The Best Fountain Pen For Large Hands On The Market!

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Due to more and more people making the switch to using a fountain pen instead of using a ballpoint or rollerball pen, we have noticed more and more questions from people trying to ensure that they are getting the best fountain pen possible for their needs. Although a large number of people new to using a fountain pen may over look this, one common issue for people with large hands is that their new potential fountain pen may be too small in their hands.

Due to this, we have noticed a number of people reaching out and asking for advice on the best fountain pen for large hands. Although it would be easy to recommend the Pelikan m800 that is perfect for large hands and one of the best fountain pens ever made, it is probably way out of budget for the majority of our readers.

Due to this, we would recommend the No products found. to any of our readers who have larger hands. It has a larger barrel making it the ideal fountain pen for anyone with larger hands. It is a budget-friendly fountain pen that offers solid performance with a smooth writing experience and the larger barrel ensures that it is a great pen for large hands.

The Best Fountain Pen For Large Hands On The Market

We would like to quickly mention that we have seen a few people with larger hands say that they use the Lamy Safari to good effect but the issue is that its diameter is narrower than that of the No products found.. Although both pens are of a similar length, if you do have larger hands then the diameter of the barrel for the pen will also come into play to allow you to get a comfortable grip while writing pushing the Metropolitan to the top of the pile.

The Pilot Metropolitan Nib

As you would expect from the low price tag of the Pilot Metropolitan, its nib is made from stainless steel rather than 14 carat gold but for its price point in the market, the nib does tend to offer a nice and smooth writing experience. The wider diameter of the section on the pen ensures that you are able to get a firm grip of the pen if you do have larger hands to ensure that you always have maximum control over the nib allowing you to write easier.

The only real drawback of the Metropolitan is that it is only available in the fine or medium nib sizes and although these two do make up the bulk of fountain pen users, an extra-fine and broad addition to the collection would have been nice to see. At this price point in the market, double-broad and oblique nib options are rare so we can forgive Pilot for not including these but we can’t help but feel that not offering an extra-fine or broad size has hurt the sales of the Metropolitan.

If you do currently use a fountain pen from a different brands then we would like to quickly point out that Pilot are a Japanese pen brand and they tend to conform with the Asian nib sizes rather than the western nib sizes. If you do currently use a pen from a western fountain pen brand such as the Lamy Safari and you are happy with the font size it writes with then you may want to down dize your nib selection on the Metropolitan.

This is due to Asian fountain pen nib sizes often being smaller than their western counterparts so if you use a western fine nib and you like its font then the medium nib on the No products found. will produce a very similar font size for you but please keep in mind it will not be exact. This will not matter for the majority of our readers but we just wanted to make you aware of the nib size differences.

Now, the Pilot Metropolitan does have a nib that writers wetter than average and although this may cause some issues with bleed and ghosting on thinner paper, if you use some cheap, high GSM paper for your writing then this will not be an issue. On the flipside of this though, wetter writing fountain pen nibs do tend to be smoother writers and offer you a better writing experience.

The Pilot Metropolitan Barrel

This is the main selling point for the Pilot Metropolitan for anyone with larger hands as the barrel is long and the section is wide making it ideal for anyone with big hands. This allows you to easily grip the barrel and write with it as required without the pen feeling uncomfortable in your hands as smaller pens can. As we touched on earlier in the article, this is why we recommend the Metropolitan over the Lamy Safari as the thicker barrel helps control the pen if you have larger hands.

One thing that is a little controversial about the Pilot Metropolitan is that its barrel does seem to be made from brass and although this offers the advantage of being tough, it is also heavy. Pilot do tend to prefer to make their pens from brass rather than resin, plastic or stainless steel though and it is only a minor point that we wanted to make our readers aware of.

If you are working in an environment where you pen may be subject to more punishment than normal or if you are accident prone then the tougher nature of brass can actually be a benefit to you. Some people may not even notice the slightly heavier barrel of the pen either meaning that it is inconsequential.

Writing Samples

The video below offers you some writing samples showing what you are able to expect from the Pilot Metropolitan when writing with it. Please note that we all have our own unique handwriting standard so the point of the video is to show how smooth the nib glides over the paper and show the ink transfer from nib to paper.


That brings our article going over the best fountain pen for large hands to a close. Although there are a few options on the market, we definitely feel that the No products found. is one of the better models out there. Its low price, excellent performance, solid build quality, and larger barrel make it the ideal fountain pen for anyone who does have larger hands.