The Best Pens For Cursive Currently On The Market!

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In today’s age of technology, computers, tablets, and smartphones dominate all traditional means of communication. Cursive writing is becoming something of a lost art amid the backdrop of emails and social media. Regardless of new advancements, pens are still the most preferred way to write. It allows us to do things not possible on a digitized screen.

Writing our thoughts, ideas and notes on paper gives our goals and plans permanency. No one can manipulate or tacitly change them. Plus, many people report being better able to retain information and remember important things once they write it down on paper. When we write in cursive, we display our personality, style and mental well-being through letters on a page.

The Best Fountain Pen For Cursive Writing

The effortless flow of a fountain pen over the surface of paper reveals beautiful ink strokes and puts less tension on the page. They assist with developing an original style of writing in the design of the nib along with how it feels in your hand and the angle you hold it against the paper.

There are a few pitfalls with fountain pens though. They tend to leak and bleed. Also, the ink takes a considerable period of time to dry once committed to paper. This makes smudging almost unavoidable if you’re not careful. You should use a thicker poundage of paper or a stationery paper containing a high ratio of fabric to wood pulp. This helps mitigate smudging issues.

Also, the tips, called nibs, are easy to clog with dried ink. This makes writing, especially cursive, difficult to execute. So, you’ll have to stay on top of cleaning and maintenance to ensure the pen’s longevity and continued ink flow. The nibs comprise thin, fragile metal, which means they tend to break, bend and dent with ease.

Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are a classic, yet elegant way to write cursive. At one time, fountain pens required an inkwell with a mechanism to pull ink into the pen. But advancements in engineering and dyes allow inclusion of the ink with all the convenience of a single pen.

The ink is often oil based and mixed with dye, making it very wet. But it glides on paper in the most beautiful way through an engineered flat, tapered and beveled tip, called a nib. Art, writing, calligraphy and other crafting projects, like lettering for scrapbooking, are some of the things enhanced by a fountain pen.

The Lamy Safari With The Lamy 1.5mm Cursive Nib

The Lamy Safari with 1.5mm nib is an excellent and affordable pen for cursive writing. It’s a timeless and modern pen in a class all its own. This pen, made in Germany, has been around since the 1980s with it’s extravagant design and spring-loaded clip, making this fountain pen a contemporary classic.

It’s robust, prominent and comes in a wide array of ink colors. Choose from the typical black or blue to the more rare and unusual tones, like red, green, pink, charcoal (what they call “umbra”) and even white.

Nibs of Sophistication ; Elegance

The ink flowing from the nib provides a nice and even application to paper, giving the pen strokes a look of sophistication and beauty. This offers a professional, refined finesse not accomplished with other types of pens.

You can buy an additional pack of 50 nibs, which comes in handy for artists, scrapbook crafters and handwriting superstars, where wear-and-tear will be an issue. The nibs comprise stainless steel designed to be long-lasting, sturdy and durable.

The Best Rollerball Pen For Cursive Writing

Rollerball pens are like fountain pens in that the ink is water-based, has near-perfect fluidity and provides a smoother writing experience. The act of writing with a roller ball means you have to use less pressure when writing cursive on paper and has a finer tip for sleek and stylish writing.

The downfalls in using rollerball pens is in their storage and smudging. If improperly stored, it will dry the ink and you will have to replace refills more often than for other types of pens. So, keeping the tip covered and stored in an air-tight container will be necessary to ensure you get years of unimpeded use.

Also, you have to give the ink a few moments to dry after writing otherwise it will smudge and create a mess. This may prove difficult if you’re in a rush or so entranced in writing.

The Pilot G2

Pilot has been a trusted brand name in writing implements for over 100 years and they always design pens with the adamant overachiever in mind. The G2 model is a shining example of their stellar, high-quality standards of barrel engineering and ink distribution.

They’re affordable and come in a wide variety of tip sizes, barrel designs and ink colors. They even have a fun and exciting selection of pastel shades and metallic tones for the true stylophile artist and organization junky. Using these against black paper makes them pop off the page in a delightful way.

Practicality ; Elegance

The Pilot G2 is refillable, retractable convenient and lightweight. It’s the perfect go-to pen for jotting down ideas, composing an inspired poem or creating an amazing work of art. Whatever your purpose, the Pilot G2 is a perfect and smooth cursive writing tool. The huge selection of varying ink colors means you can organize and color code information or infuse a shot of color into a drawing.

The laboratory-tested inks ensure quality and long-lasting durability for any writing pursuit. To accommodate your handwriting style, you can choose from different tip sizes. They come in an ultra or extra fine all the way up to bold (or large).

There is a variety of grips and barrel widths for your writing comfort and joy. This is wonderful in preventing your hand from cramping during a night of reading notes or an hours-long excursion compiling ideas.

Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens are a more recent and revolutionary development in writing technology that contains a thicker ink. They often have a fine tip that varies in size. They make writing notes a breeze and don’t take as long to dry as fountain pens because the ink is water based. You can use these for line drawings, note taking, scribbling and many other writing pursuits.

The Best Gel Pen For Cursive Writing

Gel pens are a more recent technology in writing implementation that’s gained quick popularity among wordsmiths and students alike. The water-based gel isn’t as wet as fountain pen inks and dries quicker than rollerball inks.

Because the ink dries faster than most other types of pens mean it is less likely to smudge or blot. The free, smooth flow onto paper creates a fluid and velvety writing experience. Writing with a gel pen is faster too. This is because it’s composed of pigments rather than dyes, unlike fountain and rollerball pens.

One downside with a gel pen is their quick-drying capacity within the pen itself when not in use. Consistent use of the pen can help to mitigate this problem, but too frequent of use may cause some bleeding. This can end up being a messy on your paper, in your pocket or a backpack, which means staining that’s difficult to remove.

The Pilot FriXion

Not to be outdone by their G2 model, Pilot also has FriXion, a much sought-after gel pen. It’s even earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping seal for it’s amazing writing capabilities. What sets a FriXion apart from their other pens is the fact that the ink is erasable. You can also choose between stick or retractable styles to fit your specific writing needs.

The ink is thermo-sensitive which allows for complete removal with the eraser. That means you’ll be able to write or draw over the same place without any display of the erasure. For artists, a light erasing can provide a slight smudging effect that can act as a background or to create the appearance of 2D texture.

X-Out Mistakes

FriXion gel pens have a myriad of cursive writing purposes or a variety of artistic applications. The rainbow color range, barrel sizes and stick varieties make these perfect for coloring, drawing, technical design or other work requiring intricacy and detail. The best part is, if you make a mistake, you can erase it without worrying about damaging the surface of the paper or leaving behind evidence of erasure.

These do come with a bit of a warning though. Do not use these gel pens for signatures, examinations or other official documents where the ink must remain permanent.

Also, keep it out of extreme temperatures because it will affect how quick the ink dries in the barrel and it’s viscosity when you use it. Extreme heat will cause it to bleed and severe cold will thicken up the formula, making it difficult to write.

Gel Pens

Gel pens have a similar design to rollerballs, but their crowing feature is the ink itself. This is also water-based but formulated with pigments rather than dyes. They’re great for color coding notes, organizing ideas and for creating a variety of arts and crafts projects. The downfall with gel pens is that the pigments aren’t very permanent and are not good for signing important documents.

The Importance Of A Good Pen

Having a quality, durable and affordable pen will elevate your writing experience, making it more enjoyable. Sometimes, we get lucky in finding a pen that glides well, fits comfortable between the fingers and gets years of use. It inspires us to want to write in elegant cursive.

Acquiring a good pen can be difficult when budget is a major factor. High-end, luxury pens can cost at much as $300 or more. And if you’re wanting a pen with staying power, dollar-store pens won’t cut it. With so many different pens available on the market, who has the time or the money to try them all?

Pen Aficionados ; Persons Of Letters

Wordsmiths and stylophiles often require a pen that’s an extension of themselves. It’s a tool that can help with a free flow of thoughts, concepts and ideas. So, finding the perfect pen can be a detailed and daunting process compounded by a lack of time and money.

Whether you’re an avid pen lover or only looking for a decent, cost-effective pen, we’ve compiled a small list of some of the best pens for cursive for the lowest price on Amazon. We’ll give you the information needed to make a time-saving and budget-friendly decision. These suggestions cost around $10 or less.

About Selecting The Best Pen For Cursive Writing

Understanding the nuances between pen types is crucial in selecting the one to fit your goals. Considerations should include several variables, depending on how important they are to you. We’ll get into more details about each pen type later, but here’s some brief points for your review.

  • Wait time for ink drying
  • Art, writing or both
  • Color variety
  • Comfort of the pen’s barrel
  • Tip or nib size

One Last Note About The Best Pens For Cursive

Although this is a short list of suggestions, we hope this will help you to more quickly decide on what high-quality and cost-effective pens you can buy on Amazon. Having the right pen to compliment your writing style and grip with beautiful pen strokes can be an indescribable joy.

Remember to consider what’s important to you in purchasing a good quality pen, especially when price determines your final choice. Your purpose for having the pen should dictate which other performance requirements you’ll want from it. Be sure to think about ink-drying time, barrel size, tip size and ink colors.

And, of course, there’s the matter of selecting which type of pen will help achieve your ends. Do you want the classic inkiness of a fountain pen? Or do you want the more practical speed of a rollerball or gel pen? Once you have a pen you love, you’ll never want to use anything else.