9 Of The Best Mint Green Color Combinations Available!

With the more relaxing colors such as mint green seeing a huge surge in their popularity right now, we have noticed more and more people reaching out for color combinations and similar colors that they are able to use in their arts, crafts, and home design. Due to this, we are going to be going over a number of the more commonly requested mint green color combinations of both complimentary colors and alternatives to try and help any of our readers looking to use mint green.

With mint green being such a popular color right now with its popularity spike seemingly coming out of nowhere, many of the paint brands are lagging behind the curve when it comes to getting their mint green paint out there. Due to this, we have our own dedicated article on how to make mint green paint at home that may be useful to you if you are struggling to get your hands on some mint green paint.

Due to covering so many color combinations in this article, we have decided to add a table of contents below that you are able to use to quickly and easily skim through the article. This should be able to save our readers time by allowing you to easily navigate to specific sections without having to waste time. That said though, if you are looking to use mint green in a serious project then going over the whole article may be worth it as you may find a better color option that you were initially not considering.

Mint Green Vs Seafoam Green

Mint Green Top Left – Seafoam Green Bottom Right

The most popular combination that we see requested is mint green vs seafoam green due to the two colors being so similar but there is a difference between the two. As you can see from the color sample above, the mint green is ever so slightly lighter than the darker seafoam green but the two can go together to have a slight gradient effect as we have used above to keep the colors relaxing but also add that slight different to keep things different.

Due to the two colors being so similar, some people do use seafoam green as an alternative for mint green due to seafoam green paint being so much more common than mint green paint. Both colors do perform very well for arts, crafts, and home decoration as both a stand alone color or when mixed with some other colors so you are able to get some versatility out of them with other paints being mixed in.

That said though, due to the light color of both mint green and seafoam green, they tend to only work well with other light or pastel colors for mixing. Darker colors tend to quickly over whelm the colors, even when added in small amounts restricting the amount of versatility that you are able to get out of them when compared to some other greens but this is true for all light shades and hues.

Mint Green Vs Sage Green

Mint Green Top Left – Sage Green Bottom Right

A large number of people also request a dedicated mint green vs sage green comparison with some people choosing to use the two colors in the same piece of artwork. As you can see from the color sample above, mint green and sage green are quiet different to each other with sage green being more of a yellowish green while mint green is more of a blue green.

Although the two colors can work in the same piece of artwork if needed, the number of opportunities do tend to be few due to mint green being bright and sage green being dull. Due to this, most people will usually only use mint green or sage green in their art and fit it in with other bright or dull colors as needed for that piece of art to make sure that everything goes well together.

Sage green does tend to offer slightly more versatility to your palette due to it being able to work with a larger range of colors when used as both a stand alone option or when mixed with other colors. As we touched on above, mint green does offer some versatility but it can struggle with darker colors restricting what you are able to do with it.

Mint Green Vs Turquoise

Mint Green Top Left – Turquoise Bottom Right

A steadily increasing number of people have been reaching out to ask for a mint green vs turquoise comparison due to the popularity of both colors in arts and crafts as well as both options being very popular in cake decoration too. As you can see from the color sample above, both colors are similar to each other with turquoise containing a higher content of blue where as mint green is truer to an actual green.

Both colors do tend to work very well as stand alone colors to each other but you are also able to use them mixed with a small number of other colors to tweak the actual color if needed. When it comes to cake decoration, you will probably just choose mint green or turquoise as needed but for arts and crafts, you are usually able to use both options in the same piece of art well.

If you are into arts and crafts but are on a budget, we would usually recommend that our readers add a tube of turquoise paint to their collection over mint green. You can usually add a little green to turquoise and get a very close color to mint green while turquoise also offers additional versatility with many other colors too.

Mint Green Vs Teal

Mint Green Top Left – Teal Bottom Right

Teal is another color that we often see compaired to mint green but as you can see in the image above, teal and mint green are quiet different to each other and they are more of a complimentary color set rather than a one for one color swap. Teal is darker than mint green allowing you to use it for backgrounds or lower layers of your painting on your paper or canvas while using the mint green to add a detail layer if needed.

We know that teal paint is hard to find right now but our article on how to make teal paint at home should be able to help you make as much teal paint as needed for your arts and crafts. Due to mint green paint also being hard to find at the time of writing this article, it may actually be a better option to go with an alternate color to mint green or teal unless you are able to mix colors that you currently have in your pallet or are able to make paints using pigments.

That said though, both mint green and teal can perform well as stand alone color options in your artwork while teal offers a wider range of versatility when mixed with other colors. This is why we would recommend that our readers go with teal paint if they are on a tight budget and are only able to pick up a single paint tube from the two color options.

Mint Green Vs Mint Blue

Mint Green Top Left – Mint Blue Bottom Right

Although a rarely used color, we often see people asking about mint blue and mint green due to so many people getting the two colors confused with each other. As you can see from our color sample above, both colors are clearly different to each other when you are able to see the two side by side but mint blue is actually a green making it even more confusing.

Mint blue is more common in cake decoration than arts and crafts but a small number of people so ask about mint blue paint and although it is available, it is very rare and difficult to find online. Although most arts and crafts stores will be able to order mint blue paint in for you, it can end up getting very costly as you may have to order a whole package of mint blue rather than a single tube.

This is why we usually recommend that our readers just do with mint green if possible or one of the other featured colors in this article. The paint will be much easier to find both online and in your local arts and crafts store and make the whole process much easier than it would otherwise be.

Mint Green Vs Tiffany Blue

Mint Green Top Left – Tiffany Blue Bottom Right

Tiffany blue is one of the hardest paint colors to find and we doubt that this is going to change anytime soon. That said though, we do get a number of requests asking for a mint green vs tiffany blue comparison so we have our color sample above showing the difference between the two. As you can see, the main difference is that tiffany blue is slightly darker than mint green but there are plenty of other colors that are a similar color to tiffany blue but much easier to find.

Choosing to go with turquoise paint as we covered earlier in the article is usually a much easier option than doing with tiffany blue due to how easy it is to find both online and in your local arts and crafts stores. Turquoise offers you a very similar as tiffany blue pretty much keeping to the same differences, advantages, and disadvantages that we covered above in the turquoise vs mint green section.

One option that may be viable for using tiffany blue is to just make your own homemade paint via playing around with different ratios of blue, yellow, and green with a touch of white. You should be able to get pretty close but this will not be suitable for all of our readers so going with either mint green or turquoise will probably be a better option.

Mint Green Vs Aqua

We often see people asking about using mint green and aqua in the same piece of artwork due to the two colors going very well in a bright, almost neon piece of art. They tend to go very well in the same artwork for summer events with the two often being used for spring break flyers as well as other tropical-themed events. Thankfully, unlike some of the other featured colors above, aqua paint is easy to find and cheap making it an easy option for most paint collections.

As you can see from our color sample for the two, mint green is clearly a shade of green where as aqua is more of a blue. Due to the two being so close to each other on the color wheel while also being bright, they tend to compliment each other very well working as stand alone options or when mixed with other light, bright paints too.

Although the usage of mint green and aqua is pretty niche, it definitely does have its place with both mint green and aqua having a number of other individual uses too. Due to the colors being so different to each other, it is usually a better option for most people to try and add both paint colors to their collection if possible.

Mint Green Vs Duck Egg

Mint Green Top Left – Duck Egg Bottom Right

We have seen a number of people asking for a mint green vs duck egg comparison article and although they are both solid options that have their niches, especially in home decoration, duck egg is not actually a set color. Different brands can have their own paint that they label and market as “duck egg” but when seen side by side, different brands versions of duck egg can be very different to each other.

For our color sample above, we have used the standard digital color code of #aecdd2 that is the official hex code for duck egg paint but the actual colors of the paint can vairy wildly. Some of the paints are much closer to mint green where as others are even more different than the shade of duck egg seen in the color sample.

Due to this inconsistency of the specific shade of duck egg, it is hard to compare it to mint green but the majority of shades of duck egg do tend to be a very light, pale cyan. This means that the majority of them can work well with mint green in a number of different situations but we would always recommend that you do a test run before you apply your duck egg paint to your artwork so you know what to expect from the paint once dry.

Mint Green Vs Pistachio

Mint Green Top Left – Pistachio Bottom Right

We also see people reaching out for a mint green vs pistachio comparison but there are actually two different pistachio paint colors. There is pistachio yellow as well as pistachio green with both colors usually having multiple shades within them too making it a paint to offer any real comparison.

The majority of the time we would imagine people are referring to pistachio green when comparing it to mint green with pistachio being similar but ever so slightly darker as seen in our color sample above. Due to there bing a number of different shades within pistachio green, some will be closer to the color of mint green where as others will be less similar.

It is a good idea to try and do a test run of any pistachio paints that you get prior to using them on your canvas or paper so you are aware of the color that they will dry. It is common, especially with pistachio green that the color of the paint when applied will be a totally different shade to the paint once dry often misleading people into instantly applying it to their canvas only to get a very different result at the end.


That brings our article on the various mint green alternatives and complementary colors that we see people asking about to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you get a better idea of how the various colors can go with mint green for arts, crafts, cake decoration, and home design as well as that we have helped point out some of the weak areas of the various colors that are commonly overlooked too.

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