What Pen Does Bill Gates Use – Quick And Simple!

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With the huge success of the Decoding Bill Gates documentary on Netflix, more and more people have started to try and look at various aspects of the lifestyle of Bill Gates to implement into their own lives. Although it may sound a little strange, we have noticed a few people reaching out to ask what pen Bill Gates uses throughout the documentary but we can definitely see the curiosity around it.

The majority of people would presume that Bill Gates would use a premium, luxury pen from either the Montblanc or the Pelikan ranges as he is one of the richest people in the world. Although at times the footage in the documentary is blurry, it does seem that Bill prefers to use the Uni-ball Deluxe that is an entry-level price point pen rather than an expensive option.

As there are multiple clips in the documentary that were recorded over a long period of time with him using the Uni-ball Deluxe, it does appear that he does use it as his every day carry when it comes to his pen of choice. This is understandable as the Uni-ball Deluxe is an excellent pen for its price tag and it has managed to earn itself an excellent reputation over the years due to its reliability and writing experience.

What Pen Does Bill Gates Use

Although we are unable to confirm if Bill Gates always uses the Uni-ball Deluxe, it does look like he is a fan of it due to the footage from the Decoding Bill Gates documentary on Netflix as well as a number of other clips and photographs of him using it too. Although it is unlikely that we will ever know the exact reason that he has chosen to use the Uni-ball Deluxe as his pen of choice, there are a few potential reasons.

Archival Ink

We have seen some people speculate that it is due to the pens archival ink properties meaning that what he writes using the pen will last indefinitely on the paper without fading over time. Although this may not seem like an important reason for the majority of people, for someone like Bill Gates who may have to sign multiple legal documents every day, this could be a primary feature of the Uni-ball Deluxe that makes it his pen of choice.

Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed multiple times that he chooses to wear the same outfit each day as it is one less decision that he has to make on a daily basis. Bill Gates could be in a similar position with his pen and rather than carry multiple pens with him that he uses throughout the day, he may prefer to just use the same one for all required tasks. The archival ink properties of the Uni-ball Deluxe means that he could in theory use it for any tasks required of him without having to switch out his pen for signing legal paperwork.

Great Writing Experience

Another thing that the Uni-ball Deluxe has going for it is that it offers a great writing experience and this, coupled with its low price tag is the reason that it has proven to be such a popular pen all around the world. Although most entry-level, cheap pens have a poor writing experience with a heavy barrel that can cause fatigue to build up in the writers hand, the Uni-ball Deluxe is not plagued by these issues.

Depending on how much Bill Gates has to write each day, this could be another reason that opts to use the Uni-ball Deluxe. On the flipside of that though, it may just be as simple as the Microsoft stationary department ordered the Uni-ball Deluxe for the employees of the company, Bill Gates tried it one day, like the pen, and choose to keep using it.


That brings our article going over the pen that Bill Gates use to an end. As we have mentioned above, we are unable to confirm if it is Bills everyday carry but in the documentary Decoding Bill Gates, it does seem that he uses the Uni-ball Deluxe on a regular basis. As we mentioned, this does shock some people due to Bill easily being able to afford a pen that hat a much higher price tab but on the flipside of that, it means that you are able to go out and purchase a Uni-ball Deluxe and use the same pen as Bill Gates without having to break the bank if you want.