How Long Do Montblanc Pens Last With Proper Care!

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Due to the prestige surrounding owning a Montblanc fountain pen, we constantly see people reaching out with a wide range of questions about the Montblanc range and the various fountain pen models within it. Although we see a number of different questions, two definitely get asked the most and we already have an article on why Montblanc pens are so expensive so that leaves us with the second most asked question, how long do Montblanc pens last.

Due to the price tag of the fountain pens in the Montblanc range, we can definitely see why so many people reach out to ask what kind of lifetime they can expect from their purchase. As we have mentioned many times in previous articles, in our opinion, the Montblanc range is overpriced due to the level of prestige they offer and you can get cheaper fountain pens that perform just as well such as the Pelikan m800.

That said though, the majority of people who are able to spend hundreds of dollars on a fountain pen tend to want the very best as well as the bragging rights that come with it and that is why the Montblanc sells like hot cakes. Due to this, we are fully aware that it doesn’t matter how many suitable Montblanc alternatives we bring to our readers attention, they will always want the Montblanc fountain pen and want it to last for as long as possible.

How Long Do Montblanc Pens Last?

Although all of the fountain pens in the Montblanc range are built to last, the usable lifetime will often depend on the user. Provided the pen has been cared for and well maintained, any Montblanc pen should last you decades with most being able to last generations.

We know that this may sound a little crazy for anyone new to luxury fountain pens but the premium quality resin Montblanc use for the barrel and cap of their pens really is the best. There have even been a few reports of people who have purchased Montblanc fountain pens in the 1960’s who handed them down to their children who in turned handed them down to their children. A fountain pen that is able to last three generations with regular care really is something else and ensures that you are able to get your moneys worth.

When it comes to regular care, the standard flushing of the nib with a fountain pen flush kit is a no brainer and should be done as part of your regular maintenance of any fountain pen. Not only is it quick, easy, and cheap to do but it also keeps the piston filler, feed, and nib clear of any dried up ink or gunk too. There are also a few more specific things that may occur though as covered below.

Polishing Your Montblanc Fountain Pen

When a pen is able to last you three decades, it is highly likely that the resin on both the barrel and the cap will end up scratched or chipped at some point. Although we already have a dedicated article going over if you can polish your Montblanc pen, many people do opt to do the polishing themselves with a home polish kit. The process is easy enough and it is able to buff out any scratches or chips in the resin of the pen helping to extend its lifetime.

Fixing Inconsistent Ink Flow In A Montblanc Nib

Although this is a very common issue, inconsistent ink flow can easily be avoided due to the outstanding build quality of the Montblanc nibs and the issue is almost always user error. As we touched on earlier in the article, you should be using a fountain pen flush kit on your pen as a part of your regular maintenance to prevent blockages in the ink path bus many people unfortinatly don’t.

This usually ends up in one or more of a number of different issues occurring with the pen that results in it suffering from inconsistent ink flow. We have our own dedicated article going over how you are able to fix the more common problems that cause inconsistent ink flow though that should be able to help you. Although most are easy to fix, some will require the help of a professional so just get used to flushing your fountain pen as it drastically reduces the chances of these issues occuring anyway.

Problems With Your Montblanc Nib Writing Too Wet

Due to the Montblanc nibs having been designed and produced to the highest possible standards, it is rare for a Montblanc fountain pen to writer wetter than it should due to a manufacturing error. The main causes are user error with the two main issues being the user applying too much pressure to the nib causing issues with it or filling the piston filler with low-quality, low consistency ink that just flows out of the nib uncontrollably.

That said though, there are a number of issues that can cause problems with most being easy to fix yourself and we also have our own article going over how to fix a fountain pen nib that is too wet too. Although most are easy to fix, if the nib is writing too wet due to serious damage, a replacement nib may be required but this does tend to be rare.

Fixing A Baby Bottom On Your Montblanc Nib

Although we also have a dedicated article going over how you are able to fix a baby bottom on your fountain pen nib, we would actually recommend that you seek the assistance of a professional nibmeister from your local stationery store. Replacement Montblanc nibs are expensive and for good reason and although most baby bottoms on a fountain pen nib can be fixed at home, if you have never gone through the process before it’s not worth risking a nib that may cost you $300 to replace.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Montblanc Pen?

As with most things in life, the price tag associated with repairs for a Montblanc pen will depend on a few things with the main two being the location that you live as well as what actually needs to be repaired. Costs can range from as low as $30 and easily go into the hundreds depending on the issue with some problems potentially being more than simply replacing the pen or nib.

One thing that we have noticed is if you live in Los Angeles Or New York, you will almost always be able to get cheaper repairs for your Montblanc pen via a mail in service than your local stationary store. We have seen some reports of people being able to save around $100 due to shipping their pens out of state for their repairs so it may be worth checking a few online nibmeisters for quotes.

Do Montblanc Pens Have A Lifetime Guarantee?

The Montblanc guarantee is one of the few things the brand receives mix feedback about due to their standard guarantee only lasting two years from the date of purchase and it only covers defects in manufacturing and materials. Although this may seem standard, arguing that your pen barrel cracked due to errors in the manufacturing process or the resin used is hard when they can just say it is due to something else.

Additionally, some luxury quality brands offer a lifetime guarantee on their products due to having the confidence that they will last. Although the Montblanc fountain pens are build to the highest standard and can easily last you for decades, we would like Montblanc to put more faith in their range due to the price tag of their pens.


That brings our article going over how long a Montblanc fountain pen will last to a close. As we mentioned, it is not uncommon for a Montblanc pen to last for decades with proper care with there being multiple reports of the fountain pens actually lasting for generations. We have also provided some quick and easy fixes for the most common faults with fountain pens too hopefully helping our readers extend the expected lifespan of their Montblanc pen too.