Mod Podge Vs Polycrylic: A Look Into The Best Option!

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As Mod Podge dominates more and more of the market share for PVA based glues with sealing properties, we have noticed more and more people reaching out and asking questions about their product line up. With the various polycrylic formulas on the market usually being the go to option for wood finished, we have noticed a number of questions about a Mod Podge vs polycrylic comparison article.

With the various types of wood working becoming more and more popular as well as specific requests for comparisons between Mod Prodge and polycrylic on the rise, we have decided to publish this article going over the two. Our hope is that we will be able to offer our readers the best possible advice to ensure that they are getting the best finish possible for their arts and crafts sessions.

Unlike some of the other Mod Podge comparisons that we have made over the last few months where there is a solid cross over between the two products, when compared to polycrylic, there is a set line. This makes the article much easier to write as well as recommend the correct product for our readers as we will explain below.

Mod Podge Vs Polycrylic

Both Mod Podge and polycrylic can perform well when looking to seal wood and other surfaces but they are used at totally different ends of the scale. Mod Podge tends to be a better entry-level sealant due to it being so versatile and cheap with polycrylic being a more specialist intermediate to professional level sealing agent.

Due to the versatility of Mod Podge and its huge range of applications, many of our readers and other people in the arts and crafts space may already have it in their collection. It is easy to use and a great product for a non-serious project that you don’t need to last for as long as possible.

On the flip side of this, many of our readers will be looking for a long term sealing agent that can last for a long period of time. This is where Polycrylic comes in as it is a better overall product than Mod Podge with a huge range of formulas that should be able to meet the needs of anyone.

The Advantages Of Mod Podge!

The main advantage of Mod Podge is that is is such a versatile product and that is why it is so popular as you are able to get an absolute ton of bang for your buck. This is also the main disadvantage of Mod Podge too though as it is definitely a jack of all trades rather than a master of none.

This is why we only recommend that our readers use Mod Podge on non-serious projects that are not for the long term that will definitely not be left outdoors. This is due to the wear and tear on the surface being able to take its toll on the Mod Podge can cause it to flake off the surface.

If left outside for any serious amount of time then the elements will rapidly take their roll on the Mod Podge too. Wind, rain, snow, and the UV light from the sun will all start to break it down and cause the Mod Podge to flake off the surface rapidly.

The Advantages Of Polycrylic!

Although polycrylic does offer a surprisingly large amount of versatility, it is nowhere near as versatile but this offers the advantage of polycrylic being a more specialist sealing agent. If you are specifically looking for a sealing agent for particularly wood as well as a smaller number of other surfaces then polycrylic does pull ahead.

With Mod Podge, you are pretty restricted in what you are able to get out of the formula due to options being limited. When it comes to Polycrylic, there are an absolute ton of different formulas helping to ensure that you can find the sealing agent that you need for your specific situation.

This means if the surface that you are looking to seal is outdoors then you can get a polycrylic formula specifically designed for outdoor use. There are also a number of even more niche formulas on the market when it comes to polycrylic too helping it score points for serious use.

Can You Use Polycrylic Instead Of Mod Podge?

In our opinion, if you are a beginner to arts and crafts then Mod Podge will be able to meet the majority of peoples needs. If you are more of an intermediate, professional or are looking for a sealant for a long term project then the various polycrylic formulas will come out ahead.

This is where you and your particular needs and budget will come into play heavily. Mod Podge scores itself a ton of points for general use but is quickly outclassed by polycrylic when it comes to the more specialist uses. In our opinion, if you are in doubt then you will probably need to go with Polycrylic to be safe rather than sorry.

Both products are very easy to apply to the surface that you need to seal making both products very beginner friendly too. One tip that we would recommend for is that both Mod Podge and Polycrylic usually need a much thinner coat than most people initially think. Simply follow the application instructions on the side of the bottler of the product that you choose and you should be good to go rather than accidentally over applying.


That brings our article going over our ultimate Mod Podge vs polycrylic comparison to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you make your choice and as we have mentioned throughout the article, both Mod Podge and polycrylic have their place in the market.

If you know that you are just playing around with non-serious projects then Mod Podge is probably able to meet all of your needs. If you are in doubt on if you should be going with Mod Podge or polycrylic or are and intermediate or professional then going with polycrylic is probably the better option to take.