Are Posca Pens Waterproof – Our Breakdown!

Although posca pens have been a popular option that has been steadily growing in popularity in Europe and North America for a few years now, a number of people have started to import the pens and then sell them online making it much easier to get them outside of Japan. Due to this, their popularity has skyrocketed and more and more people have been reaching out to ask questions about the pens.

Although we already have an article going over if posca pens are permanent or not, we have noticed more and more people also asking if posca pens are waterproof too. Due to this, we have decided to publish this article going over the waterproof and water-resistant properties of the pen and how you are able to get the best performance out of them when water is involved.

Due to the posca pen range being so versatile and having a wide range of applications, there is no one size fits all answer to their waterproof properties either as different uses will be exposed to different levels of water. Due to this, we have decided to tackle a few of the more common and specific uses of the posca pen range in our article as well as how you are able to improve the waterproof potential of the pens to ensure you always get the best performance possible out of them.

Are Posca Pens Waterproof When Dry?

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Posca pens are fully waterproof once dry and will be able to sustain a surprising amount of water prior to having any issues but even then there are ways that you are able to help prevent this too depending on your goals when using the pens. We often see people using posca pens with watercolor paints or other arts and crafts materials that are water-based and having issues with the pens. This is almost always due to user error and not letting the posca pens dry prior to using any other water-based mediums on your work.

Although the official marketing line for posca pens is that they are waterproof when dry, some of the more unique use cases for the pens that we will cover below do have a small number of exceptions changing how you will use the pens. That said though, for the vast majority of users who will only be using their posca pens on paper or on other porous materials that will never be exposed to high amounts of water, you should have no reason to worry as the pens tend to hold up very well.

Are Posca Pens Waterproof On Shoes?

Posca pens can be waterproof when used on shoes provided that you leave them to dry after using your posca pens on your shoes so the pigment is able to set onto your shoes. Please keep in mind that the material of your shoes will come into play for this with some materials tending to perform better than others.

Although the majority of people who do like to use posca pens on their shoes for custom art will usually do everything in their power to keep their shoes clean and free from water damage, over time, your shoes and your custom art can have issues with water and wear and tear. Thankfully though, you are usually able to seal your posca pens onto your shoes quickly and easily by using something like fabric guard on your shoes every few months.

Although there are a number of sealants that you are able to use with your shoes, most of them are designed for non-porous materials that will be kept in a single shape such as canvas. As you walk in your shoes their shape adapts to the movement of your feet causing problems with most of the other sealants that are popular for general arts and crafts pushing fabric guard to the top of the pile.

Are Posca Pens Waterproof On Fabric?

Posca pens will be waterproof when used on fabric provided that you give the fabric a few minutes for the pigment from your posca pens to dry after application. The waterproof and water resistant properties of posca pens do tend to hold up well on most fabrics without issue making them an ideal marker for customising your clothing.

Another advantage that fabrics and clothing have with posca pens is that it is rarer for them to be exposed to the levels of water that shoes are as covered earlier in the article. Due to this, there is usually no need to seal your posca pens when used on fabric to maintain their waterproof properties.

If you are using your posca pens on fabrics that will be left outdoors and exposed to the elements then you are able to use a product such as fabric guard on them to seal their waterproof properties. If you are using your posca pens on clothing that will be exposed to the elements then there is a little trick that you are able to use to help improve its waterproof properties by running an iron over the clothing just after applying the pigment but don’t use any steam from the iron!

Are Posca Pens Waterproof On Plastic?

Posca pens are waterproof on three of the seven different types of plastics while also being able to hold up to some water punishment on two additional types of plastic but not being fully waterproof. Unless you are specifically working with arts and crafts plastic where you are able to check the exact type of plastic you are working with, it can be a pain to use posca pens on plastics that will be exposed to water.

We have seen a number of questions relating to using posca pens on various different types of plastic items ranging from bottles to bags but not all products are made from the exact same type of plastic. This means that it may work well for one item and be fully waterproof but not on another so we usually just recommend that our readers try using posca pens on the plastic items that they use and see how it performs.

Do Posca Pens Wash Off?

Posca pens do wash off some materials once they have been left to dry as their pigment is unable to reach its waterproof levels when used on some types of plastic, glass, and metals. Depending on the specific material, you may be able to wash the posca pens off with warm soapy water on a cloth but sometimes it will need some elbow grease to ensure that it is removed.


That brings our article going over if posca pens are waterproof or not to a close. We hope that you hand found it helpful and we have tried to add ways that you are able to seal your posca pens to the material to improve there waterproof properties where possible too. Posca pens really are an excellent accessory to have in your arts and crafts collection and it is easy to see why they are such a popular option due to offering excellent performance.

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