The Best Glow In The Dark Fountain Pen Ink!

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As the popularity of fountain pens starts to increase again after a lul in sales that latest almost a decade, we have noticed more and more questions being asked from the fountain pen owning community. Although it is very niche, we have noticed more and more people specifically reaching out to ask about using glow in the dark fountain pen ink with their fountain pen of choice.

Due to seeing a steady number of people reaching out for advice on this with each passing month, we have decided to publish our own dedicated article going over glow in the dark ink options. We will try to cover the advantages and disadvantages of each throughout the article to try and help ensure that our readers are getting the best glow in the dark ink possible for their needs.

Now, there are two main types of suitable glow in the dark fountain pen ink on the market right now, there is the phosphorescent fountain pen ink as well as black light fountain pen ink with both performing slightly differently to each other. With the black light ink you need a black light for it to actually work but it has proven to be a very popular option amongst the community.

The Best Glow In The Dark Fountain Pen Ink!

Depending on what you actually need your fountain pen ink to glow in the dark for will dictate the actual type of ink you need for your purpose. Thankfully, both ink types are budget-friendly so some people tend to pick up both types of ink so they are able to get the best of both worlds but the majority of our readers will probably only need one of the options.

Please note, as with most things, there are a number of different products on the market for each option with some performing considerably better than others. One common mistake that we do say beginners making is that they try to go for the higher price point glow in the dark inks presuming that they will offer better performance but unlike regular ink, this is rarely the case.

Although some of the entry-level glow in the dark fountain pen inks are a total waste of time, some of them are just as effective as the more expensive options on the market. This can help you keep your costs as low as possible when adding one of the following ink options to your collection without having to pay over the odds for an ink that will perform at a very similar level to some considerably cheaper ones.

Advantages Of A Black Light Ink!

The most popular glow in the dark fountain pen ink option on the market by far is black light fountain pen ink as it performs very well with most fountain pens that use a piston filler or cartridge convertor system. This opens up the number of pens that you are able to use the ink with as well as performing well with all nib size options too without clogging.

The main downside of using a black light based ink for your fountain pen is that you do need a black light for it to actually glow in the dark. This can be a pain if you just want the ink to glow none stop but it can work to your favour if you want to write secret messages that will only be able to show up when a black light is shone on the paper.

Although some black light fountain pen ink products are very low-quality and should not be used, the Noodlers glow in the dark ink is probably the best option and the one we recommend our readers use. Although there are some higher price point black light inks that perform slightly better, they tend to be more than double the price of the Noodlers ink.

Advantages Of A Phosphorescent Fountain Pen Ink

Although phosphorescent inks are not as popular as the black light inks, in our opinion, they do tend to be the better option as they will glow in the dark without the need of a black light while also being visible during regular light too. We always recommend the phosphorescent fountain pen ink to our readers as it is budget-friendly while offering great performance with a smooth writing experience.

The ink tends to perform very well on most types of paper too with it being particularly popular for bullet journaling spreads due to a number of viral YouTube videos showcasing the inks. That said though, the ink can be used for a wide range of different tasks but is difficult to source and does also have potentially toxic properties making it harder and harder to find online.

This is why the black light ink options are so much more popular for use with fountain pens as it is much easier to find in arts and crafts stores as well as online. That said though, some arts and crafts stores will stock the phosphorescent fountain pen ink or be able to order it in specifically for you but you may have to buy a full pack of six bottles to order it in.


That brings our article going over the best glow in the dark fountain pen ink to a close. Although options were pretty restricted as little as five years ago, due to more an more developments with various ink types has led to the various glow in the dark systems used in the inks covered above. This opens up the options that you have available to you while also helping to bring the over all costs of the ink down as more and more brands start to offer them to their customers.