Posca Pen Art Ideas – 38 Things To Use Your Posca Pens On!

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As more and more people have started to use Posca marker pens for their arts and crafts, we have noticed an absolute ton of questions being asked about the pen range and what you are actually able to use your Posca pens on. Due to seeing so many individual questions asking questions about if the Posca pens will work on certain surfaces, we have decided to compile all of the questions into a single article and go over them all in one place.

Our goal is that this article will be able to help our readers come up with some Posca pen art ideas for their arts and crafts sessions to help them get the most out of their markers. Thankfully, due to more and more people importing the markers from Japan into North America and Europe, you can get decent, cheap Posca markers with ease due to the prices falling as more people started to sell them.

Due to covering so many different questions in this article on what you are able to use your Posca pens on, we have added our table of contents below. You can click it to expand it and then select the specific question you want to be taken directly to its answer. This should save our readers time who just want answers to specific questions rather than having to skim through the whole article.

What Can You Draw On With Posca Pens?

Please also note that this list of Posca pen art ideas is not intended to be an extensive list of what you can and can’t use the pens on. Although we have added as many surfaces that Posca pens will work on as possible, the Posca pen range is only limited by your imagination and work on a huge number of different items. You can always test new surfaces and see how your markers perform during your arts and crafts sessions to discover new things that you can work with.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Denim?

Posca pens work very well on jeans and other clothing made from denim offering you a quick, cheap and easy way to customise your clothing with ease. Unlike some of the other materials covered in our article, Posca pens will work well on denim of all qualities so there is no need to go out and break the bank on expensive jeans or denim clothing as denim is denim no matter the price point.

If you are just starting out on your journey of customizing your clothing then starting with some cheap denim jeans can be a great way to get started. Provided you allow your Posca pens to dry into the denim after applying them the waterproof and permanent properties of the pens will take hold. One trick that you are able to take advantage of with your denim jeans is to iron your jeans without using steam after you have used your Posca pens on them to seal them and lock your artwork in so it will last for as long as possible.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Wood?

Posca pens can be hit and miss on wood due to there being so many different types of wood out there that you may be trying to work with. If the wood is smooth or has been varnished we would recommend that you try to use some cheap sandpaper on the wood prior to applying your Posca pens to it. This will allow your pens to perform better on the wood and then you are able to apply some clear varnish on top of your Posca marker art to seal it in and protect it from the elements if the wood is to be kept out doors.

Please keep in mind that wood from certain trees does tend to be more absorbent than others. Due to this, using your Posca pens on some types of wood will use a surprising amount of paint as the wood just keeps on absorbing the applied paint. If possible, we would recommend you do a small test on the wood prior to starting the bulk of your artwork to see how absorbent it is as some types of wood can empty your Posca pens quickly.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Phone Cases?

Posca pens can work very well on white phone cases and clear phone cases allowing you to quickly and easily customise your phone case to your tastes with ease. Due to a number of viral videos on social media and YouTube of people using Posca pens to customise their phone cases, the trend has seen a huge spike in popularity in recent months with more and more people taking advantage of it.

Please note though, there are seven different types of plastic and Posca pens only tend to perform well on three of them and although they will work on the other seven, their permanent properties usually struggle to take hold. Thankfully, the majority of modern phone cases for both iPhone, Samsung, and other popular phone brands are made from polycarbonate with Posca pens working well on it.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Guitars?

“Painted Guitar Hippie Music Cartoon Edited 2020” by chocolatedazzles is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Posca pens have proven to be a very popular option for customizing the artwork on your guitar in recent years. Although the process does tend to be easier for an acoustic guitar, Posca pens can also work well for customizing an electric guitar or bass too but you will need additional items for the best possible finish.

If this is your first time customizing a guitar then we would recommend that you start with a cheap, entry-level guitar if possible. Although the process has no effect on the tone of the guitar when played, you do have to fully remove the initial finish for your Posca pens to work well so it is a big commitment from the get go.

Some acoustic guitars don’t have a lacquer finish so this step can be skipped but some acoustic’s and all electric guitars do tend to have a lacquer protective layer. This will have to be removed, usually by using some cheap sandpaper but other methods can work. Once the factory finished lacquer and body paint have been removed, apply your Posca pen art to the wood body of your guitar until you are happy with the result.

Although your artwork will usually have the advantage of the permanent and waterproof properties of Posca pens once your art has dried, we still usually recommend that you cover your artwork with some Krylon Gloss or something similar to seal your artwork. If you play live with your customised guitar we would highly recommend Krylon Gloss due to the UV light protection from gig lights that can cause your Posca pen art on your guitar to fade over time.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Windows?

Posca pens do work very well for custom window art but due to glass being non-porous, the permanent and waterproof properties of the pens do not take hold. This has both its advantages and disadvantages as it means you are easily able to wash your artwork off your window when required for a temporary event such as Halloween.

On the flipside of this though, if you want some long term custom artwork on your windows then you will have to use a water-based spray varnish to lock your Posca artwork in place. Keep in mind though, once you have applied the varnish to the glass, it can be difficult to remove to you have to be sure you want to keep your artwork in place for the long term.

One of the unique things about using your Posca pens on you windows is that the light shining through them allows the colours to gain new depth and luminosity. This can result in some unique effects and allow you to use it as a sort of DIY stain glass window art.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Resin?

Provided you are using a high-quality epoxy resin for your arts and crafts, your Posca pens should work with them well. That said, their waterproof and permanent properties tend not to take hold if used on your resin after it has set but you are able to use a a water-based spray varnish to seal your artwork to your resin if required after it has set anyway.

One work around that more and more people have started to do is to try and use their Posca pens in the mould for their resin prior to pouring it. Although this can be difficult depending on exactly what you are doing, it can be a way to get your Posca pens to work well with clear or white resin without the need of a sealing agent. That said though, the majority of people who do like to pour their own resin for their arts and crafts will probably have a sealing agent as a part of their kit already anyway.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Ceramic?

Ceramics are one of the best surfaces to use with your Posca pens as the pens perform flawlessley with the vast majority of ceramics allowing you to customise your creation heavily without having to folk out on a full ceramic kit. The colors hold very well on ceramics too ensuring that your artwork will last you for a long time without fading while also holding its detail.

If you are using your Posca pens with fired clay then you are able to use your pen directly on the clay and its permanent properties will take hold. If you are working with glazed porcelain though, your Posca pen art will be temporary and very easy to wipe off accidentally so please keep this in mind when using your markers with ceramics. Please also note that using Posca pens on your ceramics without adding some form of food-safe coat on top of your art will remove the food safe rating of the product.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Skateboards?

You are able to use your Posca pens on your skateboard for some quick and easy custom artwork on your deck. Although custom skateboard art has been very popular for decades it used to be considerably harder for the average skater to do. Thankfully, the Posca marker range has drastically reduced the barrier of entry as well as the cost of customising your deck as you want it.

Depending on the state of your deck, you may be able to apply your Posca pen ink to it directly but the majority of modern decks will come with a varnish over the factory artwork. For the best possible performance of your custom skateboard artwork, we would highly recommend that you use some cheap sandpaper to remove the varnish and existing art on the deck.

Once your skateboard deck has been sanded down to the wood, you can then apply your custom artwork using your Posca pens to get your deck looking exactly as you want it. We would highly recommend that you do apply some form of spray varnish to the deck once your Posca pens have dried to help seal it in but due to the friction applied to the deck when grinding and sliding your artwork will still suffer if you do tricks with your custom skateboard.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Grip Tape?

With people customising the actual deck of their skateboard, it is a natural progression for people to start customising their grip tape. Although you can technically use Posca pens for artwork on your grip tape, the nature of grip tape and its sandpaper texture usually end up shredding the nib of your markers and ruining them quickly.

Due to his, we usually just recommend that you pick up some decent, cheap spray paint for your grip tape art. We know that purchasing spray paint as a minor can be problematic so if you are young then you can go with a cheap paintbrush set that has a number of different types of brush in it that will not break when used on grip tape and some decent robus paints.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Shrink Plastic?

Although Posca pens can work well on shrink plastic, they can have some issues with holding their color when the plastic shrinks down. Although most markers will darken when the plastic shinks anyway, the Posca pens do tend to darker more than others struggling to hold their color rather than the color just getting darker.

This is why we usually just recommend that our readers use some No products found. when working with shrink plastic. Although their colors will still darker as the plastic shrinks and the pigment becomes denser, they do tend to hold their actual colors much better than Posca pens.

Can You Use Posca Pens In A Sketchbook?

Your Posca pen collection should work flawlessly in your sketchbook on both regular paper and cardboard without issue. This allows you to do some high-quality artwork in your sketchbook with your Posca pens, blend them as required and get some excellent results. Thankfully, due to you being able to get yourself some official Posca pens for cheap these days, there is no need to break the bank when picking up some Posca pens for your sketchbook either.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Acrylic Paint?

Provided that your acrylic paint has dried, your Posca pens can be an excellent tool to add some highlights to your acrylic paint artwork. The pens work particularly well on acrylic paint and due to Posca pens being lightfast, they hold up very well under gallery standard lighting meaning you won’t have issues with fading if you do choose to display your acrylic paint artwork too.

One thing that we would recommend is that you go with either the Extra Fine Posca pens or the Fine Posca pens when using them on acrylic paint. Although their medium, broad, and double-broad nib sizes can work, the extra fine and fine nibs do tend to offer more control over your work when drawing on top of acrylic paint.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Skin?

Many people do use Posca pens on their skin and due to the pens being non-toxic, you should not have any issues and they can easily be cleaned off with warm soapy water too. Please note though, Uni have confirmed multiple times that their Posca pen range has not been tested to cosmetic or dermatology standards so they accept no responsibility for any side effects on your skin.

Although Posca pens can work well on your skin, in our opinion, the BIC BodyMark range is a much better option that will provide much better results. They have been specifically design from the very start to be used on human skin and hold their color very well while also holding up well to sweat that can cause Posca pens to fade. If you do just need temporary body art for a party or night out then the BIC BodyMark range is definitely the better option.

Can You Use Posca Pens For Graffiti?

Although you are able to use Posca pens for graffiti with great effect, there is almost always going to be a better option due to it being difficult for the waterproof properties of Posca pens to take hold on the majority of surfaces used for Graffiti. This is why we would recommend that you go with a specialist Graffiti marker pen for actual street art over Posca pens as they tend to last longer and perform better in the long run.

We know that there are some graffiti competitions where the artist will use canvas for their artwork but use a graffiti style. If this is the type of work that you will be doing then the Posca pen range can perform well as the art is for indoor use only and will usually be put in a gallery display after the competition rather than used outdoors.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Glass?

Posca pens work very well on all types of glass and usually gain a new depth in their colors due to the light shining through the glass as well as a better luminosity quality. When used on glass, Posca pens are not waterproof though so your custom artwork can easily be washed off unless you use a a water-based spray varnish to seal your artwork to the glass.

Please note that if you are using your Posca pens on glass plates or cups for food or drink, they are no longer suitable for use after you have applied your Posca pen artwork to them. This is due to the Posca pen paint not being suitable for use with foods or drink but there are some sealants that you can use to seal your artwork and then add a food safe protective barrier on top of your artwork if required.

Can You Use Posca Pens An A Chalkboard?

Posca pens can work well on some chalkboards allowing you to write up restaurant or bar specials on your chalkboard for the day with ease as well as add a little custom art to the chalkboard display too. The main issue comes when you need to get the Posca pen paint off the chalkboard for the next days specials and although it is easy to wash off some chalkboards, it will be permanent on others depending on how the chalkboard was constructed.

Due to this, we usually just recommend that our readers go with an actual chalkboard marker pen instead of Posca pens. They usually tend to be a similar price anyway, offer very similar performance but are much easier to wipe off the chalkboard when you need to chance the information you are displaying.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Fabric?

Using Posca pens on fabric and clothing is one of the main reason that they have been able to grow to dominate the paint marker pen marker and have such an excellent reputation. Posca pens perform flawlessly on fabric with the paint holding its color well without fading allowing you to easily customise your clothes as required.

With more and more people sharing their custom Posca pen artwork on their cloths and fabrics on social media, the popularity of the pens and their use on fabric just keeps on increasing. As more and more people create their own photographs of their custom Posca pen artwork on their cloths the new trends keep on appearing so we doubt that this will end anytime soon.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Squishies?

Squishies tend to perform well for Posca pen artwork allowing you to customise yoru squishies as needed while doing well to hold their color too. In addition to this, Posca pens tend to keep their texture well when used with squishies too if you actually squish your squishies after painting them as some paints and markers tend to crack and peel off.

Although the crazy of DIY squishie art has faded a little since its initial fade, there are still a huge number of people in the arts and crafts community who still love to paint their squishies. If possible, we would always recommend that you go with Extra Fine Posca pens when using them with squishies as it offers more control over the detail that you are able to achieve too.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Rocks?

Rock painting has been another very popular use for Posca pens since their rise to popularity in North America and Europe. Rock painting is a very popular pass time and seems to be growing in popularity with each passing year due to many viral photographs of the artwork people have created using their Posca pens on rocks.

Depending on the specific rock, your Posca pens can hold their color well and not fade in the sunlight while also having their waterproof and permanent properties take hold too. Due to the wide color range offered in the Posca pen range, you are usually able to customize rocks however you want. If you are painting rocks to be a long-term feature in your garden or yard then adding a sealant spray on top of your artwork can help to ensure that it will last for as long as possible.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Surfboards?

“Surfboard Art” by chriskompst is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/

The cores of most modern surfboards are made from either expanded polystyrene or foam making Posca pens ideal for use on them for custom artwork. The paint from your Posca pens will tend to hold their color very well on both foam and expanded polystyrene but most people will still apply a sealant to their custom art on their surfboards to help add additional protection from the salt water.

Although Posca pens are waterproof, saltwater definitely does take its toll on your artwork if you do not protect it correctly. On the flip side of this though, some people will not use a sealant on their Posca pen art on their surfboards so they are able to keep customizing their artwork with each passing week so personal preference will come into play.

Can You Use Posca Pens For Wedding Invitations?

Wedding invitations can look very pretty when wrote with Posca pens, especially if you use their Extra Fine nibbed Posca pens allowing for some nice custom artwork if needed as well as a nice message. That said though, we feel that you can get better results by just going with some metallic fine point Sharpies and get some very similar results.

At the time of writing, metallic colors and shades do seem to be the in thing for wedding invitations and Sharpie definitely do have the best metallic range on the market right now. If you don’t want to use a metallic ink on your wedding invitations though, you can simply go with some regular fine point Sharpies.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Shrinky Dinks?

Posca pens can work well on Shrinky Dinks but they tend to have the exact same issue as when used on regular shrink plastic. As you shrink the plastic, the pigment bunches up and not only darkens but also loses its original colors making it a poor choice for custom artwork on your Shrinky dinks.

We would recommend that our readers go with a No products found. for any custom Shrinky Dink artwork as they tend to hold their color much better once the plastic has been shrunk. In addition to this, always make sure that you are using official Shrinky Dinks as there are some fakes on the market that perform very badly no matter what pen you use with them.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Paper?

Just like the vast majority of other paint pens on the market, Posca pens perform very well when used on regular paper or cardboard offering outstanding performance for their price. Unlike some of the competing paint markers on the market right now though, Posca pens do tend to be a better option for thinner paper as they bleed and ghost less.

There are a huge range of practical applications for Posca pens on paper though letting you do pretty much anything you can dream up without running into any issues along the way. Please note that although the lightfast and permanent properties of Posca pens on paper will hold up well, the pens will be waterproof but the paper you use them on is not so it tends to break up when wet spoiling your artwork even if you do use a sealant.

Can You Use Posca Pens On A Whiteboard?

Regular Posca pens do not work well on whiteboards as they have never been designed to be erasable. Although Posca do have a range of markers that have been specifically designed for use with Whiteboards available, they are extremely difficult to find outside of Japan due to the market simply not being there to import them. Due to this, we just recommend that our readers go with some cheap, whiteboard art markers instead.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Your Nails?

With nail art becoming more and more popular, a number of people have successfully used Posca pens on their nails for great results. Unlike some other paint markers, Posca pens don’t require a base layer for optimal performance either and can offer good results directly from the pen to your nib. As you may guess though, using an Extra Fine Posca pen is usually the best option due to it offering the best control of the nib for better detail.

That said though, you can usually get better results with a specialist nail pen offering better detail in your nail art than you would get if you just used your Posca pens. Modern nail marker pens are usually much cheaper than most people think too making it much easier to add them to your collection without having to break the bank.

As specialist nail art pens tend to have an even smaller nib than the extra-fine Posca pen nib, they tend to offer you a higher level of detail too, especially on a subject with smaller nails. Both nail pens and Posca pens can perform well when applied on top of nail polish too but again, the nail pen will usually offer more control over the detail of your artwork.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Shoes?

Shoe customisation is becoming increasingly popular at an exponential rate with Posca pens being one of the primary stationary products used for custom shoe artwork. This is due to the pens working very well on he vast majority of shoe fabrics and offering a consistent color ton across the different fabric types used in shoes.

Although the waterproof properties of Posca pens will activate if left to dry on the fabric of your shoe prior to getting it wet, the majority of people who like to customise their shoes will take care to keep their shoes out of the rain anyway. Provided your shoes are exposed to minimal water your Posca pen shoe artwork can last you for a very long time with ease but if your shoes are constantly getting wet and left in a wet state overnight then your artwork will start to fade.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Silicone?

We usually recommend that our readers avoid using Posca pens on silicone as it takes a large amount of time and effort to prep the silicone for use with Posca pens prior to applying your custom artwork and then you have to seal it or your art will fade quickly. If you do have to customise a silicon produce then a dye may be a better option but even then, depending on what you actually need it can take a large amount of time and effort for your end results to actually look good.

Can You Use Posca Pens For Quilting?

The use of Posca pens for quilting is sky rocketing right now due to Posca pens offering excellent performance when it comes to custom art work on your quilt while also being very cheap. You are able to increase the permanence of your Posca pen artwork on your quilt too by ironing it directly after completing your artwork without using steam. This will ensure that your artwork will last on your quilt without fading when washing your quickly with detergents.

With quilting becoming more and more detailed and elaborate, the extra-fine and fine nibbed Posca pens offer a great way to add high levels of detail to the fabric where as the broad and double-broad offer a great way to color large areas of the quilt at once. When using your Posca pens for quilting, using a white or other light colored base material will always offer you the best possible performance for your artwork too.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Canvas?

Provided you use a decent primer on your canvas, your Posca pens should perform very well on them due to their acrylic base. Countless people have used their Posca pens on canvas with a primer as a base to great effect resulting in some beautiful artwork that holds it color very well for a very long time due to the lightfast and perminant properties of the pens.

As we touched on earlier in the article, if you are applying an acrylic paint to your canvas via a brush, you are also able to use your Posca pens on top of the paint on your canvas when dry. You can use this to great effect for a more intricate design, lettering, highlighting, or bold outlines to enhance your artwork.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Plastic?

Although Posca pens do work on all seven types of plastic, their waterproof and permanent properties will only activate on three of the seven plastic types. The performance of Posca pens can then change again on plastic depending on any coatings or gloss finishes on the plastic too offering very different results. Due to this, we usually recommend that you simply try your Posca pens on a small part of the plastic to test the type of performance they offer and then make a decision to move forward or not.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Rocketbooks?

You are able to use your Posca pens on your Rocketbook if you wish and they will perform well on the paper but we do not recommend it. The main purpose of a Rocketbook is to allow the user to take advantage of its smart technology and erasable ink and you are not able erase Posca pens from your Rocketbook once applied defeating the purpose of the Rocketbook.

If you are dead set on using Posca pens then go with a regular notebook or a regular bullet journal instead as it will keep your costs down as you don’t need the smart technology feature. You can then use your Posca pens on your bullet journal spreads to great effect and take advantage of them to make your work look better.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Mugs?

Mugs are another excellent surface that you are able to customize using your Posca pens due to the pens performing very well on your mugs. Although DIY painting mugs definitely do work better for use with Posca pens, regular mugs can work if they are white or a pale color. Again though, please note that once you have used your Posca pens on your mugs, they are not classed as being food safe but there are sealants on the market that you can use to seal your Posca pens to allow you use your mugs with food and drink as required.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Metal?

Although Posca pens will work on most types of metal, they do struggle to get their waterproof and permanent properties to take hold on some surfaces. This may actually work to your advantage depending on what you are trying to do as it allows you to quickly and easily wipe your Posca pen artwork off the metal if needed. On the flipside of this though, if you do need to keep your Posca pen artwork on metal for as long as possible then there are a number of sealants available that you are able to use.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Leather?

Although Posca paint markers do work well on leather, you do have to put in a little effort with both pre and post artwork treatment for the best possible performance. Thankfully though, this is simple and the majority of the time, you will just have to wipe the leather down with a damp sponge to clean it before using your Posca pens on your leather and then air dry it with a hair dryer around 30cm away from the leather once your artwork is complete.

This technique tends to work well for both real and faux leather allowing you to customize your leathers or other skins as required with your own artwork. Although the performance of Posca pens on leather is not as good their performance on other surfaces, they do tend to perform better than the competition making them the best option for leather customization.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Bullet Journals?

Posca pens perform flawlessly in bullet journals allowing you to create some beautiful looking bullet journal page spreads to fit the season or your mood. If you really want to go that extra mile with your Posca pens you are able to pick up a set of pens in the following sizes:-

This should cover you for all of your bullet journal needs ranging from epic page spreads through to actually journalling using a Posca pen. Thankfully, all of the more popular bullet journals on the market tend to have a high GSM paper rating so you should have no issues with your Posca pens bleeding or ghosting during use either.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Polymer Clay?

Posca pens can work on polymer clay without you having issues with the smearing or smudging without the use of a fixative or sealant. That said though, if you do want to add some custom art to polymer clay then we usually recommend that our readers go with Montana Acrylic Paint Markers rather than Posca marker pens as they do tend to perform better as their color will to fade on polymer clay as Posca markers can.

No matter the marker pens that you use for your custom polymer clay art, you should still be using a sealant for any products that are related to food or drink as both Posca and Montana markers are not food safe. If you are just doing general polymer clay art without the intent of using it for food and drink-related products such as plates or cups then you can just draw away as desired with your paint marker pens.

Can You Use Posca Pens On Cars?

Many people have used Posca markers to customize their cars with their own art but for best performance, you really should be using a a water-based spray varnish as a sealant on top of your Posca pen artwork. This will protect it from the elements and ensure that it lasts for as long as possible but you should always double-check that the varnish you use is safe to use with vatical paint and won’t cause issues with peeling.

You are also able to use your Posca pens for custom artwork on your car windows too helping to add to the overall look and vibe of your car. Depending on how much custom art you are wanting to do to your car, it may be worth looking into alternatives to Posca markers though as a spray paint product will probably work out to be the better and cheaper option for larger jobs.


That brings our list of Posca pen art ideas and what you can draw on with Posca paint marker pens to an end. We hope that we have helped give you some ideas on what you are able to do with your Posca pens and inspire you for your future arts and crafts sessions. Posca marker pens are an excellent product and it is easy to see why they are such a popular option with so many people and they are so versatile that you can use them on almost anything with great results.