. Sepia does tend to work well with raw sienna in a number of applications but it can struggle when being mixed with other, lighter colors limiting the versatility of the color with it falling into the same trap as burnt umber covered above.

Although you are able to use Sepia as your brown option in your paint collection alongside raw umber for your orange option, we would usually recommend that our readers on a budget opt for a different brown option to increase the versatility of their paints. Raw Umber is always a solid brown option if you are on a tight budget as it tends to mix well with lighter colors when compared to sepia helping to maximize the versatility of your equipment.

Raw Sienna Color Code – #d68a59

Sepia Color Code – #704214

Raw Sienna Vs Van Dyke Brown

Raw Sienna Top Left – Van Dyke Brown Bottom Right

Van Dyke Brown is another dark brown that is popular for arts and crafts with many people adding it to their collection if they have the budget available. As you can see in our sample above, it can work well with raw sienna and mixes well with it to result in a color that is very similar to raw umber. Due to this, van dyke brown is one of the few dark browns that is able to offer a solid level of versatility while also keeping its natural brown colors.

That said though, you do have to mix your Van Dyke Brown to get it close to raw umber meaning that you have to essentially use other paint and waste time when you could just opt to go with raw umber right off the bat. Although many people will add van dyke brown to their collection of paints if they have the budget, we would still recommend that our readers opt to add raw umber over van dyke brown due to it working better with other colors.

Raw Sienna Color Code – #d68a59

Van Dyke Brown Color Code – #664228


That brings our article going over the six most commonly requested raw sienna color combinations to a close. We hope that we have managed to help you get an idea of how the featured colors work with raw sienna as well as potentially save a little money by avoiding adding unneeded colors to your collection if you are on a budget. Raw sienna is a great color and definitely has its place in the vast majority of artists collections due to it mixing so well with so many colors while having a huge range of uses.