How Long Do Huion Tablets Last?

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As drawing tablets continue to become more and more popular amongst artists, we have noticed more and more questions about the more popular drawing tablets being asked each month. Due to more and more people switching over to using a drawing tablet, we only see these questions increasing in volume over the coming years so we have decided to take a look at how long Huion tablets last for today’s article.

This is due to a constant stream of people reaching out about the durability of the tablets and the kind of life span that they are able to get out of the Huion tablet range. Now, we already have a our drawing tablet comparison article online going over a number of the more popular brands out there that you may find helpful to read. Although there are a number of popular brands out there, we usually recommend that our readers stick to either Huion or Wacom though due to them usually being the best option for the majority of people.

Both Huion and Wacom drawing tablets are robust to ensure that they will last you for as long as possible while offering you the best possible performance too. Although both brands do tend to be a little more expensive than some of the other drawing tablets on the market, this is for good reason due to their performance that they offer you, how easy they are to use, and how long they can potentially last you due to being built with better materials.

How Long Do Huion Tablets Last?

Huion drawing tablets are built to the highest possible standard in an attempt to ensue that they will be able to last you for as long as possible. Unlike some other brands, this is also true for the cheaper Huion tablets too with Huion being more like Apple where they ensure that their whole product range through all price points is built to the best possible quality.

Although Huion don’t offer an average life expectancy for their individual tablets, from reports that we have seen from the community, the average Huion drawing tablet tends to last for at least five years with many still working for years after that. Due to the rapid pace that the DPI technology for the drawing tablet active areas is evolving, it is highly likely that you will probably be looking to upgrade your Huion drawing tablet due to technological advancements prior to your current tablet having issues due to age.

This is why so many people flock to the Huion brand as they have managed to earn the trust and respect of the community since their launch in 2011 with a huge number of their initial drawing tablet range still working fine if dusted off and set up to work again. Looking up the specs for one of the first generation Huion tablets and their latest release will show just how far the brand has managed to come as well as why so many people end up upgrading their tablet well before it breaks.

Are Huion Tablets Durable?

By this stage of the article, it is probably very likely that you will be able to tell that the Huion tablet range offers some of the most durable tablets on the market. Although the majority of the Huion range have not been specifically designed to be particularly durable, they do tend to be able to take plenty of bumps and knocks without issue when in use or while in transit.

If you do draw in a niche that requires you to be outdoors or to travel to the location that you will be drawing in, it is well worth picking up a cheap case for your Huion tablet just for peace of mind. We have lost count of the number of people who have picked up a drawing tablet for hundreds of dollars only for them to drop it while walking and it to break because they didn’t pick up a $20 case to offer it that additional layer of protection.

If you do work in a studio or from your home and your drawing tablet is usually on your main desk and rarely gets moved though this can be avoided. If you do need to move around with your Huion tablet to get to the office or your drawing location then we would highly recommend you do pick up a case for that additional layer of durability though.

What Stylus Are You Using?

So many people overlook the stylus that they use with their drawing tablets too and this can be a relatively common cause for a drawing tablet to have issues with its active area. Although it sounds illogical, a surprising number of artists do tend to pick up a drawing tablet worth hundreds of dollars and then try to use a stylus pen that costs a dollar with it and are then surprised when their active area gets scratched.

Depending on the specific Huion tablet that you own, you can get an official Huion stylus for as little as a ten dollars. We always recommend that you at least go with the cheapest stylus option available from the brand of tablet that you use to prevent any possible issues with the active area due to the stylus.

Although the article is about Wacom stylus pens, we have this article going over different stylus nib types that may be worth reading too. A small number of people are unknowingly using the wrong type of stylus nib with their drawing tablets and having to apply too much pressure to get the effect they want from the stylus that then results in damage to the tablet’s active area.


That brings our article going over how long a Huion drawing tablet should last to a close. Although you will get similar performance from a Wacom tablet too, Huion are definitely one of the better options on the market at the time of writing this article and their reputation amongst the community reflects this. We are confident in recommending all tablets from the Huion range across all price points to our readers and are confident that the tablet will last them for many years without issue.