The Ultimate Kaweco Liliput vs Kaweco Sport Comparison!

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Trying to decide what you should buy for your next pen can be overwhelming because there are so many different kinds out there. Kaweco offers some top-of-the-line fountain pens that can last you for a very long time, and they might even be the last pen you will ever need to buy.

A fountain pen is a pen that uses refillable or replaceable cartridges of ink so you can continue to use your favorite pen long after the first round of ink has run out. This is incredibly convenient, especially when you use a fountain pen and realize how great they are. 

Fountain pens will give you an excellent writing experience because the ink flows continuously out of the nib. This will give you a nice, smooth flow across your paper. You will notice that nibs don’t scratch the paper like some other pens tend to do. 

Two of the most commonly purchased Kaweco fountain pens are the Sport and Liliput. There are some similarities between these pens, and there are also several differences. One of the main differences between these pens is the price, one is much more expensive than the other.

Let’s take some time to go over the components of both types of Kaweco pens such as the type of nib they have, what their barrels are made out of, how the cap is, and if there is an ink reservoir. Which of these pens is best? We are going to find out!

Kaweco Sport Review

The Kaweco Sport is a compact fountain pen that is made out of high-quality and colorful plastic. The material is lightweight while being sturdy, and it is perfect for a pen that you are planning on using every day. There are also some other materials available if you aren’t interested in the plastic.

This Kaweco Sport is offered as a fountain pen, calligraphy pen, gel pen, ballpoint pen, and a ballpoint pen with a stylus. There are also different life of the Kaweco Sport. The lines include the Classic, the Ice, the Frosted, the Skyline, the AC, the AL, the AL Stonewashed, the Brass, and the Steel.

This pen has tons of variety so you can choose whatever type of fountain pen fits your style and your needs. The type we will be discussing for this article is the Classic.

The Kaweco Sport Nib

The nib of a fountain pen is the part of the pen that transfers the ink to the paper. The material is important, so it is best to know what the nib is made out of before buying. The nib of the classic fountain pen is steel plated in gold. 

The size of the nib you want to buy will depend on your personal preference, as well as the size of your handwriting. There are four different sizes offered that you can choose from. The nib of this fountain pen is available in extra fine, fine, medium, and broad. 

If something would happen to the nib of your pen, you would be able to purchase a replacement for it. You can also use these replacements as a way to switch up the size of your nib if you would like. The nib replacements are available in different finished like stainless steel, two-tone gold, gold, and black.

The nib will allow for a continuous flow of ink that will be slightly wet when it hits the paper. It doesn’t take very long to dry, so this is something to pay attention to. This will also allow for the smooth writing experience that you are looking for.

The Barrel Of The Kaweco Sport

The Classic pen barrel is made out of plastic. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that it is light like other pens. The plastic of this pen is perfectly weighted to be lighter than normal fountain pens, yet heavier than other plastic pens. 

The best part about the plastic material of the Kaweco Sport is that it is available in several colors. You can purchase this pen in green, bordeaux, black, navy, red, and white. This makes it easy for you to choose a color that fits you and your style best.

The grip of this pen is ergonomic, so it makes the pen comfortable to hold when you are writing for long hours at a time. The ergonomics of this pen are unique compared to some other pens of similar style. There are no specific finger cutouts, but the tip of the pin is curved slightly to comfortably fit in your hand.

These pens are refilled with the use of an ink cartridge. This is convenient because all it takes to refill your pen is to take one cartridge out and replace it with the other one. 

The Kaweco Sport Cap

The cap is made from the same plastic that the pen barrel is made from. The cap will also be the same color of the pen which makes for a sleek, matching look. The cap will fit perfectly on the back of the pen to add some extra length when writing. 

The cap has a twist instead of a push click. The twist will ensure that the cap stays in place tightly to save your ink from getting dried out. This will also ensure that the cap doesn’t fall off when you are least expecting it.

While there is not a clip included with this pen for the cap, you can purchase one separately. The clip is available in four colors: gold, chrome, black, and bronze. The material is metal. The clip will attach straight onto the cap of your Sport pen. You can then clip your pen to your notebook or daily planner.

The Ink Reservoir Of The Kaweco Sport

The Kaweco Sport does not use any type of ink reservoir, you will be using ink cartridges to refill your pen. This is convenient because all you need to do is take the empty cartridge out and replace it with a new one.

There are ink cartridges sold by Kaweco that fit into the Sport fountain pens. Kaweco offers a very large variety of colored ink cartridges, just about any color you can think of. The cartridges are also very affordable and come in packs of six. 

Another brand of ink that is recommended is Noodler’s Ink. They also offer a ton of colors that you can buy, and they are very budget-friendly. 

Unfortunately, there is not an ink view window in this pen, so you will not be able to tell when your pen is close to running out of ink.

Kaweco Liliput Review

The Liliput is the smallest of the fountain pens made by Kaweco. Not only are they the smallest made by Kaweco, but they are one of the smallest fountain pens across the world that use standard ink cartridges. This pen was originally released in 1910, then reintroduced in 2011. There are several different materials and finishes available.

The Kaweco Liliput Nib

The nib of this pen is made out of steel and is silver in color. This is great because silver matches just about every color out there. This means your pen will have a sleek appearance no matter what the barrel color is.

The Kaweco Liliput nib is available in extra fine, fine, medium, and broad. No matter what your preference is or what size your writing is, you will be able to choose a nib size that fits your needs. 

If something were to happen to your nib, you don’t have to worry about buying a whole new pen. There are replacement nibs available for purchase to replace your broken nib. There are extra fine, fine, medium, and broad replacements. There are also some other finishes than silver that you can choose from.

The nib allows for a continuous flow of ink, so you will experience some wetness when you are writing. Not to worry, the ink dries very quickly, and you will hardly notice. This also makes your writing experience very smooth and not scratchy.

The Barrel Of The Kaweco Liliput

The barrel of the Liliput is available in many different materials including brass, steel, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. The wide range of material also makes it possible to have different color choices. 

The steel pen is a really unique mixture of blue and brown marbled together. The brass is a beautiful gold color. The copper is copper colored, which resembles a rose gold. The aluminum is available in black and silver. The stainless steel is silver in color.

The grip is ergonomic, and like the Sport it is unique. There are no finger cutouts, but the tip is curved and comfortable to hold between your thumb and your finger. You will be able to write without any cramping for hours.

This pen uses ink cartridges, which are extremely convenient for use. When one cartridge runs out, just replace it with another one. This is a clean and easy way to make sure your pen is always full of ink and ready to use. 

The Kaweco Liliput Cap

The cap of the pens are made out of the same material as the barrel. The best part about the cap being the same material as the barrel is when it is on the end of the pen it looks and works like an extension of the pen.

The cap is a twist cap, so it will always be secure. You won’t ever have to worry about your pen ink drying out in between uses. The cap also won’t slip of unexpectedly, so you won’t lose it and it won’t fall off at any point. 

The pen does not come with a clip, but you can buy one separately. The material of the clips are metal and snap right onto the cap of your pen. This makes it super easy to clip your pen onto a notebook or anything else you might need.

The Ink Reservoir Of The Kaweco Liliput

This pen does not have an ink reservoir. They use standard short ink cartridges or an ink converter depending on your preference for filling your ink. 

If you are looking to purchase ink cartridges for your Kaweco Liliput, there are ink cartridges made by Kaweco specifically for their pens. They offer more colors than you can count, so you can choose your favorite color to write with. The ink cartridges are also affordable, and you will get six cartridges in one pack.

There is another brand of ink cartridges that is recommended for this fountain pen called Noodler’s Ink. You will be pleased with the color selection offered to you. These ink cartridges are also very affordable to you and can fit any budget.

These pens are solid, so there is not an ink window for you to see how much ink you have left in your pen. You will only be able to know if you are low on ink when it stops coming out of the nib of your pen.

Which Is Best?

Both of these pens are very similar with the features that are offered. There are only a few differences like the material used to make the pens and the cost of each. When it comes to picking which pen is best out of the two, people tend to gravitate towards the Kaweco Sport fountain pen.

The Kaweco Sport is the better out of the two because it is more budget friendly than the Kaweco Liliput. The Liliput if four times the price of the Sport. The Sport is also more comfortable to write with for long periods of time. 


Choosing a pen can seem like a really overwhelming thing to do if you have tried out tons of pens with no luck in the past. If you haven’t found your perfect pen, chances are you haven’t tried the right one yet. Two of the most popular fountain pens are the Kaweco Sport and the Kaweco Liliput.

Both of these pens are wonderful, and you will be pleased with whichever you decide. However, when it comes down to the best of the two, that would be the Sport. This is due to the fact that it is cheaper and more comfortable to use.