The Ultimate Sheaffer Prelude Fountain Pen Review!

Sometimes it feels like the search for the perfect pen is never-ending. There are so many different pens out there: ballpoint, fountain, rollerball, gel, and more. If you haven’t found the pen of your dreams, you probably haven’t tried out the right kind yet. It is easy to stick with a pen that is slightly comfortable but doesn’t wow you.

When you are using the right pen, you will be excited to write with it. You will notice you are getting your work done at a much quicker rate than you are used to. If you are using a pen that doesn’t write very smoothly, you will be reluctant to use it. That is why finding your perfect pen is such an important thing.

If you are still on the search for your perfect pen, it is an awesome time to try out the Sheaffer Prelude Fountain Pen. In this article, we are going to talk about what the Sheaffer Prelude is and why you need it in your life. After reading about it, you will want to add this fountain pen to your collection as soon as possible.

Sheaffer Prelude Review

The Sheaffer Prelude is a line that offers fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens and they are made by the Sheaffer Pen Company. You will be able to choose from several different finishes, making it easy to choose a pen that works best for your style. 

The Sheaffer Prelude Nib

The nib is the part of the fountain pen that will actually come into contact with the paper and release the ink when you are writing. Nibs can come in different sizes, shapes, and material. 

The nib is made out of a stainless steel that is flexible that will naturally adapt to your writing style, the grip you use to hold the pen, and the amount of pressure you apply when you write. The nib of the fountain pen is available in fine and medium width.

You are able to buy replacement nibs if something were to happen to yours. You might also want a new nib because you are looking for a different design than what your pen originally came with. This is something you can absolutely get, as nibs are available in different colored plating.

In addition to replacement nibs, you can also upgrade your nib. You can buy nibs that are plated in rose gold, stainless steel and gold, smooth nibs, and nibs with designs on them. You can buy just about any kind of fancy nib you could think of for your Sheaffer Prelude fountain pen.

You don’t have to worry about your nib being scratchy on the paper, as this pen writes incredibly smooth. The perfect amount of ink will flow through the nib, so it will not be too wet or too dry. 

The Barrel Of The Sheaffer Prelude

The barrel is shaped like a cigar, so it is extremely comfortable and balanced to write with. You will love the traditional feel of the single piece metal pen. The section where you hold the pen is made of plastic and features slightly textured cutouts for maximum holding comfort.

There are so many different colored barrels that you can choose from for your fountain pen. These colors include deep blue, cobalt blue, gloss black, black, matte black, merlot, matte gun metal, and copper. There are plenty of options that ensure you can pick a pen color to fit your lifestyle.

You will be able to have the most comfortable grip possible with the ergonomic grip sections. You will also be able to control your writing better with this feature, so you will have much neater handwriting.

There are even some special edition pens that feature specific barrels. Currently, the company is offering special edition Star Wars pens. There is an R2-D2, a Kylo Ren, a BB-8, a Death Star, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Rey, and Yoda style fountain pen. The nibs are available only in a medium size. 

When it comes to filling these pens, you have the option of choosing a converter or ink cartridges. Both of these options are listed for sale on the Sheaffer website, so you can easily see what options they have available for your Prelude pen.

The Sheaffer Prelude Cap

The cap is made out of the same material that the barrel is. This makes for a sleek, matching design across the entire pen. The cap weighs just under half an ounce, so it does not add much weight to the pen. 

The cap stays in place with one simple snap and does not screw on. You will also enjoy the fact that the cap stays in place at the end of the pen when you are writing. There is nothing worse than being mid-word and your cap falls off, throwing off your motion. You won’t have to worry about this with the Sheaffer Prelude!

The cap also has a clip on it so you can easily clip it to any notebook or daily planner. This makes it easy for you to always be aware of where you pen is. The clip is slotted, so it is very effective at keeping the pen in place, so you don’t have to worry about losing your pen and not realizing it.

The clip on the cap of the Prelude is made out of a single piece of metal so it is extremely sturdy. This is what allows the pen to stay clipped in place in addition to the slotted design. The clip is pretty rigid and not very flexible, so if it gets bent it will stay that way until you press it back in place.

The Ink Reservoir Of The Sheaffer Prelude

The Prelude fountain pen does not have a reservoir. You will need to use ink cartridges or an ink converter. Ink cartridges are disposable ink-filled capsules that attach to your fountain pen. An ink converter is a small device that lets you fill your fountain pen with ink from a bottle instead of using ink cartridges.

There are ink cartridges and converters sold on the Sheaffer website, so you can buy exactly what you need when you buy your pen. If you are looking for a wider variety of ink colors for a cheaper price, we recommend Noodler’s Ink. They offer every color of the radio as well as pink, white, brown, black, florescent colors, and even invisible ink.

The ink capacity of the Prelude is less than an ounce. The cartridge itself is 2 inches by 1/4 inch, so very small. The ink should last you for a while, depending on how often you plan on using the pen. The pens are solid, so unfortunately there is no ink window to let you know how much ink you have left.

The Quality Of The Sheaffer Prelude

The quality of the Sheaffer Prelude fountain pen is great, but there are a few things that might be bothersome. Starting with the positives, the cap and the barrel are fantastic. They are just the right weight to help with your handwriting. The finish of both are phenomenal as well. The converter also has a decently sized capacity.

One of the downsides to this pen is actually the plastic grip. While it allows more control with the cutouts for easy finger placement, it is not the best part of the pen. It is important to note that sometimes the grooves to screw the plastic into the metal don’t exactly match up. This can produce some plastic shavings if not careful.

This pen is also hard to clean. The nib doesn’t unscrew from the bottom section, so you cannot remove it for proper cleaning. To clean the best you can, it is suggested that you use a bulb syringe to suck all of the ink from the nib.

Sheaffer Prelude Dependability

This pen is extremely dependable. Every time you need to write something it will be there ready to work for you. This isn’t the case for all fountain pens, so it is a nice touch for this one. If you leave the pen uncapped, you might deal with some hard starting, but the ink will start to flow quickly.

Comfort Level Of The Sheaffer Prelude

There is no doubt that this pen is extremely comfortable to hold and write with. The pen features the perfect weight that you would want for a pen. Even better, the cutouts make sure your fingers have somewhere to rest. You can write for several pages at a time and not experience any cramping in your hand. 

Writing Experience When Using The Sheaffer Prelude

You will love the experience you get when you use this pen to write with. The ink flows so smoothly, and you don’t have to worry about the nib scratching the paper at all. You can also customize your writing experience by choosing the nib size that fits your needs. For example, if you have small handwriting you would want the fine nib.


If you have been searching and searching for your perfect pen and you haven’t found it yet, it’s probably because you haven’t tried out the Sheaffer Prelude fountain pen. This pen is incredible because it is everything you could possibly want in a pen. It is perfectly weighted, writes incredibly smooth, and you can replace the ink.

This pen comes in several different colors, allowing you to choose one that matches your style best. The nibs are most commonly made out of metal, but you can purchase replacement and upgraded nibs as well. You can also choose which size nib works best for you and your handwriting. 

The ink comes out in a continuous flow without coming out too wet. You also don’t have to worry about your ink being too dry, because the continuous flow will change with the pressure applied. The nib is also flexible, so you don’t have to worry about it snapping if you apply too much pressure.

The Sheaffer Prelude is highly recommended. While it may be a little pricy, it is worth every penny. You will love this pen before it even leaves the packaging.


What is a fountain pen?

A fountain pen is a pen that will remind you of what it was like to write with a quill and ink. The pen is equipped with a metal nib, and it will use either an ink cartridge or a converter to keep the ink supply full. These pens were invented in the 19th century as a replacement for the feather pens.

How long do fountain pens last?

If you are looking at it from an ink aspect, this pen can last you anywhere from one week to one year. This of course depends on how often you plan on using the pen. 

If you are looking at it from the pen aspect, this pen will last you forever. You can replace the ink, and there are replacement nibs if yours wears down, so you don’t have to buy a new pen ever again.

What is the difference between an ink cartridge and an ink converter?

An ink cartridge will be the quickest and easiest way to get fresh ink into your fountain pen. These small containers of ink are disposable so you can throw them away when they are empty. An ink converter is detachable ink storage that allows you to fill it with different kinds of ink. It snaps right into your pen with ease.

Do fountain pens improve handwriting?

Fountain pens are slightly heavier than ballpoint pens, so they are easier to control. When you have a pen that allows you to grip it properly and control your movements, you will notice an improvement in your handwriting. The pen will write smoother and glide across the paper, which will also help you improve.

How long has Sheaffer been making fountain pens?

Walter Sheaffer created this pen company in 1912. That is over 100 years of creating some of the best pens around, so you know will be getting the highest quality product out there. Sheaffer strives for excellence and has very high standards when it comes to their pens. You will not be disappointed by the quality this company produces.

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