Can You Polish A Montblanc Pen – Our Breakdown!

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With more and more people starting to purchase higher price point fountain pens, we have noticed a number of people take the ultimate step when it comes to fountain pen prestige and take the plunge and go in with a Montblanc fountain pen. Although we have stated multiple times in previous articles that in our opinion, the majority of people will be better going with something like the Pelikan m600 or Pelikan m800 as they offer similar functionality at a much lower price, the prestige of owning a Montblanc keeps drawing people to the brand.

With more and more people choosing to add a Montblanc fountain pen to their stationery collection, we have seen a surge in the number of Montblanc related questions being asked month in and month out. One of the more popular ones in recent months is based around if you can polish a Montblanc pen or not in an attempt to fix any scratches in the resin on the barrel or cap.

Due to this, we have decided to publish this article in the hope that we will be able to weigh up the pros and the cons of trying to polish your own Montblanc fountain pen and help you decide if you want to do it or not. With the Montblanc range being so expensive, there are usually multiple options that most people are able to take to reach the same end result so we would like to try and make our readers aware of them.

Can You Polish A Montblanc Pen?

Although there are a number of good fountain pen polishing kits on the market that people do use for higher price point fountain pens such as models from the Montblanc or Pelikan ranges, we usually recommend that our readers consider having the nib meister at their local stationary store polish their higher price point pens. Not only will they have better tools and resin polish than most people will be able to purchase for a one-off job but they will also have experience in polishing more expensive fountain pens back to their former glory.

You will often find that the fee a nibmeister will charge for the job to be professionally done will often be a similar price to purchasing your own polish and doing the job yourself anyway. We know that some of our readers will live in remote areas that are far away from a city with a nibmeister in their local stationary store but many places do now offer a mail in service for fountain pen servicing and maintenance anyway.

To be clear, if you were wanting to polish up the barrel or cap for a sub-two hundred dollar fountain pen, we would usually just recommend that our readers pick up a fountain pen polishing kit and do the job themselves. Due to the majority of Montblanc fountain pens being upwards of $300 for their entry-level models, we would recommend that you check the prices for a simple polish and buff job at your local stationery store.

Depending on your exact situation, you may actually be able to use the Montblanc warranty as at the time of writing, Montblanc offer a two year warranty for pens purchased via them directly or via one of their registered partners. Although there are no guarantees that this will cover you for free, it is worth checking, especially if you are looking to polish up your Montblanc fountain pen due to damage.

How To Polish Your Montblanc Pen?

That said though, if you do choose to do the job yourself then you definitely can. The most popular fountain pen polishing kit on Amazon has a great reputation and is cheap while also coming with very similar instructions to follow to polish your Montblanc pen. Unlike some of the other fountain pen polishing kits on the market, the Ultimate Pen Polish kit has been designed to be as simple and straight forward as possible to use with it being based around a three solution process.

The exact method that you will use the kit will change slightly depending on what you are polishing your Montblanc fountain pen for. Although many people will just want to polish it to just remove grime from their fingers, some people will be looking to polish it due to scratches on the resin. As you may expect, each method does have its own slightly different polishing system for each task but the same polishing kit can be used just with a slightly different method as explained in the user manual once ordered.


That brings our article going over if you are able to polish a Montblanc pen to an end. As we have mentioned, it is possible to polish your Montblanc pen and get great results but we would recommend that you simply pay a professional nibmeister to do the job for you due to the price point of the Montblanc range. As we touched on earlier in the article, if you don’t already have a decent fountain pen polishing kit then the price the nibmeister charges you to have the job done professionally can actually end up being considerably less than if you were to purchase the equipment to do the job yourself.