How To Seal Posca Pens On Glass Correctly!

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As more and more people start to realize just how good and how versatile Posca paint marker pens actually are, the number of questions that we see asked from the arts and crafts community continues to sky rocket. We recently published our article going over 38 surfaces that you are able to use your Posca pens on and we have seen a spike in people asking questions about some of the less common surfaces from that article.

One of the more commonly asked questions that we see asked about the less obvious surfaces you can use your Posca pens on is how you are able to seal Posca pens on glass. With many people using their Posca pens on glass decorations for their home as well as for window art for temporary events such as Halloween, we have decided to publish this dedicated article to try and help as many of our readers as possible.

We have added our table of contents below so you are able to click the relevant sub-section of the article that you need answers for and be taken directly to it. This should make it much easier for our readers to get the specific information that they need without having to waste time working their way through the whole article.

Can You Use Posca Paint Pens On Glass?

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You can use Posca pens on glass and the marker pens do tend to perform well with their colors usually gaining new depth due to the light shining through the glass as well as taking on a new luminosity too. Posca pens do tend to work well on all types of glass too that have not got a protective coating applied to them but as some glasses do have varnish and lacquers applied to them, your Posca pen can struggle to take hold correctly.

Please keep in mind if you are adding custom art work to glass that is intended for use with food and drink then Posca pens are not listed as food safe. This means that you should not use any glass product to hold food or drink that has custom artwork with Posca pens on it unless you have used a food safe sealant on top of your artwork.

Are Posca Pens Permanent On Glass?

Although we go into this in more detail in our article going over if Posca pens are permanent or not, regular glass is a non-porous material so the permanent and waterproof properties of your Posca pens can struggle to take hold correctly. Depending on exactly what you are using your Posca pens on glass for, this can work to your advantage or disadvantage but there are quick, easy, and cheap work arounds available for the downsides.

For example, if you just want some temporary artwork up on the windows of your home for Christmas, Halloween or any other temporary event, using your Posca pens directly on the glass is the best option as it can easily be wiped off with warm soapy water on a cloth. On the flipside of this though, if you are using your Posca pens on some glass decorations for your home that you want to hold their color for a long time then you will have to take advantage of a sealant.

Do You Need To Seal Posca Pens On Glass?

If you want your Posca pen artwork to last for as long as possible on your glass then it is highly recommend that you use a sealant on your glass. If you know for a fact that the glass will be exposed to direct sunlight or other sources of UV light then a UV protective sealant is highly recommended too.

Although Posca pens are classed as lightfast when used on porous surfaces, the non-porous surface of glass can cause issues and cause your artwork to fade from UV light. Using a decent UV protective sealant will help to prevent this and ensure that your custom Posca pen artwork on your glass will last you for as long as possible while also not fading due to UV light exposure too.

How To Seal Posca Pens On Glass Correctly!

One of the most important aspects of sealing your custom artwork from your Posca pens on glass is to ensure that you actually prep the glass before you even begin your artwork. A simple, quick wipe down with a cloth is usually enough to get the job done as this ensures that the glass is not damp or more importantly, greasy before you actually start as grease on your glass can end up causing you issues later in the process.

Once you are confident that your glass is clean you are able to start drawing on it with your Posca pens to customise it. As you are able to easily remove Posca pen from glass prior to actually sealing it you can easily remove any mistakes you made with your cloth to ensure that your artwork is exactly what you want.

There are actually two viable ways to seal your Posca pens on your glass once you have completed your artwork. The first and most effective by far is to use a water-based spray varnish on your glass to physically seal it to the glass. Although you should follow the instructions on the particular varnish that you use, the majority of them just need you to spray your glass with the varnish with the cannister being around 30cm away from your glass.

Although one coat may be enough, some people do tend to use a second coat just to ensure that your artwork is sealed. If you do opt to apply a second coat of the spray varnish to your glass with your Posca pen artwork on it then be sure to let the first coat dry fully before applying the second coat. Again, follow the instructions on your varnish towards the expected drying time as different products do have a different drying time.

The second method that you are able to take advantage of when sealing your Posca pen artwork to your glass is less effective but can be an option if you don’t have any water-based spray varnish. Once you have finished drawing on the glass with your Posca pens, hold a hair dryer around 30cm away from the glass for around thirty seconds. Although this can work as a mid-term sealant, using a water-based spray varnish is almost always going to be the best option by far.

How To Remove Posca Pen From Glass!

Prior to actually sealing your Posca pen to your glass with a water-based spray varnish, removing the artwork is very easy due to glass being non-porous. Simply add a little soap to some warm water and then dip a cloth in it and start rubbing away at your artwork, it should quickly some away and leave your glass as good as new.

If you have actually sealed your artwork to your glass then removing it can becoming considerably more difficult with chemicals usually being required to actually move the water-based spray varnish once dry. Although you can sometimes use a varnish remover to good effect to strip the glass, a strong varnish remover can have a slight effect on the surface of the glass leaving visible marks on it.


That brings our article going over how to seal Posca pens on glass to a close. In the grand scheme of things, sealing your Posca pen artwork on glass is essential for any long-term, permanent artwork as the pens natural permanence will not take hold on a non-porous material. On the flipside though, as we touched on above, if you are only using your Posca pens on glass for temporary artwork then there is no need to seal your art as it can make it difficult to remove from the glass when required.