The Ultimate Veikk Vs Wacom Drawing Tablet Comparison!

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As more and more artists make the switch from traditional art to digital art, we have noticed more and more questions being asked about the various drawing tablets on the market and how they perform. Although we already have a number of articles online going over some of the more popular questions that we see about drawing tablets, we have noticed more and more people asking for a Veikk vs Wacom drawing tablet comparison.

Due to Wacom being one of our favourite drawing tablets brands and Veikk being an under rated drawing tablet brand, we have decided to publish this dedicated article going over to two. Our hope is that we will be able to help as many of our readers as possible who are looking to add a new drawing tablet to their collection make the right choice for them.

In our opinion, the Wacom drawing tablets are some of the best ever made and there is a reason that they dominate the market. If you are a professional artist or take your art seriously then Wacom should always be your primary choice. If you are new to digital art or are on a budget then going with then much cheaper Veikk drawing talets can be a great option.

Veikk Vs Wacom Drawing Tablets!

Both Veikk and Wacom are great brands who make solid drawing tablets for their target markets with Veikk being targeted almost exclusively towards the entry level drawing tablet market where Wacom cover all price ranges. We already have our ultimate drawing tablet comparison article online but due to Veikk being a lesser known brand, they were not featured in their but if you are open to other brands, that article may be worth reading too.

If you are new to art in general, new to digital art and wanting to try it out without having to spend much or are on a tight budget then the range of Veikk drawing talets on the market may be ideal. They offer some of the best possible performance in the entry level price brackets while offering you everything that you could ever need from an entry level drawing tablet and more.

Although Wacom do offer some entry level drawing tablets in their range, they do tend to be a little more pricey than the Veikk entry level tablets due to offering slightly more functionality. The main selling point of the range of Wacom drawing tablets is in their intermediate and professional level tablets that absolutely dominate with very few brands being able to compete with them.

The Advantages Of Wacom Tablets!

Wacom set out to make themselves the go to brand of choice for any professional or serious digital artists who are looking for the best possible performance out of their drawing tablets and we are pleased to report that they definitely hit their goal. In our opinion, the only competing brand who come close to the performance of the intermediate and professional Wacom drawing tablets is Huion and even then the Wacom tablet is usually the better option in most cases.

The higher end Wacom tablets offer an excellent active area on their tablets that ensure that they will pick up all of the movements from your stylus when drawing to accurately reproduce your strokes. They are jam packed with pretty much every feature that you could need in a drawing tablet and often innovate to force the market forward in both their software and hardware.

This is why the Wacom drawing tablet range has such an excellent reputation amongst artists of all levels and budgets due to the range offering you outstanding performance for their price. Even if you are an entry level digital artist, the Wacom range will still offer better performance than the Veikk range but you usually have to pay around $30-$50 more for the entry level Wacom due to their better features and performance.

The Advantages Of Veikk Tablets!

Unlike many of the other drawing tablet brands on the market who started by targeting the professional artist price point, Veikk decided to start from the bottom up with the goal of producing the best possible entry level drawing tablet for the lowest possible price. Due to being focused on this from the very start, Veikk have managed to quickly earn themselves and excellent reputation for productions high quality, low price point drawing tablets.

This has made the range of Veikk drawing talets the go to option for anyone on a budget or people wanting to try out digital art without having to spend too much money. Although intermediate and advanced features and functionality are lacking on most of their tablets, they offer everything that a noobie will need to get to grips with digital art and develop their skills.

Although Veikk are adding more drawing tablets to their range that target additional price ranges, their entry level products do still seem to be their main focus with their latest budget friendly drawing tablets seeing very strong sales from release. With the reputation of the Veikk drawing tablet range just starting to take off, we predict greater things for them in the future.

Are Veikk King Of The Budget Level Drawing Tablets?

Although the Veikk A30 V2 has managed to get off to a very strong start seeing strong sales and earning a great reputation, the Gaomon M10K2018 is a very popular alternative with a similar price tag that offers very similar performance to the Veikk tablet. Although this does open up the tablets that you have available, both offer very similar functionality and performance to each other so we would recommend you consider the one with the lowest price tag at the time of purchase.

The Wacom Intuos range and the Huion H610 Pro V2 are the “better” entry level options that offer slightly better functionality with a small number of additional features. That said though, both the Wacom and the Huion are around double the price of the Veikk and Gaomon with the improvements not really worth the higher price tags for beginners.

Due to this, you can usually go with the cheapest entry level tablet as a beginner to digital art and usually get everything you will need without having to pay over the odds. Just keep in mind, if you do go with the Veikk or Gaomon, you will have to upgrade your drawing tablet for an intermediate tablet in the future where as the Wacom and Huion do offer limited intermediate functionality.

Are Wacom King Of The Professional Level Drawing Tablets?

When it comes to the professional end of the price ranges, there is really only the Wacom drawing tablet range or higher price point Huion tablets that we would feel comfortable recommending to our readers. Although there are some other brands with professionally prices drawing tablets on the market, they tend to be over priced and under perform.

One trend that we have noticed is that the competition in the higher price point drawing tablet brands are usually a season behind the latest Wacom or Huion release. Depending on the price points of the competing tablets, this may be a good option to get yourself some solid tech at a lower price tag but the alternatives are usually priced at a very similar point to the latest Wacom and Huion tablets.

This is why we only recommend that our readers stick to either Wacom and in some situations Huion for their intermediate or professional level drawing tablets. At the time of writing, the other brands simply can’t compete and you will often be over paying for a level of performance that you can usually get from the last generation of Wacom or Huion releases that should then have a lower price tag.

Which Is Better Wacom Or Veikk?

The term better is subjective and what is better for one person may not be better for another. If we are talking about the performance of the drawing tablets without factoring in the price tags then Wacom blog Veikk out of the water every time and its not even close with the current Wacom tech being leagues ahead of Veikk.

Once we factor the price of the tablets in and the realistic expectations of the user for their price point, the Veikk range quickly catch up in the entry level price bracket though. Their lower price tag to the entry level Wacom while offering all the features you need make them a great choice for beginners.

Due to this, we would recommend anyone new to digital art go with the Veikk drawing talets as it can be a great option that offers the core features a beginner will need. For any of our readers who are at an intermediate or professional level when it comes to their digital art the Wacom drawing tablet range are the obvious option and should be your primary consideration.


That brings our ultimate Veikk vs Wacom drawing tablet comparison article to a close. We hope that we have helped any of our readers who are beginners to digital art save some money and get some solid performance out of a Veikk tablet while helping our intermediate and professional readers avoid wasting money on a tablet that is likely to underperform by going with the Wacom tablet right from the start.