The Best White Fountain Pen Ink On The Market!

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With more and more people wanting to get creative with their art work and share their work on social media, people have been pushing the limits to try and ensure that their work stands out. Over the last few years we have seen a number of people asking for advice on white fountain pen ink for both general writing and artwork so we have decided to publish this article in the hope of being able to help as many of our readers as possible.

 Although formulating a white ink for fountain pens that actually worked well and had a good writing experience without clogging your pens feed used to be a pain, Noodlers White Fountain Pen Ink has been released onto the market and is providing people with options. You have to realize that the formula is still not perfect though and it does not have as smooth of a writing experience as a pen with a traditional pigment or dye based system but it can still get the job done.

Thankfully, just like the rest of the Noodlers ink range currently on the market, their white fountain pen ink offers the best possible experience to their customers. Although there are some competing options on the market, they tend to underperform when compared to the Noodlers ink so we would recommend that our readers stick to the Noodlers brand.

Is There Such A Thing As White Ink For Fountain Pens?

Although a usable white ink for fountain pens has only been formulated to a usable standard in recent years, the Noodlers White Fountain Pen Ink offers decent performance for anyone who needs white ink and it is slowly growing itself a goods reputation amongst the community. The price tag is low, the performance is decent and coming from Noodlers, you know that they have put the ink through its paces prior to releasing it under their name.

As we touched on earlier in the article though, please note that there are a few low-quality brands offering white fountain pen ink but we would not recommend you use them. In addition to this, there are also a number of white inks on the market that have been designed for use with dip pens, not fountain pens. Please note that you should not try to use a white ink formulated for dip pens in your fountain pens as it can cause blockages in your ink feed that will result in inconsistent ink flow.

The Best White Fountain Pen Ink

In our opinion, the best white ink for fountain pens currently available on the market at the time of writing is the Noodlers White Fountain Pen Ink. As we have mentioned above, although there are a number of competing white inks on the market right now, they tend to be low-quality, perform poorly, and potentially cause clogging issues with your fountain pen of choice.

The Noodlers white fountain pen ink has been specifically designed for optimal performance while also having archival properties to prevent the ink from fading over time. On top of this, the ink also comes with a neutral pH level meaning that it will not cause any damage to your documents or artwork too.

This was an early issue with a number of the first generation white inks as their acidity was too high and it could ended up causing problems with the paper it was used on. Thankfully though, Noodlers have managed to workout the kinks and drastically improve their ink to provide the community with a usable, white fountain pen ink that works very well.

How Do You Use White Ink?

It is quick and easy to fill your fountain pen with white ink but your fountain pen of choice does have to use a piston filler or have refillable cartridges for you to actually fill the ink. As we touched on at the start of the article, white fountain pen ink does have a different formula than traditional inks so we would recommend that you use a cheap fountain pen flush kit to clean your fountain pen after use with the ink just to be safe.

Once you actually have the white ink in your fountain pen, you simply write or draw with it as required as it is essentially acting as any other ink. Although it does tend to perform slightly better with a medium, broad or double-broad nib size due to the thicker forumla, it can work fine with extra-fine and fine nibs too.

Does It White Ink Work On Black Paper

The white ink works flawlessly on black paper but it can have issues on any paper with a gloss finish. As most people will be using regular white paper or regular black paper without a gloss finish to it, the Noodlers White Fountain Pen Ink should perform well for the majority of our readers and easily be able to meet their needs of a white ink.


Thank brings our article going over what we feel is the best white fountain pen ink currently available on the market to a close. At the time of writing, nothing comes close to Noodlers white fountain pen ink and it holds the majority of the marketshare due to the competition being of poor quality. We know that we touched on this above but we just want to mention one last time that you should not be using white dip pen ink with your fountain pen, although it can work with some pens, it can also cause issues with clogging the feed so we usually recommend that you avoid it.