Frixion Pen Stopped Working? – Quick And Easy Fixes!

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With the Frixion pen range constantly going from strength to strength seeing solid sales with each passing month it is easy to see why so many people are reaching out with a wide range of questions about the pens. Due to their popularity constantly increasing, we predict that there will be more and more people reaching out with their own questions in the future so we have decided to start publishing some articles specific to the Pilot Frixion pen range.

Although we do see a large number of questions about the Frixion pen range, the most commonly asked question that we see is that a Frixion pen has stopped working with people looking for quick and easy tricks to fix their pen. Thankfully, the majority of problems that could stop your Frixion pen from working are easy to fix and we have covered them in our article below.

That said though, there are a number of different issues that may occur with your Pilot Frixion to stop it from working with each cause having its own fix. Due to this, we have covered the most common reasons that your pen may stop writing with their fault specific fix below to try and help our readers get their Frixion pen working again as fast as possible.

How To Fix A Frixion Pen That Has Stopped Working

Due covering so many different questions in our article based around reasons that your Pilot Frixion may not be writing correctly, we have decided to add a table of contents below to let you quickly and easily skip to the specific question you may need. That said though, if your Frixion has stopped working, you may need to try a number of potential fixes unless you have a good idea what may be causing it so reading the full article may be the best option.

What To Do If Your Frixion Pen Is Not Writing At All

One of the most common problems that Frixion users have is that their pen will simply stop working and not write at all. Although this is commonly due to a lack of ink in the pen requiring replacement pens, it can sometimes be due to the nib drying out and preventing ink flow. Thankfully, this is one of the easiest fixes as all you have to do is moisten the tip of your pen and then draw figure eights or scribble on some scrap paper to get the ink supply slowing again.

Although you can try to shake the pen prior to this, it is usually not essential and the process above will often get the job done. If wetting the nib of your Frixion and then drawing figure eights does not correct the issue then shaking the pen and trying again may help. When you shake your Frixion be sure to hold the pen at the back end of the pen opposite the tip and shake the barrel.

This shaking method can also help to remove any air bubbles that have built up over time within the Frixions ink cylinder and help to get your ink flowing again too. As these are the two main reasons that your Frixion may stop working, we would recommend that our readers start with these two fixes to see if they are able to get your pen writing again or not.

How To Store Your Frixion Pen For Optimal Performance

This is a surprisingly under-rated fix for Frixion that are not working and helps to fix one of the most common reasons that your pen may not write when used and it is actually due to user error rather than the pen being broken or damages. We have a more in-depth article on how pens should be stored that may help you more where we go over optimal storage for different pen types but storing your Frixion pens with their point down when not is use is usually best practise.

This will help ensure that the ball mechanism in the pens always has easy access to the ink as well as well as reduces the chance of air bubbles building up in the ink cylinder too. Making this simple change when not actually using your Frixion can help to ensure that your pens will work without skipping when going back to using them as well as prevent issues developing in the future too.

What To Do If Your Frixion Pen Is Skipping

The second most common reason that a Frixion pen may not be working correctly is due to issues with the pen skipping when writing. If your Pilot Frixion is skipping then reading our in-depth article on how to fix a gel pen that skips may be worth it as we cover all the common causes that may result in your pen skipping and offer fixes for each.

That said though, trying to moisten the nib of the pen and then draw figure eights on scrap paper is usually a good starting point. Common causes are either air bubbles in the ink cylinder or dry ink or grime build up on the ball mechanism. Writing figure eights for a couple of minutes will often be able to clear both problems and help get your Frixion working again fast.

If this does not fix the issue then reading our article on fixing gel pens that skip should be able to help you identify the issue and fix the problem fast. Due to that article being so long and in-depth though, it simply makes no sense to re-type everything up when we can just link to it.

What To Do If Your Frixion Pen Is Not Writing Smoothly

Unfortunately, there are a large number of reasons that a pen may not write smoothly and most of the causes have their own unique fix too. If your Pilot Frixion is not writing smoothly then checking out our article on how to make a pen write smoothly is probably going to be better than trying to go over all of the different potential causes in this article. That said though, the Pilot Frixion managed to become so popular due to it being an extremely smooth writer so the chances of you having any issue with it not writing smoothly are minimal anyway so it is unlikely that this is your issue.

What To Do If Your Frixion Pen Is Feathering, Bleeding, Or Ghosting

This is another rare issue due to the design and build quality of the Pilot Frixion having a great ink flow that maximising your writing experience but minimises any issues with bleeding or ghosting when writing. That said, we do see a small number of people report that their Frixion pen is feathering, bleeding or ghosting when writing with it but this is almost always due to the paper that you are using rather than the pen.

Low GSM paper will always have issues with bleeding and ghosting in particular no matter what pen you are using or how dry its nib is. The easiest fix for this is to upgrade the paper that you use to some high GSM paper that has a GSM rating of at least 80 but 100 or even 120 will be better due to the thicker paper preventing problems with ghosting and bleeding. A higher GSM paper will almost always result in a better writing experience with your Frixion pens as well as any other pens in your collection too.

Why Is My Frixion Pen Not Working

As we have touched on throughout the article, this will depend on the specific fault that is causing the issue with your pen. Some of the problems can be due to the pen but some are user error and your pen will be fine provided you correct the issue you cause. Thankfully, due to the simplistic design of the Pilot Frixion it is almost always a quick and easy fix and due to their low price tag, if it is a serious problem they are cheap to replace anyway.


That brings our article on how you can fix a Pilot Frixion pen that has stopped working to an end. We hope that you have found it helpful and that we have been able to help you get your pen working again and writing normally. Unlike some of the other popular pens on the market right now, the Pilot Frixion has a very simple design as well as a very high-quality build for its price. This means that the pen should rarely have issues anyway but any problems that you do have should be quick and easy to fix.