10 Frequently Asked Frixion Pen Questions Answered!

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With the Frixion pen range continuing to go from strength to strength with each passing month as sales continue to sky rocket as their reputation grows, we have noticed more and more questions being asked from the community about how they are able to get the most out of their Frixion pen. As we have seen so many people asking such a wide range of questions about the Frixion range, we have decided to publish this dedicated article going over as many of the questions as possible.

Our goal is to help as many of our readers as possible who use pens from the Frixion range get the most out of their pens as possible. On top of this, we already have dedicated articles going over how long Frixion pens last as well as how to fix your Frixion pen if it has stopped working if you have those issues. Outside of those more commonly asked questions though, we have a bunch of other topics about Frixion pens that we are covering below.

Due to covering so many questions as well as the range of questions being so diverse, we have also decided to add out table of contents below so our readers are able to quickly and easily navigate to the specific question that they may need. This should ensure that you are able to click the relevant question that you need an answer too without having to skim the whole article helping to save you time.

Are Pilot Frixion Pens Good?

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One of the most commonly asked questions from people who have not actually used a Pilot Frixion pen before is if the Frixion pen range is actually good and worth all the hype surrounding it. We can see why so many people ask this due to so many other pen ranges having built up a large hype base prior to release only to let their customers down when the product is released.

With the constantly growing sales of the Pilot Frixion range as well as the excellent reputation that they already have amongst the community that just keeps on getting better and better, we are confident in saying that the Pilot Frixion pen range is good and well worth adding to your stationery collection. On top of this, additional items are being added to the Frixion range adding to the original Frixion pen with the Frixion Fineliners and the Frixion Highlighters being the latest addition to the range.

As you would expect from such a high-quality stationary range, both the fineliners and highlighters have got off to a great start and have also earned themselves an excellent reputation within weeks of release. Although they have not been officially confirmed, there are also a number of rumoured new additions to the Frixion range that are expected to be released over the coming months.

The Best Pilot Frixion Alternative

Although there are a number of alternatives to the Frixion pen range on the market now, we feel that they all fall short other than the Paper Mate Eraser Mate Erasable Pen. Even then though, although the Paper Mate alternative to the Frixion range does have a decent reputation amongst the community, in our opinion as well as the opinion of many people, they are no where near as good as the official Frixion pens.

You have to keep in mind that the Frixion range has a number of technologies in them that are only currently available on the Frixion range due to patents. The competing alternatives to the Frixion range lack these advantages as well as their heat based erasable ink does not erase as well as the ink formula of the Frixion pens keeping the Frixion range well out ahead as the dominant option for modern erasable pens in our opinion.

Does Frixion Ink Become Permanent?

The Frixion ink was never designed to be a permanent ink and its formula is not optimised for permanent use and although its ink may last for many years, it is not of archival quality. You have to keep in mind that it is extremely difficult to formulate ink that is both erasable as the Frixion range is intended for while also having the ink be permanent.

If you do need a permanent pen then there are some excellent alternative options to the Frixion range such as the Intensity Pro Permanent Pens. They will be a better option and last you much longer than the Frixion range but keep in mind that they will not be erasable.

Does Pilot Frixion Ink Fade?

Frixion pen ink can fade but it does usually hold its color well once on paper and fading usually only happens when left in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. As this is easily avoidable for the vast majority of people as they are able to write or draw on their paper using their Frixion pen and then store it out of direct sunlight, we would not worry about the fade potential of the ink.

If you are looking to using your Frixion pens for art work that will be displayed in gallery conditions for an extended period of time under galley lighting then you will have top factor this in though. The Frixion pen ranges ink has not been designed to have lightfast properties and under gallery condition lighting can fade quickly.

Are Frixion Pens Allowed In Exams?

Different exam boards have different rules for the writing utensils that you are able to use while sitting your exam with them. Although some exam boards may allow the use of a Frixion pen, we would not recommend it due to the nature of its erasable ink.

The ink in the Frixion pen range is temperature sensitive meaning that it may accidentally be erased if its temperature gets too high. Although you are able to make the ink reappear by cooling it back down, if an examiner sees an empty exam paper, they are likely to just fail you on the spot. Additionally, a large amount of exam marking is done electronically now and it is unlikely that a computer will be able to detect the invisible Frixion ink via its OCR technology too.

Do Frixion Pens Wash Out?

The majority of pens in the Frixion range will wash out with regular water without you having any issues. As more and more pens and markers are added to the Frixion range though but due to the ink formula needed for the frixion technology to work we doubt that the new additions will end up causing issues when it comes to washing the ink out of fabric.

Although the majority of standard detergents are easily able to wash Frixion ink out of fabric in a regular dry cleaner, the hot water temperature will also activate the heat sensitive ink to make it disappear too. This is why some cloths may look like the ink has been washed out initially when they are fresh out the tumble dryer and still hot but start to show ink as they cool.

Are All Pilot Frixion Pens Erasable?

The whole reason that Pilot have developed their Frixion range is that their ink is easily erasable when friction is applied via their eraser. As this is the main selling point of the range, all Frixion pens and marker are erasable including the newer highlighters and fineliners that have been added to the range. We are confident that this will remain true for any new items added to the Frixion range in the future too and that they will all have the same, quick and easy erasable ink as the original pens that started it all.

How Do You Get Frixion Ink To Reappear?

There are actually a number of ways that you are able to get your erased Frixion ink to reappear if needed. The quickest and easiest way is to put the paper with the erased writing into a freezer that it at last -10°C and leave it in there for a few minutes.

As the erasable component of the Frixion ink is heat activated and erased by heat, the cold temperature can mak it reappear. We have seen similar methods using ice cubes too but keep in mind that if the ice cubes start to melt then the water may end up damaging the paper so keep this in mind. There are also a number of cold aerosol sprays that work too but any that contain chemicals can cause the ink formula issues and make it run so the freezer trick is always our recommendation to make Frixion ink reappear.

How Do You Use The Pilot Frixion Clicker?

There are a number of different variants of the Pilot Frixion pen on the market these days with two main clicker systems. The first one has the traditional in/out clicker where on press will expose the nib and the second click will retract it. The second clicker type is where the clicker will expose the nib but you have to press the retract button on the side of the pens barrel to retract the nib when not in use.

Although this may sound simple, we have seen people use the first type of Pilot Frixion and presume all models use the same clicker only to then get caught out by the second system even though the button is on the side of the barrel and pretty easy to see. We would always recommend that our readers retract the nib of their Frixion pen when not in use to help ensure that it does not dry out fast.

Does Frixion Ink Toxic?

Although Frixion ink does have a low level of toxicity to it, it is very low and unlikely to cause any harm to a human if you accidentally ingest it due to chewing your pen or get it on your skin. This is the same as the vast majority of modern inks used in pens though due to the regulations governing the chemicals that companies are able to use in their pen inks and Frixion ink is no different.


That brings our article going over the commonly asked questions that we see on a regular basis about the Pilot Frixion pen range to a close. We hope that you have found it helpful and consider adding a Frixion pen to your stationary collection soon. They really are excellent pens that are well worth owning and most people who try them tend to keep at least once in their pen collection at all times.