The Ultimate Almond White Vs Magnolia Comparison!

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When it comes to home decoration, there are few colors as popular as magnolia and although magnolia paint has managed to stand the test of time over decades, there are a number of colors starting to challenge its dominance. With these other colors rising in popularity, we have noticed more and more people asking for comparisons to magnolia.

One of the main requests that we have seen in recent months is for a dedicated article on a almond white vs magnolia comparison. Although almond white has had a solid user base for years, it is quickly growing in popularity with more and more people deciding to use it to paint their home with each year that passes.

Due to this, we have decided to publish our own almond white vs magnolia comparison article to try and help any of our readers who are trying to decide what color they should be going with. Our hope is that we will be able to help you choose between almond white and magnolia as both options are increasingly popular but at the time of writing, magnolia is still the dominant color.

Almond White Vs Magnolia Comparison!

Almond White Top Left, Magnolia Bottom Right.

As you can see from our color comparison sample above, the colors are obviously different to each other making it easier for most people to decide on what color is best for them. Some of the colors that we get comparison requests for are very close to each other with only a small number of subtle differences making it hard to see the differences between the two with the human eye so it is nice to have something as different as almond white and magnolia.

As the name suggests, almond white is more of a light almond color rather than a white or off-white color offering it a warmer feel to it. More and more people are starting to decorate their homes in warmer colors these days and this is one of the main reasons that almond white is seeing such a large spike in its popularity.

The majority of people are already familiar with magnolia due to it having been a dominant option for people to decorate their home in for decades. It is more of a neutral color and the majority of younger people still tend to prefer a neutral home design with magnolia being a solid option and thus, it still being a very popular color.

The Almond White Color!

Until around a decade ago, almond white was more of a niche color that very few people would actively use, especially in home design but times have changes and the fashions and preferences for painting homes have shifted. The more obscure colors have started to rotate into fashion as well as colors with a warmer feeling helping to push almond white to the top of the pile.

The color tends to go well with yellows, browns, and other warm colors for various ornaments in your home while also mixing well with other paint colors too if needed. Almond white paint is usually available in both oil based and water based paints for home decor so you can use it in pretty much any situation that you may find yourself in with your home.

Although there were supply issues for almond white paint a few years back due to the sudden and huge spike that it saw in its popularity seemingly out of the blue, paint suppliers have caught up now. This means that you should easily be able to find almond white paint in your local stores with it being priced at around the same price tag as magnolia these days.

The Magnolia Color!

Although fashions come and go for home design, magnolia has managed to stay with it being one of a hand full of colors that really has managed to stand the test of time decade after decade. Although some people do think that magnolia is dated and old fashions and choose newer colors such as almond white, plenty of people still stick to magnolia.

With magnolia being a neutral color and neutral homes based around off-white and off-black colors still being very popular, especially with younger people, we feel that magnolia has its place in home design for the future too. As more and more people share their homes on social media and show off what they have been able to achieve when using magnolia, we feel that its popularity may be able to increase in the short term too.

Due to the huge popularity of the magnolia color paint, you can get it is any store without issue. The demand is there for all local stores to carry it and it is also usually very budget friendly unless you are getting a special finish or a paint formula for outdoor use. This also plays into the popularity of magnolia as it is so cheap and easy to use scoring it a ton of points over some of the more expensive colors.

What Is The Difference Between Almond White And Magnolia?

The differences between almond white and magnolia are obvious. Magnolia is an off-white color where as almond white is not white at all even though the name suggests it and is more of an egg shell color. Please keep in mind that different paint brands do have their own pigment charts for both magnolia and almond white meaning different brands will have slightly different colors labels as the same color but this is normal.

Unlike some other paint colors, both almond white and magnolia are accurately represented under different light colors too. With more and more people starting to use smart lights that can change color in their homes, this is becoming an increasingly important thing to factor in for your home paints as some paints tend to look a totally different color under different light colors.

When it comes to the price and availability of both paints, they are pretty much evenly matched these days due to almond whites popularity and demand increasing. This means there there is minimal difference in the budget required for either paint and that you should also be able to get both options at the majority of local home decoration stores.

Should You Use Almond White Or Magnolia?

Due to almond white and magnolia paint being so different to each other, you will usually use them in different styles of home with there only being a small amount of cross over. Due to this, the correct answer is going to depend on what you are wanting out of your home rather than your preference for a color.

If you are going for a warmer home with lighter or pastel colors then almond white is probably the better option. If you are wanting to go with a neutral home based around different shades of white and black then magnolia is the better option.

Other than that, both paints are evenly matched in pretty much every single way with neither scoring points over the other in any situation that we can think of. This is provided you live in North America or Europe though, if you are in a different area then the prices of the paints may be totally different to each other and you will then have to factor in budget too.


That brings our almond white vs magnolia comparison article to a close. We know that it is not as long as some of our other comparison articles that we have online but there really is not much to say. Although almond white and magnolia are quiet different colors, they are still both rather generic colors that you are able to use in the vast majority of cases without having any issues.