The Ultimate Cornflower Blue Vs Periwinkle Comparison!

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As the various light blue colors continiue to grow in popularity at a rapid pace, we have noticed a number of people requesting color comparisons between the popular options. Although they are both less popular colors, we have seen a spike in the requests for a dedicated cornflower blue vs periwinkle comparison article.

As we always like to try and help our readers with questions that we noticed people asking as well as the surge in popularity of both cornflower blue and periwinkle for arts, crafts, home design, and vehicular paints, we wanted to publish this article. Our hope is that we will be able to help our readers understand the subtle differences between the two colors and choose the correct option for their needs.

Although personal preference between the two colors as well as the task that you are working on will play a factor, we hope that we will be able to help our readers better understand the differences between cornflower blue and periwinkle. Both are really nice shades of light blue that offer a ton of versatility when added to your collection offering plenty of use too.

Cornflower Blue Vs Periwinkle Comparison

Cornflower Blue Top Left, Periwinkle Bottom Right.

As you can see from our color comparison sample above, the main difference between cornflower blue and periwinkle is that periwinkle is considerably lighter than cornflower blue with it having a large amount of white in it and a small amount of blue. On the flip side of this, cornflower blue is closer to a regular blue although it is slightly on the light side.

Both cornflower blue and periwinkle tend to work very well as a stand alone color option or when mixed with other colors. Although the two colors are visually different and you can use them with each other to compliment each other, it is usually easier to add a little white to cornflower blue or a little blue to periwinkle rather than to mix them together.

Due to their light color, both options do tend to work well with other suitable colors when mixed together opening up what you are able to do with them. When it comes to their versatility, cornflower blue does offer a very small amount more due to having more pigment in it so it does not get overwhelmed by other colors as easily as periwinkle can.

The Cornflower Blue Color!

We feel that cornflower blue is ever so slightly better in most situations, especially for arts and crafts due to you being able to mix it with other paint colors and having a better hint of cornflower blue without there being issues with it getting overwhelmed. When it comes to home decoration and vehicle paint, it can go either way though as you are able to off-set the differences in color.

The main problem with cornflower blue is that it is very hard to find paints or items in the color in local stores or online unless it is vehicle paint. Due to this, the majority of people tend to just go with something like cobalt blue and add a small amount of white to it to get it close to cornflower blue.

For some people, this will be too much time and effort to use the color and we can definitely see why when there are other light blues that are a very similar shade. That said, cornflower blue is seeing a spike in its popularity with many people taking the extra steps of mixing their own paint to use it in their arts and crafts. When it comes to home design with cornflower blue, many people simply paint over white decorations in cornflower blue due to them being so hard to find.

The Periwinkle Color!

Although periwinkle is easily overwhelmed by many other colors, No products found. does tend to be much easier to find than cornflower blue paint both online and in local stores. On top of this, there are number of items for home decoration that come in periwinkle blue as well as a number of vehicle accessories too.

This makes it much easier for the majority of people, especially beginners to find periwinkle colored items and intergrate it with their work. This has made periwinkle slightly more popular than cornflower blue as you don’t have to go through the hassle of making your own batch of paint to get anything done with it.

Due to periwinkle being more popular at the time of writing, it also tends to be cheaper due to paint brands being able to make larger batches to keep costs down by making it in bulk as the demand for the paint is there. This helps score it more points for any of our readers who are on a budget and wanting to keep their costs as low as possible.

What Is The Difference Between Periwinkle And Cornflower Blue?

As you saw in our color sample earlier in the article, cornflower blue is much darker than periwinkle blue with it having considerably more blue pigment in it where are periwinkle has a very small amount of pigment in it. The best way to think of each color if you are new is to think of cornflower blue as a normal blue and periwinkle as an off-white with a hint of blue,

As we also mentioned earlier in the article, cornflower blue tends to be so much easier to use with other colors where as it can be harder to find, On the flip side of this, periwinkle tends to be much easier to find but can easily be over powered by other colors too.

This is where your own personal preference tends to come in when deciding on the option that you are wanting to use. Although some artists do carry both paint colors in their collection, most will only carry one or neither and just make the colors they need using other paints in their collection.

Should You Use Cornflower Blue Or Periwinkle?

The real answer is that you should use the color that you prefer, to some people it will be cornflower blue where as to others it will be periwinkle. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages as we have covered throughout the article to try and help ensure that you are able to choose the perfect color for you.

That said though, if you are looking to use either cornflower blue or periwinkle for arts and crafts then we would usually recommend that you try to go with cornflower blue if possible. It offers a touch more versatility over periwinkle when mixing it with other paints helping to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

You can usually had some white paint to your cornflower blue to quickly and easily make your own periwinkle paint too if you do need both colors for a particular piece. If you already have a white paint and something like a cobalt blue then you are easily able to make both cornflower blue and periwinkle blue from your existing paints with ease so keep that in mind too.


That brings our article going over our ultimate cornflower blue vs periwinkle blue comparison to a close. With both of the featured colors being a light blue there is a large number of similarities between the two colors so there really isn’t much to say when compared to some of the other colors we go over.